Going Hubless: Can You Use Schlage Connect Without Hub?

The rise of smart home technology has made it easier than ever to control our home’s security and have peace of mind while away. One of the most popular smart devices is the Schlage Connect Lock. But is it possible to use this lock without a hub?

This is a common question that many homeowners have when considering this smart home security system. In this case, in this blog post, I’ll explain the basics of the Schlage Connect Lock and answer the question—can it be used without a hub?

I’m also excited to share with you all the features of the Schlage Connect Lock and explain the differences between using it with or without a hub.

Let’s find the answer.

Schlage Encode has built-in Wi-Fi, meaning it works immediately without any extra setup. You’ll need to buy a special hub to enjoy all the advanced security features.

However, Schlage Connect works with most Z-Wave® smart home hubs, including Wink. It doesn’t need a hub to be unlocked or locked with your phone via Bluetooth.

Somehow if your Schlage connect not work, you can follow our guide to fix Schlage connect lock.

But if you want to use it when you’re away from home or do something special, like using your voice to control it using an App, you must use a hub.

Overall, you can use Schlage Connect without a hub for basic functions, but if you want all of its features and convenience, you’ll need to invest in a hub.

What are the Differences Between Hubs and Wi-Fi?

When it comes to networking, there’re many different devices available. Two of the most popular are hubs and Wi-Fi. You can use both to connect multiple devices in a local area network. Although, there are some key differences between them.

Smart hubs work at the physical layer of the OSI model, while Wi-Fi works at the data link layer. This means hubs are better suited for basic networking tasks such as connecting multiple components to form a local area network.

On the other hand, Wi-Fi is more efficient and better suited for tasks such as routing packets to other networks.

Also, hubs are typically limited to providing full-duplex mode communication, while Wi-Fi can provide both full-duplex and half-duplex modes of communication. It means that with Wi-Fi, you can transfer data in both directions at once.

Moreover, Wi-Fi routers are typically more sophisticated than hubs because they contain hardware and software components.

Routers can route packets to other networks until they reach their destination while also providing user access control and security features.

However, both can serve similar purposes in terms of connecting multiple components. They also differ in terms of capabilities and use cases. Therefore, you can consider your particular needs before deciding which device is right for you.

Schlage Connect

How Do I Integrate My Schlage Connect Without a Hub?

If you have a Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt, you can easily connect it to your Wi-Fi network without needing a hub. All you need is the Schlage Connect lock and a compatible mobile device.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Open the SmartThings app on your mobile device and tap on home.

2. Select ‘Add Device’ and select ‘Schlage Connect’ from the list of available devices.

3. Follow the instructions to connect your lock to your Wi-Fi network.

4. Once connected, you can use Google Assistant commands if your smart home hub supports it. You can also use Alexa commands if your smart home hub supports it. You can also control the lock directly from the SmartThings app.

7. You can also create secure codes for family members or guests, set schedules for when the lock should be locked or unlocked, and set up notifications.

Note- You should regularly check for updates to ensure that your lock is always running with the most up-to-date technology. Also, you should check security protocols, ensuring that your home is always safe and secure!

What Hub Works Best with Schlage Connect?

Schlage Connect works with most leading home automation systems like

So, if you’re looking for a hub that works best with the Schlage Connect, SmartThings is a great choice. It’s Z-Wave compatible and provides many smart lock features.

Also, you can use Amazon Alexa to control your lock with your voice when it’s connected to SmartThings. Finally, you can be sure your Schlage Connect is secure and that you have complete control over it.

smart home hub
Smart home hub

How Does Schlage Connect Work With Voice Assistants Without a Hub?

You’ll need either a Z-Wave or Zigbee hub if you want to use voice assistants with your Schlage Connect lock.

With any of these hubs, you can easily create voice commands for unlocking and locking the door. You can even check the status of your lock and get notifications when someone unlocks or locks your door.

To connect, you need an Alexa-enabled device like an Amazon Echo or a Google Home device. Before connecting, you should ensure your lock is installed and working properly.

Amazon Refurbished Echo (4th Gen)

Amazon Refurbished Echo (4th Gen)

With premium sound, a built-in smart home hub, and Alexa, you can control your home from anywhere. The Charcoal finish adds a touch of sophistication to any room.

Next, download the Alexa or Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet.

Open the app and follow the instructions for pairing your device with the lock. Once it’s connected, you can start controlling your lock with voice commands.

Note- With this system, you don’t need any extra hardware or complicated setup procedures. You just need a compatible voice assistant device and the app! So go ahead.

Is it Worth Using Hub with Schlage Connect?

It depends on what features you’re looking for in a smart lock. If you need a basic way to lock and unlock the door from your phone, Schlage Connect can do that without a hub.

However, if you need a full range of features that come with Schlage Connect, then a hub is necessary. With a hub, you can control multiple devices from one place and take advantage of features such as remote access, voice control, and integration with other connected devices.

So it’s definitely worth using a hub with a Schlage connect lock.

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Do you have to have the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi adapter?

No, you don’t need the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter to use the Schlage Smart Deadbolt. You can use your Android smartphone, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to lock/unlock your deadbolt via Bluetooth. However, you’ll need a Wi-Fi adapter if you want to use it while you’re away from home or to share access with others through the app.

Are there any limitations to using Schlage Connect without a hub?

No, there’re no limitations to using the Schlage Connect lock without a hub. However, you should ensure your smartphone app is updated.

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