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clean power vs dirty power

Clean Power Vs Dirty Power: What’s The Difference?

The energy that does not experience voltage spikes or drops is generally considered clean power. An alternative term for clean power is green electricity. Its nonpolluting electricity is made from photovoltaics, geothermal, wind, tidal, and rainwater harvesting. On the other hand, voltage ripples and noise are sometimes called dirty power. Electronics, especially microelectronics, can perform …

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Panamax MR4300 review

Panamax MR4300 Review (PROS & CONS)

We all love to enjoy crystal clear video content and distortion-free music at home. But we can’t experience this kind of enjoyable audio-visual experience because of electric interferences. These interferences are caused by the electromagnetic field generated by other devices like room heaters, juicer blenders, ceiling fans, and other heavy electric appliances in our home. …

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