Can Doorbell Wires Shock You?

A doorbell is a pretty simple and small but important home appliance. A doorbell has small parts inside which can easily be repaired and replaced.

But I was afraid of getting a shock from the wires and never dared to repair it. But one day I decided to do it myself and started studying about a doorbell and the possibility of getting electrocuted.

At last, I found the answer that many of you are searching I assume. No, doorbell wires cannot shock you. It has a very small amount of voltage to give you a shock.

In this blog, I am going to share my practically gained knowledge and experience with you about a doorbell. You can read about whether doorbell wires are dangerous or not.

5 Reasons Why You Won’t Get A Shock From Doorbell Wires

Doorbells need a very low amount of voltage to run. This is possible because of a transformer which is inside the doorbell. So, if you still touch the open part of the wires, you won’t get a shock.

Though they are safe, you should never be less careful about this. Here’s why you won’t get a shock from a doorbell’s wires and also some things you should be aware of:

1) Doorbell Wires Are Well Insulated

Most of the wires of a doorbell are kept inside the device. When you open it, you can see some thin wires. In recent times, some thick wires are being used in doorbells.

No matter whether they are thin or thick, all the wires are well insulated with rubber or plastic. Plastic and rubber can provide pure insulation.

So, if you touch the wires, you won’t get a shock. If you have to open up any wires, don’t forget to wrap them back with some tape.

2) Low Voltage

Almost every electrical circuit carries 120 volts and you cannot stop that. But there is a transformer in every doorbell to reduce the voltage. It is a step-down type transfer.

The step-down transformer can reduce the 120 volts to about 16 volts or the amount that the doorbell needs to operate.

Any voltage level under 70V is considered to be low voltage. So, 16V for a doorbell is a pretty low voltage to harm you.

But, even the lowest voltage can become dangerous in wet conditions. So, never underestimate it.

3) 16V Current Is Harmless

Most doorbells have a voltage level of 16V. This is harmless. Even if you touch an open wire of this voltage wire electricity is flowing, and you won’t get hurt. (But I will never recommend you to do so)

Before you open a doorbell, be sure about its’ voltage level. Old model doorbells have around 20 volts and the latest models can go up to 24 volts.

It’s always better to switch off the main power of the doorbell before you start working. In case you forget, don’t worry; 16V won’t give you a shock.

4) Transformers Lower The Voltage

Transformers of a doorbell can lower the voltage level and make it 16V. Not only that, it can stop flowing extra voltages to the doorbell circuit.

If you are repairing your doorbell, ensure the transformer stays in good condition.

5) Low-Frequency AC Current

AC current is 5 times more dangerous than DC current. But generally, a doorbell uses an AC current. So, how can that be satisfying or harmless?

A low-frequency AC current is harmless. At 16 volts, the frequency becomes pretty much natural to be afraid of. But, still, AC is dangerous and you have to stay aware of your safety. Because accidents or transformer failures can happen at any time.

So, these were the things why you should not be afraid of getting a shock from wires. But security barriers can be damaged due to any fault and cause serious damage.

Things You Can Do To Prevent Getting A Shock From The Doorbell Wires

When I was asking my veteran electrician about the doorbell and the possibility of having a shock from it, he told me to stay alert and take precautions no matter how small the current is.

So, here are some precautions you can take:

  • Always use a tool that has a handle made with insulating material.
  • Never forget to switch off the main switch before you start working. Even when repairing your doorbell, keep the main switch off.
  • Avoid water and wetness. Never work beside water or in rain and never touch any electrical equipment with wet hands.
  • Try to wear insulated rubber gloves before touching any electrical device.
  • Always use a wooden or bamboo ladder to climb. Avoid using aluminum or steel ladders.
  • If you see a damaged wire, no matter how small it is, take no time to replace it.
  • If you need to join two ends of wires, wrap it with tape when you are finished.
  • Make a shed over the doorbell switch to prevent it from getting wet in rain.
  • Always use good-quality switches and wires.

Using Safe & Smart Doorbells Eliminate The Chance Of A Shock

It’s time for smart devices and smart home appliances. Move to smart doorbells.

They run on rechargeable batteries. So, you never have to worry about getting electrocuted. They are more durable and need less maintenance.


A doorbell is likely to be a harmless device with a lower voltage range. It will not give you a shock. But it’s always good to stay safe and stay aware.

Never forget to take proper safety measures while working on a doorbell. If you are not confident enough, let it go and call an electrician for help.

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