Blink Camera Green Light Flashing: Causes & Fixing Guide

If you have a Blink camera, you may have noticed the green light flashing occasionally. Though it might not be a cause for concern, some of you must want to know what it means.

Usually, the Blink camera flashes green for many different reasons, including network or server issues.

However, you might be thinking about how to identify the cause and solve the issue. Don’t worry; I am here to help you get over all your confusion about the facts.

In this blog post, I’ll help you dive into the entire fact and understand what actions you can take to address it.

I’ll also discuss some potential troubleshooting tips and tricks to help resolve the issue. So sit back, relax, and let’s unravel the mystery of that Blink camera’s green flash.

Why Is My Blink Camera Blinking Green?

I always prefer finding out the cause before rushing for the solution. It’s because when you are aware of the cause, it’ll be easier for you to find the solution.

That’s why I’ve listed the causes of why the Blink camera is flashing green here. Make sure to check them all so that you can identify what’s bothering your device.

1. Low Battery

If your Blink camera’s battery is low, it’ll flash green as a warning. In this case, you need to recharge or replace the battery.

This is a common cause, though not all cameras flash green in such a situation. Some of them also flash blue or red lights.

2. Wi-Fi Connection Issues

When your Blink camera flashes green before turning off or shows a red light, it can have trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi network. It happens mostly when the device gets a weak signal or incorrect network settings.

That’s why, when you are looking for the reason for this issue, you should first check the connection status. Ensure the camera is within range of your router and that the Wi-Fi signal strength is good.

You can also restart the router to get the connection back.

You can read whether you need a WiFi for your Blink camera or not to run properly.

3. Syncing Mode

If the device is flashing green rapidly, it may be in sync mode. It means the device is getting ready to connect to your Blink app and be set up.

This is a normal phenomenon, especially if you’re setting up a new camera or adding one to your existing system. You have to follow the on-screen instructions in the app to connect the camera to your app.

Also, you can try resetting the Sync Module by unplugging it for 5 seconds and plugging it back in.

4. Blink Server Down

As a Blink Camera user, you often notice that the Blink server is down. It happens mostly because of some technical reasons.

And the camera can flash green to indicate that it has failed to talk to the server. There is no need to worry about such a server-related issue unless it continues to happen so often. 

5. Updating Firmware

Sometimes, the Blink camera is flashing green very slowly. It’s a sign the device is updating its firmware.

updating firmware

Firmware is the software that runs on the camera, and updates can fix bugs or add new features. This process can take a few minutes to complete, and the camera should return to normal once the update is finished.

6. Motion Detection

When you find your Blink camera flashing green and recording at the same time, it may be detecting motion.

This is normal and indicates that the camera is working correctly. If you’re getting too many false alerts from your camera, you can adjust the sensitivity settings in the app.

When none of these solutions work, you need to contact Blink customer support for further assistance.

Troubleshooting Guide for Blink Camera Green Light Flashing

When you have identified the issue, you can take the necessary steps to solve it. But what happens when you fail to detect the network?

Well, in this case, you can try some troubleshooting guides, and I’m pretty sure that at least one of them will work unless there’s a technical issue. Let’s check out the tricks first.

1. Ensure a Better Connection

Whenever you face this problem, the first thing you should do is check that your Wi-Fi router is on and that the internet service is working.

Also, make sure your Blink Camera is within range of the Wi-Fi network. Sometimes, simply moving your camera closer to the router can solve the issue.

You can also try resetting the camera to make it work. For that, just press and hold the button on the back until the blue light starts flashing. Then, reconnect it to the Wi-Fi network.

2. Check the Blink server

If you’re following the global support page of Blink on Twitter or DownDetector, you must get a notice when their server is down.

blink security outages report
Blink security outages report

And if you can’t be sure whether the server is working, you can check it easily from their official website.

3. Factory Reset Blink Camera

Sometimes, a factory reset helps when the connection and server issues are not resolved. To factory reset your Blink Camera, follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1: First, locate the reset button on your camera. It should be a small button or hole on the back of the camera.
  • Step 2: Using a small object or your fingernail, press and hold the reset button for at least 5 seconds.
  • Step 3: Then, release the button and wait for the camera to reset. This may take a few moments.
  • Step 4: Once the camera has reset, it’ll blink rapidly for a few seconds. This indicates that the camera has been reset to its factory settings.
  • Step 5: At this moment, you have to set up your camera again as if it were brand new. For that, you have to follow the instructions in the Blink app.

4. Power Cycle the Camera

A factory reset isn’t even essential all the time. Sometimes, you can power cycle the camera when it acts weirdly. It helps get the device back to its previous status.

For that, you’ve to unplug the camera’s power source and plug it back in after 30 seconds. This should reset the camera and fix the flashing green light.

5. Reinstall the Blink App

If power cycling doesn’t work, you can try another simple trick. Sometimes, the camera doesn’t get connected to the app because of some technical error.

blink app
Blink Android App

Also, sometimes a glitch in the app can cause the green light to flash. In such a case, reinstalling the app on your phone can fix the issue.

7. Switch to Another Network

Finally, when none of the following tricks work, you should switch to a different network. Sometimes the issue is with your Wi-Fi network, which is difficult to detect.

It happens when the device fails to receive a connection from that specific network. In such a case, you can try switching your connection to another network to see if this resolves the flashing green light.

If there is no technical issue with the device, at least one of the mentioned tricks will work. However, Blink cameras don’t stop working randomly unless some kind of malfunction appears.

So, before you go for the service provider team, please check the network, server, and connection strength properly.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, the following tricks will solve your issue with the blink camera’s green flash. And if none of them help, I guess you need to ask the service center to fix it.

Don’t hesitate to contact Blink’s customer support or the service center team for further assistance. Security is always important so should make sure your camera is functioning correctly.

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