Do Surge Protectors Prevent Fires [10 Tips For Preventing Fires]

The short answer to the question is Yes. Why? Surge protectors help prevent electrical fires by absorbing excess voltage from damaged or worn wires, reducing the amount of electricity that is sent to your device. This can help prevent fires caused by faulty electrical wiring.

How? In as few as one-tenth of a second, surge protectors can absorb voltage spikes that could damage or destroy your device. Once power is restored to the damaged wire, surge protectors automatically release that excess voltage into the ground wire within your home. This establishes a safe path of least resistance for electricity to travel.

A surge protector can be your best friend in preventing fires caused by damaged electrical wiring. If you regularly see burn marks near the outlets in your home, you need to buy a surge protector for each plug.

Causes of Electrical Fire Hazards

Power surges and electrical fire hazards can occur for several reasons. The following are some of the basic causes of electrical fire hazards.

  • Most fires occur due to misuse and overloading of extension cords, power strips, and power taps, especially when they have multiple outlets.
  • Fires can start from defective plugs, even if they are simply a shock hazard.
  • Electrical hazards can also occur if your outlets overflow with cords.
  • An inadequate wiring system can cause electrical fires in older homes and apartments. 
  • An extension cord used excessively can be dangerous and lead to an electrical fire.
  • It is important to check if there are electrical wires under heavy furniture or rugs. This situation can 
  • There is a limit to how much electricity can be provided to each outlet on a home’s electrical system at once. It is possible to spark an outlet when you overload it. Additionally, it may cause an electrical fire.  
  • In the presence of flammable materials, such as a blanket, rug, or cleaning supplies, electrical appliances can cause a fire. 

10 Tips for Preventing Electrical Fires

  • Inspect electrical wiring: Check for frays, cracks, or bare wires. Repair or replace any damaged wiring immediately.
  • Never overload outlets: Avoid leaving large appliances, like washers, ovens, and refrigerators plugged in overnight.
  • Inspect appliances before each use: Look for damage such as frayed cords, cracked casings, or any other damage that may affect the appliance’s safety.
  • Dispose of hazardous items properly: Never place damaged electronics, power tools, and extension cords in your garbage.
  • Use a fire-resistant surge protector: You can use a fire-resistant surge protector that will help you to prevent unwanted fire. Even with a surge protector, you should still never plug two appliances into one outlet.
  • Avoid overheating appliances: When using high-wattage appliances, like ovens or toasters, be sure to avoid leaving them unattended.
  • Avoid over-winding cords: When rewinding cords, do so in a clockwise direction. Winding cords counterclockwise can cause them to fray and break.
  • Avoid extension cords when possible: Extension cords are okay to use temporarily but are not meant for every day, long-term use.
  • Keep flammable objects away from heat sources: This includes hot coffeemakers, stoves, and heaters.
  • If you see sparks, smell smoke, or hear buzzing: Unplug your appliances and call a professional for getting help.

When it comes to electrical fires, prevention is the best cure. Surge protectors can help prevent fires in the workplace caused by faulty wiring, which could allow you to avoid costly repairs or even a house fire.


Do outlet covers prevent fires?

Outlet covers are not made to protect against fires caused by electrical wiring, but they can prevent injuries to children or pets. Also, keep in mind that these covers can stop working overtime, so you should regularly inspect them to ensure they are still protecting your outlets.

Is Belkin surge protector prevent fire?

Belkin is a surge protector brand that does not guarantee against fire. Yes, you can use a high joules rating Belkin protector to avoid damage to your appliances.

Does the power strip prevent fires?

Power strips, also known as surge protectors or power strips, are very helpful in preventing fires because they have a fuse inside the strip. If the current drawn is greater than the strip can handle, the fuse will blow and stop power from going through. However, a blown fuse is not a guarantee that a fire will not happen.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, surge protectors are a great way to help prevent fires that can be caused by faulty wiring. With just one-tenth of a second, surge protectors can absorb excess voltage and release it into the ground wire within your home. This establishes a safe path for electricity to travel.

To avoid dangerous sparks, follow the below 10 tips for preventing electrical fires:

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