7 Furman Power Conditioner Reviews 2023

If you’re looking for the best Furman power conditioner review, you’ve come to the right place. There are tons of power conditioner-making companies in the market. Among them, why is Furman the best?

Furman can bring out clean power from an unstable power source for your home electronics. No other brands’ products can be as protective as Furman conditioners for sensitive gear.

For this reason, we’ve thought of summing up the best Furman power conditioner reviews. You can get the right one for shielding your home’s valuable gadgets after going through them.

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7 Furman Power Conditioner Reviews

How can you find a good power conditioner surge protector? There are some basic key features that you can always expect from the best power conditioners. They are:

  • Active noise cancellation
  • Clean power production from an unstable power supply
  • Consistent protection to connected electrically powered devices
  • Multiple Outlets, and
  • Battery backup power conditioner system, though it’s rarely found these days.

Currently, the best surge protection is achieved from anodized aluminum panel models. But they are not found on a tight budget.

That’s why we’ve thought of picking only those Furman power conditioners that come at a reasonable price with most of the features mentioned above.

So, here are the seven Furman power conditioner reviews that we think should be able to aid your home appliances and electrical power devices from surges, voltage rises, etc.

1. Furman M-8×2 Power Conditioner Review

  • AC noise filtering
  • 9 panels of outlets
  • Constant power regulation

If you are staying in an old apartment and thinking of how to keep your valuable electronics safe, then try M-8X2. It comes at a very reasonable price. That’s why you can afford it for any type of use.

You can find 8 initial outlets at the back of the product and one in front. Each outlet eliminates spikes and allows the current to stay stable and stay under the 120 V range.

The power amplifier model has only a few functions. It also doesn’t have any readings to notify you about the status. The only LED bulb indicates whether the protection is on or not.

However, you can expect them to keep your karaoke, mic, guitar amp, and other stuff’s performance clear and stable because of noise filtering. But you can also use it with some mid-range home appliances if you need them.

As the product comes at a very reasonable price, you can buy this along with a new electronic device. It’s one of the reliable power conditioners to stabilize AC current.


  • Clear sound processing from audio outputs
  • Mediocre surge protection
  • Well-aligned inputs


  • Very small cable

2. Furman Elite 15 DMI Review

Furman elite 15 dmi
  • Linear Filtering Technology (LFT)
  • Multi-stage protection
  • 12 V triggering control capability

It is one of Furman’s reliable and latest power conditioners for heavy loads. The power conditioning capacity is pretty pleasing of Furman Elite 15 DMI. Also, the linear filtering technology adds some more value to the functions of this product.

The most vital thing about this amp power conditioner is the display of stats. You get regular updates of what’s the status of the power supply and whether your devices are in danger or not through two different digital miters.

The power conditioning system also helps to eliminate low-level AC noise. You can enjoy a clear audio-video broadcast by connecting your device with 15 DMI.

The sensitivity of this Furman Elite model is awesome. It regulates multiple power supply malfunctions instantly without giving a break. The multiple outlets are handy when you want to keep your whole workstation performing at the same pace.

Overall, the power conditioner is good for mini studios or office rooms. It would surely survive several power surges.


  • Displaying actual power stats
  • Precise filtering of panel power
  • Quality receptacles


  • A few outlets become dead after a few moths

3. Furman power conditioner ss6b review

  • Durable 6 outlets
  • 180 inches long power cord
  • 2 in-1 performance

You might consider this as a usual power strip by just seeing this stuff. But in reality, it’s a great power conditioner with optimal surge protection. Though it might not have active noise cancellation technology, ss6b still is a good compact power conditioner to use at the home, office, or studio.

The Furman conditioner has one circuit breaker that comes in handy when voltage overload & can damage attached devices. Although only one breaker for six different outputs can be troublesome, it still assures your valuable electronics are safely connected.

The surge rating here is below the usual range. So, you can assume this model is a pretty sensitive model that can turn down activities even by sensing the smallest possibility of imbalance.

Furthermore, it is one of those power conditioners that can simultaneously stabilize AC current for multiple power-hungry gadgets. You can use it to supply current for every device in a room. And noise filtering is assured for every outlet of the product.


  • Durable metal body
  • One of the best power conditioners for musical instruments and home appliances
  • Easy mounting


  • Very low surge rating

4. Furman P-1800 AR Review

  • USB compatible
  • 120 V regular capacity
  • Protection at multiple stages

This option is one of the expensive power conditioners from Furman. P-1800 is well known for converting clean power for heavy electronics. It has 10 outlets, including a USB port for better convenience.

