Does Ring Security System Work Without Wi-Fi?

A Ring security system is a very sophisticated system that can protect your house or property. But, does it work without a Wi-Fi connection?

Well, Ring security can work without Wi-Fi, but not forever. This will work only for a certain period. After that period Ring will stop working without any network connection. The built-in cellular connection will help to run the system for a while.

But that’s not the whole story! Stay with us and by the end of this blog, you will know all the facts regarding this.

Does Ring Security System Work Without Wi-Fi?

The Ring security system can monitor your house and inform you about important information. Ring needs a network connection or Wi-Fi to do this task. So, it’s obvious that without a Wi-Fi connection Ring cannot work.

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But, the engineers of the Ring security system have done a creative job. They have added cellular data backup. It means, when there is no Wi-Fi, the system will continue to work and send you important notifications with the cellular connection.

But as I said earlier, this cellular connection is not for using always. This will activate when the system will run on a backup battery or suddenly disconnection of Wi-Fi.

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Ring Protect Plan Or Subscription For Cellular Backup

The cellular backup of your Ring security system is a part of the Ring Protect Pro plan. You must have a subscription to this plan to have an emergency cellular backup.

When you have the subscription plan, you can choose the option of “I need internet”. You have to choose it when the setup process is ongoing. After that, the system will provide you with a cellular data backup for 24 hours. All Ring devices integrated with the system will be connected to the internet.

Once you have the Protect Pro Plan, you will get 3 GB of cellular data to use every month. So, you might think about what you will do when the data backup is finished! Don’t worry; you can have extra data for 3$/GB. You just have to pay for the extra data you used at the end of the month.

So, it means, your Ring security system can run without Wi-Fi with a cellular data backup, but that’s not for free. You have to buy the Protect Pro subscription to have the privilege. 

When Your Ring Security System Needs To Work Without Wi-Fi

There are several conditions when your Ring security system needs to work without a Wi-Fi connection. Here they are:

Breakdown of network or internet

Due to various circumstances, your Wi-Fi network can experience temporary breakdowns or outages. There might be bad weather or some technical difficulties that can cause the breakdown.

During this period of a network breakdown, if you want your Ring security system to function properly, it has to work without a Wi-Fi connection.

Power outage

When you have a power outage problem, your wired internet connection or Wi-Fi connection will be out as well. Your Wi-Fi router will remain shut down during the power outage unless you have a backup power source.

This is another time when the system needs to run without Wi-Fi. Don’t worry; the backup battery of your Ring security system will keep the devices running for almost 24 hours.

When someone tampers with the router

If someone tampers with your router or internet connection with bad intentions, your Wi-Fi connection may go away. Then your Ring security system will need to run with backup internet.

This is really a security hazard and one of the main reasons why the system must run when there is no regular Wi-Fi connection.

Power surges

A power surge is a common thing to happen with devices like routers. When a power line experiences a surge, the power supply stops and your router may turn off suddenly. This will disconnect the Ring security system from the network and that’s when it needs backup cellular data to proceed.

Why Wi-Fi Is Important For Ring Security Systems?

You must have a Wi-Fi connection with your Ring security system to access all the features of it. Here are some reasons why Wi-Fi is important for Ring security system:

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi connection maintains the connectivity between your Ring devices. Ring doorbells, cameras, and security systems are connected to your smartphone with a Wi-Fi connection. You can access, control, receive notifications, and view live footage remotely when the system is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Real-time alerts: With a Wi-Fi or network connection a Ring security system can send real-time alerts to your smartphone when it detects any suspicious motion or activity.
  • Live video streaming: Wi-Fi connectivity enables the Ring security system to stream live videos. It allows you to see what is happening around your house in real time.
  • Remote access and control: You can control and access the Ring security system remotely with Wi-Fi connected to it. For example, you can arm or disarm the alarm system, adjust settings, and interact with visitors with two-way audio.
  • Cloud storage backup: Your Ring security system can store the captured video in cloud-based storage with a stable Wi-Fi connection.

So, it means having a Wi-Fi connection or other data connection with your Ring security system is a must for your security.

Limitations Of Ring Security System Without Wi-Fi

When you use your Ring security system without a Wi-Fi connection, you might face some limitations. Here they are:

  1. No notifications: Without a Wi-Fi connection, you will not receive notifications when your Ring device detects any motion or suspicious activity. This means you will not be alerted to any potential threat until you go and check your system manually.
  2. No cloud recording: Without a Wi-Fi or internet connection your Ring security system will not store the recorded video in the cloud and store it locally. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access the video from your Ring app until the connection is restored.
  3. No remote control: Without an internet or Wi-Fi connection you cannot access or control your Ring security system remotely and cannot arm or disarm the alarm system as well.

Alternate Connectivity Option For Ring Security System

We bring you a few alternate connectivity options for your Ring security system when a Wi-Fi connection is not available or broken. Here they are:

  1. Cellular backup: If you have a Ring Alarm Pro system, you can subscribe to a cellular data backup plan. It will help your device to continue even if the Wi-Fi and power go out.
  2. Ethernet: For a more reliable connection than Wi-Fi, you can connect your system with an Ethernet cable.
  3. Use Power over Ethernet: You can connect your Ring security system with Power over Ethernet (PoE) to the router with an Ethernet cable. This will ensure power and data for your system and you don’t have to worry about power outages or Wi-Fi anymore.

Note: Ring security systems’ LTE or cellular backup system is provided by the reliable service provider Verizon.


Do ring cameras record all the time?

No, ring cameras do not record videos all the time. They only record videos only when they detect any kind of motion. If you need continuous recording, you will need to sign up for the premium plan.

For how long will the battery of a ring security system provide backup?

The battery backup depends on the usage. Generally, the backup battery can provide you service for around 24 hours. However, the devices connected to the system may have various battery backups.

Can a Ring security system trigger alarms without Wi-Fi?

Yes, the Ring security system can still trigger audible alarms or sound alerts without a Wi-Fi connection. But you cannot arm or disarm the alarm remotely without an internet connection.


So, you don’t have to compromise your home’s security as the Ring security system can still operate without Wi-Fi and power outage for 24 hours. The backup battery and cellular data will make sure the system keeps running.

You have to pay for this service and buy a premium plan for it. If you don’t have this, your system will disarm as soon as it disconnects from Wi-Fi.

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