Eufy Doorbell Not Charging: Reasons & Fixes

A common issue many battery-powered Eufy Doorbell users face is the doorbell not charging. This can especially happen when you hardwire the Eufy doorbell for continuous charging.

The reason behind the battery not charging can range from wrong wiring to using the wrong charger and cable. Of course, this also depends on the temperature, your home’s electricity condition, and the batteries themselves.

The point is, the reasons can vary from person to person why the doorbell can’t be charged. That’s why you need to identify reasons and fix that. And that is exactly what we’re going to cover in this guide.

Let’s get started.

9 Reasons Why Your Eufy Doorbell is Not Charging

So let’s take a look at the possible reasons why this is happening.

1) Not Using the Recommended Charger and Cable

Every Eufy product comes in with a dedicated charger, power adapter, and USB or other cables. These accessories are manufactured in a way they have built-in support for Eufy products.

The same isn’t the case for 3rd party chargers. Original Eufy doorbell charge will provide a faster charge than 3rd party chargers.

If you’re using a cheap charger and cable, they may not provide sufficient power to your doorbell.

2) Unsupported Transformer

Video doorbells use an insignificant amount of power. Some transformers can’t detect this amount. That’s why they don’t provide the power needed to the doorbell because your doorbell is not taking the load.

The transformer’s output power is also important to keep in mind.

3) Doorbell Power Adapter Unable to Provide Right Voltage

For power adapter users, it’s important to know the electrical specifications of the adapter. Eufy Video doorbells require 24V/500mA, 18V/500mA, 16V/800mA adapters. Incompatible adapters will not charge your doorbell.

4) Wires not Attached in the Right Way

If you hardwired your doorbell for continuous charging, it’s possible you made a mistake while connecting the wires.

Electrical connections are pretty sensitive. One wrong wire connection and it can cause big issues like a short circuit, let alone charge your device properly.

5) Doorbell Doesn’t Support Wired Charging

Even if you did wire the doorbell correctly, are you sure that your doorbell supports this type of charging?

Not all Eufy doorbell models necessarily support continuous charging. For example, Eufy Doorbell 2K officially supports continuous charging. Other models may not.

You should read the manual or check the product page to know whether your particular version supports it. If not, it will never work no matter how much engineering you do in the wires.

6) Charger or Cable is Broken

If you’re using the out-of-the-box charger and cable, it’s also possible that they have started wearing off. If you’re using them for years now or they got damaged due to some reason, they may fail to charge your doorbell.

This is possible if you’re using a charger from a previous Eufy doorbell you bought. The charger or cable may fail to charge the doorbell because it doesn’t work anymore.

7) Bad Temperature

The doorbell comes with a mechanism to protect your battery in cold weather. For this, it will stop charging. If you’re living in a place 40 degrees or less, this may be the reason for not charging.

8) Battery May be Faulty

Due to frequent charging or regular use, your battery may have died. This is the worst possible scenario but it can happen.

9) Type of Chime Inside

The doorbell may not charge because of using certain types of digital chimes. It may be due to missing the needed electrical resistor.

Fixes to Start Charging Your Doorbell

  • Reinstall the Doorbell: This is a simple and quick fix. Detach the doorbell. Re-sync it with the HomeBase. Connect it with the app and Wi-Fi. Now try to charge it and see if it works.
  • Use an official charger: This is a MUST. Only use the charger you received with your doorbell. If you lost it or it broke, use a high-efficiency compatible charger from Eufy.
  • Use the correct Power adapter: If you’re using a power adapter to charge your battery doorbell, use the ones Eufy officially recommends using.
  • Use a compatible transformer: Try to use a doorbell transformer or one that doesn’t need to detect load. Also, note whether your transformer is providing the required output power to the doorbell.
  • Correctly wire the doorbell: Be extra cautious when wiring your doorbell. Follow this guide from Eufy to learn how to correctly wire the doorbell.
  • Use an Analog Chime: Replace the digital chime with an analog ring chime. Make sure that this chime is around 10 ohms.
  • Contact the support: If you’re confused and don’t want to mess up anything, the best thing to do is to contact Eufy support. They will guide you through the whole troubleshooting process, offer official solutions, and may even come and fix the issue for a fee.

How to Know if the Eufy Doorbell is Charging?

There are two ways to know: through the LED light indicator and the EufySecurity app.

When you charge your doorbell, you will see the light become orange. This means the doorbell is charging. You can also check the battery icons in the app. When charging your doorbell, the icon will be green. In some cases, the icon may show a charging animation.

You can also check the charge amount after some time to see if your doorbell is being charged.

Can You Replace Eufy Doorbell Batteries?

No, you cannot replace Eufy Video Doorbell Batteries. Eufy doorbell batteries are rechargeable batteries. This means you can and need to charge them fully before using them.

If the batteries run out of power, you will need to charge them instead of inserting other batteries. This is to protect your device from malfunctioning due to the wrong battery.

If you think your batteries are dead, contact Eufy support for a solution.

Final Thoughts

A disadvantage of battery-powered doorbells is that they need to be charged periodically. Although, you can hardwire them. But this requires technical knowledge. And after all the hassle, you may see that your Eufy Doorbell is not charging.

Now you have some ideas about why this may happen and what you need to do to get your doorbell charged again. So did any of these solutions work for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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