Doorbell Box Buzzing: What Causes It and How to Fix It

Doorbells have made our lives a lot easier than before. Especially those smart doorbells with multi-function features are pretty helpful.

Well, I was satisfied with my doorbell too. But suddenly one day it started buzzing. Things started to get disturbing when it continues to buzz at night!

Trust me; my wife was going crazy with the buzzing noise. So, I decided to identify the reason and solve it.

With the help of my friend who is an electrician also, I found some reasons for this problem and found their solution as well.

Sometimes the buzzing noise can happen because of a faulty transformer, malfunctioning switch, faulty wiring, or some other reasons. It is dangerous and can be really disturbing. You can solve the problem on your own.

I am going to describe all the reasons for this problem and solutions to them in this blog. I hope these tips will help you sort out a similar issue.

7 Common Causes Of A Doorbell Buzzing

When I first had the buzzing issue, I waited for 2 days thinking it will stop on its’ own. When it didn’t stop, I inquired about the reason on the internet to find the causes of this sound.

Here are some common causes of a doorbell buzzing which I finally found:

1) Faulty Transformer

In a doorbell, a transformer converts a higher voltage to a low one. When the transformer fails to supply a sufficient amount of voltage to the circuit, it can start making buzzing sounds.

2) Vibration In The Chime Unit

A chime unit starts making buzzing noise if it receives a very low-power doorbell pressing. This low-power doorbell pressing can happen because of the small vibrations in the mechanism.

Because of the vibration, some instrument hit the bell slightly and makes a buzzing sound.

3) A Stuck Or Malfunctioning Switch

Sometimes a malfunctioning doorbell switch is stuck in the middle of on & off. That’s when you may hear a continuous buzzing sound. A low-quality switch or heavy use of a switch can cause this issue

Other Possible Causes For A Doorbell Buzzing

When I told my expert electrician friend about my findings about the common causes, he showed me some other possible causes of this doorbell buzzing.

Here they are:

4) Faulty Wiring

Loose or faulty wearing can cause sparking. The short circuit and loose wiring can force the chime to make buzzing sounds.

5) Sending alerts

Smart doorbells are a lot different than traditional doorbells. They have different alert tones. When they are having some errors or need some updates or actions to perform, they can make different noises to remind you. A buzzing sound can be one of those alert tones.

6) Poor Internet Connection

When a smart doorbell is having a poor or weak internet connection, it can make some error sounds like buzzing.

7) End Of The Doorbells Lifespan

Every device has a lifespan or expiry date. When it’s about to end, a doorbell can make different noises. Buzzing could be one of those noises.

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Diagnosing & Troubleshooting The Problem

When it starts buzzing, it’s never too hard to find the problem and fix it on your own.

Most of the time you can fix a doorbell by replacing its parts. They are easier to replace than repair. Thankfully the parts of a doorbell are not that expensive.

Let’s take a look at how you can find where the problem is and how you can troubleshoot the problem.

Check The Button And Fix It

When you have a buzzing doorbell, the very first thing to check is the button of it. Most of the time a stuck button cause the bell buzzing. It can get stuck in the on position and won’t stop buzzing until you remove it from there.

If you see the button in that position, you need to fix it. First, disconnect the power source and then remove the switch from the box. Check the back of the switch if it is burnt or damaged. If it is damaged, you must change the switch.

Contact the dealer to buy a switch to a similar brand. If it is a complicated switch, call customer support to replace it.

Check For Faulty Wiring and Fix It

If you find the button in good condition, now it’s time for checking the wiring behind the button. As I said earlier, loose wiring can be a reason for a buzzing doorbell.

Check the corroded section and frayed section in the wiring cluster. If there is any loose wiring or damaged wiring, it should be in these two sections. If the problem is there, you might need to replace the frayed section.

Replace the wires if you see any damage or wear out. If it is the reason behind the buzzing, don’t worry, after this, it won’t buzz again. You can read are doorbell wires dangerous or not.

Check And Replace The Transformer

If the problem is not in the button or in the transformer, then there must be something wrong with the transformer. A faulty transformer can often cause buzzing.

The only solution to a faulty transformer is to replace it anyway. But before that, you need to check the transformer if it is ok or not. You will need a multimeter to check the transformer.

On the multimeter, set the voltage to 120 AC. Now, connect the transformer and see the reading. If it is more or less than your doorbell’s standard voltage, (it can be 16V, 18V, OR 24V depending on the model) it means you must change the transformer. If the reading is equivalent to your doorbell’s voltage, then the transformer is in good shape.

If you have a warranty left for your doorbell, the dealer will provide it for free and also give free servicing. But you don’t have any warranty left, just unscrew the transformer, buy a similar model and attach it like before.

Tighten The Screws In The Chime

Often a loose connection of screws can make the chime vibrate and loosened parts can touch the bell to make a buzzing sound. Check for a loose screw connection and if you find any, tighten it to solve the issue.

Clean The Doorbell

If you haven’t cleaned your doorbell for a long, dirt can gather inside and obstruct the doorbell from working properly. Clean the dirt with the help of a blower.

Reset The Doorbell

If you cannot find any fault in the hardware of the doorbell, then there must be something related to the programs. Check the apps if your device needs any updates or something like that.

You can try resetting your doorbell. Most of the time, it works to stop buzzing.

So, here is the troubleshooting methods that you can apply on your own to solve the buzzing issue. But if you are not confident enough to do this, just diagnose the reason and call an electrician for help.

Tips For Avoiding Future Doorbell Buzzing Issues

Prevention is better than a cure. Just invest some time today and you won’t have to face the buzzing issue in the future.

Here are some tips for you to avoid the issue in the future:

  • Separate The Wires: Take some time to open your doorbell and cover the wires with tape to make them separate from each other. Also, tighten the connection though they are tight enough.
  • Clean The Doorbell Frequently: Cleaning your doorbell frequently after a certain time will keep it in a good shape. This can help you avoid buzzing in the future. It will also increase the lifespan of your doorbell.
  • Use A Good Quality Switch: If you are not satisfied with your doorbell switch quality, replace it with a better one. A good switch won’t stuck in the middle to make your doorbell buzz.
  • Tighten The Transformer & All Other Screws: Open your doorbell at least once every 6 months. Check the screws and the connection of the transformer. Tighten them with a screwdriver even if it’s not necessary to avoid future problems.
  • Replace Doorbell Or Transformer After Several Years: Every electronic device has a particular lifespan. Your doorbell will surely start buzzing when the time for it is about to finish. Try changing the transformer even if it has not started buzzing yet.

Dangers Of A Buzzing Doorbell

When a doorbell is buzzing continuously, it does not only will make you crazy, it can cause some serious issues as well.

You will be surprised to know, a constantly buzzing doorbell can even cause a fire. When it’s buzzing for a long time, the transformer will become hot and at a certain point the electromagnet will burn out.

This fire can cause a short circuit to the main supply line of your house and cause a huge fire. So, if you hear your doorbell buzzing, it’s wise to act quickly. Just disconnect the doorbell from power and then take the necessary steps.


The doorbell has changed the way of knocking on the door. Smart doorbells have taken the security level of our houses to a new height. But still, we don’t pay enough attention to it.

If your doorbell is buzzing, don’t avoid it thinking it is a simple issue. Act immediately. Don’t let yourself get crazy over the buzzing expecting it will stop on its own.

I hope my personal experience & troubleshooting tips will help you overcome this situation. Try it yourself. It’s not that hard. Taking help from an expert is still an option you have.

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