Belkin BE112230-08 Review In 2023

Are you looking for a review of Belkin BE112230-08 surge protector? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

Today I’m going to talk about the Belkin Be 112230- 08 12 outlet home/office surge protector. This is the top-rated surge protector on the market. If you check this product on Amazon, you’ll see that it has been rated more than 71000 times and has a 5-star customer review. So you can understand its popularity among consumers. 

It has some key features and advantages that make people purchase it. So, I’ll review this fantastic Surge product and try to make you understand why you should go for it.

Belkin Be 112230-08 Review: Best Power Strip for Home & Office

Belkin BE112230-08

Specifications of Belkin BE112230-08:

  1. 12 surge protector outlets (Six BlockSpace and Six regular)
  2. Sliding safety covers.
  3. 1-in, 2-out RJ11 fax/telephone protection.
  4. Right angle plug.
  5. Protection for Coaxial cables.
  6. 8-foot heavy-duty cord.
  7. 3940-Joule surge protection rating.

First of all, if you have this in your home or office, you can be carefree about blank outlets to plug your device in because it has 12 outlets in it. 

Secondly, it will protect all your plugged devices from power surges and spikes. It has a surge protection rating of 3940 Joule that keeps your electric appliances safe from lightning strikes, spikes, and AC contaminations. So plug your laptop charger into it and work without any tension of surges and spikes. 

After that, it also has a feature of power filtration. This means it filters out the electromagnetic and frequency interferences so that your devices don’t face any noise and can perform their best when plugged into this power strip.

Besides, protecting cable boxes and satellite connections, it has RJ11 telephone and fax protection and coaxial cable protection. Excess electricity is absorbed by oversized Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs), and the housing is fireproof and damage-resistant against impact, rust, and dent damage.

Sleek, space-saving design makes it ideal for home offices, entertainment centers, and other rooms with many electronic devices. This right-angle plug is easy to hide behind furniture and in tight spaces with a low profile.

With its flat design, you can push your furniture against it without damaging the cord, and with its right-angle design, multiple plugs can be shared at once.

This Belkin power strip has six regular outlets and the same number of Blockspace outlets. This is why you can plug oversized outlets into it without blocking other outlets. You also get a detachable cord management clip that keeps the cables of your electric appliances organized so that it looks tidier.

Another thing to mention is its indicators. There are two indicators in this power strip to make sure your devices are protected from spikes, fluctuation, and surges or not.

If the green light is on, it makes sure that all your connected appliances are protected, and if the red light turns on, it indicates that your outlet is not grounded.

Lastly, the 8-foot-long power cord helps you move it anywhere in your room when it’s plugged into the wall outlet. The cord is made with heavy-duty materials to protect against damage and provide optimal power flow to the outlets and your devices.


  • High surge/spike-suppression rating
  • Two different types of outlets for oversized adaptors
  • Safety covers for child protection
  • Protection/not a grounded indicator
  • Filtration of noise


  • High clamping voltage
  • The cord is not detachable

Similar Products

1) Amazon Basics 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector


  • 12 outlets
  • Compatible with 120V
  • 4320 Joule surge protector rating
  • LED light indicators
  • Fireproof MOV for more protection
  • 8-foot long cord
  • Sliding cover
  • Back keyhole for wall mounting option

2) Amazon Basics Rotating 9-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip


  • Surge protection rating of 2160 Joules
  • 9 outlets included by 3-prong outlets and 4 rotating outlets
  • Fireproof MOV feature included
  • LED indicators to indicate power on/off
  • 2 Coaxial protections
  • On/Off Buttons

3) Tripp Lite TLP808B 8 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip


  • 8 outlets with isolated filter banks
  • Right angle plug
  • 8-foot heavy-duty cord
  • Power surge safety protection rating of 1449 Joule
  • LED indicator
  • Mounting slots for walls, desks, etc.
  • Outlet safety covers for child safety
  • Illuminated On/Off switch

Final Opinion of Belkin BE112230-08

The Belkin Be 112230-08 Power strip is overall an excellent product in this price range. It has all the features a power strip should have.

Besides, the features are more advanced than other power strips available. Additionally, the noise filtering option is a complete bonus. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for a noise-filtering power strip. You can just buy this one, plug in your electric appliances and be unworried about their safety.

So, after talking about all the features, pros, and cons above, I suggest you go for this particular power strip without keeping any hesitation in your mind. Also, you can use an alternative one without any confusion.

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