Can Home Security Cameras Be Hacked[Answered]

Do you have home security cameras to protect your property, but are worried about being hacked? Don’t worry – with some measures in place, you can ensure your home security cameras stay secure and out of reach from malicious hackers.

In this blog post, I’ll explain home security camera hacks and how to protect them yourself.

How Home Security Cameras Can Be Hacked?

Everything that runs through the internet is hackable. Home security cameras are also in this category. Remember, the home security system cameras usually connect to computers that handle the movement and display of the camera.

Hacking is easier when you have a wireless camera. The wireless security cameras connect with the computer by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Hackers can interrupt this wireless connection easily and access your camera. But in the case of wired cameras, this risk is less.

Hackers get more access to the stored videos when the cameras use cloud storage or any other virtual storage for storing their films. They manipulate these videos and use them for the wrong deeds. When the videos are stored on a hard disc or any other hard drive, it becomes physically impossible to access them.

Hacking security cameras can lead to severe damage in smart homes where everything is interconnected through Wi-Fi. It is not only an invasion of privacy but also a threat to the free movement of children and other family members.

However, protecting your home security cameras from being hacked will be only possible if your cameras are connected to a secure network. Also, ensure to use different networks for your security cameras and data.

If you use different networks, hackers will have a harder time accessing them. Also, you should change the settings of your camera regularly to keep hackers from gaining access.

With these simple steps, your security cameras will remain safe and sound and never be hacked by hackers.

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Best Practices for Keeping Home Security Cameras Secure

  • Use Strong Password: You should use a strong and unique password for your home security camera.
  • Enable Cameras’ Built-in Firewall: You can enable built-in firewall of your cameras at all times. This will help protect the cameras from unauthorized access.
  • Use WPA or WPA2 Security: Use a router with Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) or Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) security, which encrypts your data to keep it safe from hackers.
  • Buy New Cameras Only: Don’t buy used security cameras as they are more prone to hacks and vulnerabilities.
  • Update Firmware Regularly: Updated camera firmware regularly for improved security features and bug fixes that help protect your system from cyber threats.
  • Use Secure Surveillance Cameras: Go for “smart” security cameras rather than IP security cameras. Since they are far more secure and more difficult to hack.
  • Install Anti-malware Software: Malware is a type of malicious code used by hackers to hack a computer or device. So you can use good anti-malware software which can detect and remove malware.
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What to Do if Your Security Camera is Hacked?

  • If you ever hear a strange voice coming from your security camera, shut it off immediately and then go into your app to change your password.
  • Destroy the new camera package. As it has written some features and code to access the camera by default.
  • Set your SSDI Wi-Fi strong password that is difficult for hackers to guess.
  • Keep your new access password in a hidden place or other secure location.
  • Notify your security provider if you think or suspect a hack has occurred.
  • Update the firmware on your security camera. If it has been already hacked by someone, contact your security company right away.
  • When installing new security systems in your home, try to install wired cameras. Wired cameras are less vulnerable to hackers than wireless cameras.

Are Home Security Cameras With Cloud Storage Safer?

Yes, home security cameras with cloud storage are safer! Your videos will remain safe even if your camera is stolen or broken. So, investing in home security cameras with cloud storage is a good decision to safe and secure your footages!

[Updated by Palash Talukder]

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