Can A Cell Phone Detect A Hidden Camera?

Did you ever feel like someone was watching you, even when you were in your own home? Unfortunately, the rise of the latest hidden cameras has made this feeling very common.

These days a smartphone is a very common and available device, and they have gone too far in technology. That’s why you may wonder whether you can detect a hidden camera with your cell phone.

In this blog post, I’ll explore this question in-depth and give you some tips on how to spot a hidden camera and how a cell phone can help you with it.

No, a cell phone cannot detect a hidden camera as it doesn’t have the necessary hardware or software. You can use special devices such as radio frequency (RF) detectors and camera detectors for this purpose.

What is a Hidden/Spy Camera?

Hidden cameras are special cameras that can capture video or audio of a location without your knowledge or consent.

They often look like everyday objects like a pen or a clock. It makes them difficult to detect.

Some people use hidden cameras to keep an eye on their nanny or babysitter while they’re away. You can also monitor your homes for security reasons with a hidden camera or security system.

Others may use them for more wicked purposes. Always remember that using a hidden camera without someone’s knowledge or consent is illegal in most places.

So if you ever suspect that someone is watching or recording you without informing you, it’s important to take action and report it.

hidden camera
Hidden camera

Hidden Camera: What It Looks Like?

The purpose of a video camera is to catch people off guard to capture natural reactions and behaviors.

Designers use various techniques to design a hidden camera so that it can blend into its surroundings. So it can remain hidden and capture genuine moments.

Generally, it looks like a regular object in your room. It can be a table watch, a pen, a lighter, or even a shirt button that can be designed as a hidden camera.

Look closely into the eyes of your teddy bear; a camera can also be hidden there.

In recent times, technology has reached a new height, and people are making hidden camera designs that no one can ever imagine.

The most dangerous thing is these cameras can be too small in size. You may find it difficult to find them with bare eyes.

Suspected Places for Hidden Cameras

As I said earlier, hidden or spy cameras are pretty small, and it’s difficult to find them. Anyone who wants to watch over you secretly can hide it anywhere near you.

But there are some common places where people with bad intentions can hide a spy camera to record your private moments.

If you know those places, you can be aware there and search for spy cameras. Let’s see some suspected places here:

  • Airbnb rentals – It’s good to trust your host, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Check for hidden cameras in clocks, smoke detectors, and outlets.
  • Public toilets – Unfortunately, these spaces are not always safe from perverted spying eyes. Look for cameras in vents, mirrors, and even flush tanks of a public toilet.
  • Changing rooms – I have seen a lot of incidents of spy cameras in changing rooms. You can check for cameras in hooks, hangers, and light fixtures.
  • Hotel rooms – Even luxury hotels are not safe from perverts and hidden cameras. Be sure to check for cameras in lampshades, alarm clocks, and even paintings.
  • Offices – Your workspace may not be free from hidden cameras either. There are important and classified documents in an office that can also be desirable for others. Look out for cameras in printer cartridges, wall clocks, and even mousepads.
  • Public transport – Security cameras in buses and trains are becoming increasingly common for safety reasons. But there’s always a chance of misuse.
  • Personal vehicles – If someone else drives your car, there’s a possibility that they’ve installed a hidden camera. Look for cameras in rear-view mirrors, air fresheners, and even chargers.

Beware of these suspected places. Then you can control your privacy and ensure that you’re always in a safe and secure environment.

Public toilet
Public toilet

Several Ways of Detecting Hidden Cameras With Cell Phones

At the beginning of this blog, I said detecting a spy camera with your cell phone is impossible.

But this can be possible if your cell phone has certain features, software, and hardware installed.

Let’s assume you have those necessary features in your phone. Now, let’s see how you can now detect hidden cameras with it:

Detecting IR-Equipped Hidden Cameras With Phone Camera App

It is possible to detect a hidden camera that has infrared with your cell phone. A third-party app will help you do this.

You can install a hidden camera detector app on your Android or iOS device. Now, you can easily locate any IR-equipped camera that your eye can’t detect.

