can you plug a mini fridge into a surge protector

Can You Plug a Mini Fridge Into a Surge Protector?

A surge protector is a form of electric device that protects electronics and gadgets from overvoltage or voltage swell. It may also reduce electricity from exceeding the safe limit of 120 volts.

This voltage level can severely harm equipment, shorten its lifespan or operating span, burn wires, and erase previously saved data. In this condition, you should use a device that can completely protect electrical appliances, including your mini fridge.

The short answer is yes, you can plug a mini fridge into a surge protector. A mini fridge typically uses at least 120 volts of power, so it’s essential to use a surge protector that can handle that much voltage. Otherwise, a power surge or spike could damage your mini fridge.

A surge protector is an appliance that protects against power surges and spikes. Protecting your mini fridge against sudden power and spikes is a necessary concern for users. Plugging your mini-fridge into a surge protector is one method of doing so.

It safeguards the mini fridge from excessive current and spikes that occur regularly. It regulates the mini-fridge voltage and guarantees that it receives a steady energy supply. Various factors can cause electrical surges and spikes.

Constant power surges and energy spikes might occur if your electrical grid comprises poor wiring. Thunder is one of the most common causes of overvoltage and spikes worldwide. In addition, lightning can severely damage your mini fridge during storms and heavy rain.

Whenever lightning hits, electricity surges, and peaks soar to new heights. It might come in handy during this kind of situation. Otherwise, it is not a necessity for your mini fridge.

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Can a Power Surge Damage a Mini-Fridge?

A power surge can damage a mini-fridge if the voltage is high enough. A power surge is a sudden increase in the amount of electricity flowing through a circuit.

It can happen when lightning strikes a power line or when an electrical appliance is turned on or off. If the voltage is high enough, it can damage the appliance or even cause a fire.

A mini fridge is an electrical appliance that a power surge can damage. Therefore, it is important to unplug your mini fridge before a storm or during a power outage, or you can use a surge protector.

A mini fridge typically pulls around 1-2 amps. So you should use a surge protector that has the capability to control the range of 1-2 amp surge or high voltage power.

A good surge protector should be able to regulate voltages up to 240 volts and currents up to 2 amps. In addition, some surge protectors have a built-in circuit breaker that will trip if the current exceeds the safe limit. This is an excellent feature to have in a surge protector.

So when choosing a surge protector, make sure it has this feature.

Is It Ok to Use a 50W Mini-Fridge Plug Into a Surge Protector?

A 50-watt mini-fridge plug can be plugged into a surge protector. If the fridge will not operate at 50 watts, requiring a higher voltage. Therefore, the mini-fridge must be plugged into an outlet that provides the correct voltage or into a surge protector with an adjustable voltage.

What gauge extension cord for a mini refrigerator should you use? The best gauge extension cord for a mini refrigerator is one that is at least 10-gauge.

This will ensure that the cord can handle the power draw of the fridge without overloading the circuit.

What Problems Can You Face While Using a Surge Protector With a Mini Fridge?

If you use a surge protection device that is entry compatible with your fridge’s power requirements, you will not face any problems while using it.

But if you use low joules rating or voltage-capable surge protector for your fridge, your fridge may not be able to regulate its temperature properly. You should use a surge protector that has a minimum joles rating under 1000. You can read our guide is 1000 surge protectors good to use for home appliances or not.

How to Plug A Mini Fridge Into A Surge Protector?

To plug a mini fridge into a surge protector, you will need to find an available receptacle and plug the power cord into it.

Make sure that the voltage of the mini-fridge is compatible with the voltage of the surge protector. Once plugged in, the mini fridge would be protected from power surges.

Here are some easy-to-follow directions:

1) Choose The Right Surge Protector

Figure out which surge protector is best for your mini fridge. First, you’ll need to thoroughly study and get the best surge protector available for your mini fridge.

In this instance, a low voltage surge protector with a high watt and security rating would be an excellent choice.

2) Connect To The Mini-Fridge

It would be best to put your mini fridge into the swell protector’s power cord, including any nearby electronic equipment.

Ensure that the power switch on the mini-fridge is turned off before putting it into the surge protector to avoid being electrocuted.

Mini Fridge

Which Surge Protector Is Right for Your Mini Fridge?

If you want to use a surge protector for your mini fridge, you need to consider the voltage and the joules rating of the surge protector. Make sure that the appliance is plugged into the surge protector.

Choose a surge protector that can provide the right voltage to your mini fridge.

Is it OK to plug a mini fridge into a power strip?

Yes, it is okay to plug a mini fridge into a power strip. As long as the power strip has enough outlets and the correct voltage rating, there should be no problem.

Just make sure to not overload the power strip, as this could cause a fire.

Is It Ok to Use a Fridge Into an Extension Cord?

No, using a fridge into an extension cord is not OK. This could create a fire hazard as well as damage the cord.

Also, if you plug a cord of a fridge into an extension cord, you will not get any benefits because an extension cord will not provide protection to your fridge from a power surge. You can check this video to know the in-depth answer.

extension cord


Power surges and overload voltage can cause an electrical fire and destroy your mini refrigerator. So a good rated voltage surge suppressor is a wonderful option when using a refrigerator or mini fridge.

However, a power strip surge protection device can protect & regulates, and maintains the mini-electrical fridge’s spikes. So, you can invest in a surge suppressor to protect your gadgets!

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