Does Ring Work with Google Nest?

Everyone would love to have a smart home. And smart home never completes without smart home gadgets.

The Ring is said to be one of the best smart security systems. Therefore people using ring devices always want it to connect with the voice assistant that they already have in their house.

I have been using Ring for almost 1 year and a couple of months back I wanted to connect it with Google nest. I was so confused if Ring is compatible with it or not!

Yes, Ring is compatible with Google Nest but there are some limitations in features. This is natural as they belong to two different competitors. Third-party support is always needed there to integrate them and have access to all the features.

I did a lot of research about it and found a solution. I know many of you are so confused just like me. In this article, I will share with you the solution to this confusion.

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Can You Connect Ring with Google Nest?

Ring is a product of Amazon and Nest is from Google. That is why people get confused if they are compatible with each other or not.

Yes, Ring works with Google Nest. It is also compatible with Google Home. Google Home and Nest are almost the same. Nest has a 7-inch display and speaker. Though they are compatible, there are some limitations as Google and Amazon are competitors. You will have limited access to some of the features.

Ring doorbell

You will be able to record videos, check battery percentage, and change settings. Live video streaming facility will be restricted. But you can still watch a live video from the ring while using Google Nest. You will need an extra laptop, mobile, tablet, or smartwatch to watch the live streaming.

All these devices are usable with Google Nest Hub. It means you cannot see the live video on Nest Hub but still can watch it on other devices.

There are some other facilities as well. You will get a notification on your Nest Hub from your Ring camera. It can also alert you when the motion detector detects anything. Doorbell and camera activation will be also notified to you.

If you want to see the live footage, your smartwatch or mobile can help you. But before that, you need to connect those devices with Nest Hub.

You can access and control the Ring device with your voice from the Google home assistant which is in the Google Nest Hub. Live footage and two-way talk communication features will not be available so easily. These are the two features that people like most about smart home appliances.

Amazon and Google are working together to solve this issue. But till they find a solution, you have to control the Ring device with your tablet, mobile, or pc.

How to Connect Ring with Google Nest?

Well, it’s not a tough task to connect a Ring camera with Google Nest Hub. All you need to do is first pair the camera with your existing Google Assistant account.

Google Assistant is combined with Google Nest Hub. Once you are logged in to your account, follow these simple steps to complete the setup process:

Google nest with ring
  • Sign in to Your Google Account: You must have a Google account in order to start the procedure. Login to your Google account from your Nest Hub with your ID and password.
  • Click the Plus Icon: Now when you are logged into your Google account, look at your screen. There you will see the plus icon at the top left corner. By clicking that icon you are now allowed to add devices.
  • Turn On the Ring Device: Now turn on your Ring device to make it visible to Nest Hub. If you don’t do this, Nest cannot find the device while searching.
  • Select New Device from Set up Device’: After clicking the plus icon a menu will come on the screen. On that menu, you will see the “Set up Device” option. Click here and you will be asked to choose between a Google device and a new device. Choose “New Device” as Ring is not a product from Google.
  • Permit Google to Search Your Device: As soon as you select the “New Device” option, Google will start looking for your Ring device. Keep patience, it may take some time to find your device. If Google couldn’t find it, make sure the Ring device is switched on properly and activated.
  • Grant permission to connect the Ring device: When Google will scan and find your device, you can see it on the list. Select your device. Then you will be asked permission to connect Ring with your Nest account. Grant permission to connect from Nest.
  • Login to Your Ring account: Now it’s time for logging in to your Ring account. You will be asked to enter your account details twice as there is a two-factor security system. A code will be sent to your mobile which is associated with your Ring account.
  • Allow Google to Have Access to Ring: When you are logged in to your Ring Id, you will see a permission bar. Google is asking permission to have access to your Ring account. Authorize it to finish the process and your Ring Device will be connected to your Google Nest Hub.

Troubleshooting Tips for Connecting Your Ring Device to Google Nest

Earlier I have said one limitation of not streaming the live footage. Besides that, there are some more limitations of connecting Ring with Google Nest:

  • Motion detection notifications will not come to your Google Nest Hub.
  • Two-way talking on Ring Devices will not be possible.
  • Speakers or microphones of ring devices won’t work.

Both companies are working together to solve these issues. very soon all the devices of Ring will be available with full features with Google Nest Hub.

Ring App & Google Nest Integration

Do you want to use Ring devices with Google Nest without any limitations? There is only one way left then.

If two products are not compatible with each other, IFTTT makes them compatible with each other. All you need is to download another app which is IFTTT on your android or IOS.

Then you can link all your smart products together through this app. You can have access to your all devices from wherever you are.


Ring has many more devices. Among all their devices, Ring Doorbell and camera are the most common and famous ones.

You can have any of them or all of them to make your house a smart one. Link them all with your Google Nest Hub and you will be able to control them all centrally.

All these solutions that I described above were from my personal experience and research. I hope those were enough to wipe away your confusion about Ring and Google Nest.

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