You can easily install and use these apps. They help you safeguard your privacy by detecting any spy cameras or microphones in your place.

Just point your phone’s camera toward the suspected object, and the app will do the rest.

Make A Call From Your Smartphone

There’s an easy way to find a spy cam. Simply make a call to a friend and ask them to stay on the line while you move your phone around the room.

Put the call on speaker and switch to the back camera mode. As you move the phone around, watch the screen for any bright red dots that appear on the screen.

When you are on the call, you can hear a noise on it. If there is a hidden camera, it must be sending wireless signals somewhere. When you make a phone call, the wireless signal interferes with your call and makes a noise or disturbance.

Third-Party Spy Camera Detector App

Third-party spy camera detector apps can help you find hidden cameras. These apps are not very well known, but they can help you detect spy cameras in a room or space.

They use your phone’s camera to monitor the surroundings and pick up any signals that may indicate the presence of a hidden camera.

These apps are available for both android and iOS.

YouTube video

Detecting Hidden Cameras By Scanning Wi-Fi With Cell Phone

Wireless spy cameras often transmit their video feed over Wi-Fi. It means that they emit a signal that your phone can detect.

You can use a radio frequency detector app on your phone or scan for available Wi-Fi networks in the area.

If you notice a network with a strange name, like “IP Camera” or “Wireless Camera,” it could be a sign of a hidden camera nearby.

Try walking around the room with your phone and see if you pick up any unusual signals.

With this technique, you can easily detect the presence of any spy cameras that might be lurking around.

Use Flashlight To Find Hidden Cameras

Using a flashlight is one of the simplest ways to find hidden cameras. All you have to do is turn off all the lights in the room and shine your phone’s bright flashlight around the area.

phone camera flashlight
Phone camera flashlight

Most hidden cameras have red or green LEDs that will blink or shine, and the camera lens will likely reflect blue.

Check the suspected areas and look for a blue or purple reflection while you move around.

Limitations In Detecting Hidden Cameras

I told you earlier it’s not always easy to spot hidden cameras. Although tools are available to help you detect them, they’re not foolproof.

The best-hidden camera detector apps can even miss certain types of cameras. Sometimes these apps fail for certain lighting conditions.

Some hidden cameras are too small that they can be hidden in places where you can’t even imagine.

The daily changing and developing technology can be another reason why detectors cannot find or detect these high-technology miniature spy cameras.

Things You Should Do When Your Cell Phone Detects a Hidden Camera

A spy camera without your consent is a crime. So, if you find a hidden camera that is recording you without informing you, you need to act quickly.

I suggest you do these things when you find a hidden camera:

Stay calm and don’t panic. If your cell phone detects a hidden camera, it doesn’t always mean that you are being spied on. The hidden camera could be there for legitimate purposes, such as home security or monitoring by the authorities. Try to know the reason first.

Act quickly and discreetly. Don’t do anything that draws attention to yourself and alert the person who installed the hidden camera. Leave the room or area, find a safe and private place, and seek help.

If you are sure that you have found a hidden camera, report the incident to the local authorities immediately. If you have gathered any evidence of the presence of the hidden camera, show it to the authorities. It can be a photo or video, which can help in their investigation.

Remember that installing hidden cameras is illegal in many cases and could result in serious consequences for the perpetrator.


What types of signals can hidden cameras emit that are detectable by mobile phone apps?

Some hidden cameras emit infrared (IR) light, which a phone can detect with an IR camera. Additionally, some hidden cameras emit radio frequency (RF) signals, which can be picked up by an RF detector app on a mobile phone.

How effective are mobile phone apps at detecting hidden cameras?

It depends on the app’s type and quality and the mobile phone’s features. I recommend you use multiple detection methods to ensure a thorough search for hidden cameras.


Thanks for reading my blog on whether or not a cell phone can detect a hidden camera.

No technology is perfect and can be detected by other kinds of technologies. Hidden cameras are vulnerable to many detectors and some mobile apps.

Have you ever found a hidden camera using your phone? Let me know in the comments below!

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