The USB port helps to recharge most types of smart handheld devices like phones, tabs, laptops, etc. You don’t have to fear that high voltage might damage sensitive gadgets. The in-built power regulation module can read how much clean power is required and performs accordingly.

The fascinating thing you get from this model is auto shutting down the power supply whenever the smart device detects irregularity. When you connect your whole workstation with this Furman power conditioner surge protector, you don’t have to plug out every device during surges or bad weather.

The construction and functions are a bit complex. Yet, installation is easier than you think. This is one of the best power conditioning modules used for professional purposes.

And when the matter is about being silent, P 1800 stays at the top. It’s super quiet while lining electronic gears with higher power sources. So, despite being pricey, the features are worth having.


  • Guards heavier rigs
  • Flawless voltage regulation
  • Easily mountable


  • Not a budget-friendly option

5. Furman PL-Plus DMC Review

  • Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT)
  • Two Pull-out Lights
  • Spike Protection Mode

Have you ever heard about the legendary 15 amp good power conditioner from Furman? The PL-Plus is the newest member of the family. It was made to provide ultra-reliable protection for your power lines by holding this beautiful piece.

This power conditioner is the best choice if you transition to newer equipment. Why? This reliable power conditioner works acceptably well within its design capabilities. For the most part, it takes less space in your house and can handle both expensive and dated gears just fine.

The best thing about the PL-Plus DMC is the capability of leveling out the transients that you often find in old electronic power cords. Further, this beautiful piece of gadget calls for optimal performance through linear filtering. As a result, there’d be no more leakage into the ground.

Usually, you don’t get a more functional amp than the PL-plus DMP. Especially, the in-build light is really handy. Even though the amp can protect your electronic devices from voltage spikes, It doesn’t ensure full safety as it’s not a surge protector.

If you are starting to change your studio rack with updated gears, this one is a functional model for you. We’d recommend this to classic rock cover band studios for translucent recording.


  • High-pitched sound and distortions Eliminations
  • Clean power from most power lines
  • Durable build with a sleek design


  • Poor LED Voltmeter

6. Furman AV215a Review

  • Extreme Voltage Shutdown technology
  • EVS Auto Reset
  • Series Multi-Stage Protection

Transient voltage spikes, ground contamination, and dissipation can freak anyone out. So, it’s important to stay careful while using electronic gears. Well, the AC-215A power amplifier is sure to make you change your mind. Just plug your device in the allocated sockets, and let the amp do its job.

Well, the sleek design makes it a compact power conditioner. It’s a simple amp with just two sockets. Although this may seem a good side, you can carry the amp if you are always on the run with your electric gadgets.

Also, the small size and low-profile design of Ac-215A is perfect to fit it at the back of your flat-screen TV mount. As a result, the conditioner won’t take up a lot of space in your home.

You may wonder why this won’t deliver the same performance as Furman’s full-sized components. But in reality, it can do more than you guess. As it turns out, the AC-215A is designed mainly for unrealistic laboratory conditions. So, you are guaranteed to get advanced power protection and conditioning.

When you want a reliable AC Furman conditioner device, the AC-215A is a great pick. Though it’s not as solid as any brushed black anodized aluminum construction, it still provides clean power to cable modem routers, switches, etc.


  • Virtual service call elimination
  • Operational status via LED
  • Affordable Price Range


  • Only two sockets

7. Furman PST8 Review

  • 8 Outlets
  • Advanced Linear Filtering
  • Cable satellite and Telco Connectors

The Durman PST is an excellent digital power strip that equips advanced linear filtering. As a result, the electrical power amp can dramatically reduce noise contamination and AC line noise. Mainly, the isolated outlet banks separate digital and analog data transmission. That’s why the power cords can handle both analog and digital gears.

Now, why is the PST best for your sound gears? There are plenty of power grid irregularities daily that can degrade your equipment faster. Sometimes it may even completely ruin your device. On the other hand, PST 8 precisely regulates energy and voltage malfunction to keep connected gears in good condition.

This power strip would sacrifice itself to deliver good power no matter the condition. The Extreme voltage shutdown comes in handy for the best protection. When the service line is fed more than 137 volts, the PST 8 will automatically shut down the electric device.

For those who seek pure AC sound elimination from backup power amps – the PST 8 can help you with the AC power suppression feature. At the same time, the advanced protection from power grid irregularities can let electronics work like usual all the time.

Apparently, the PST 8 is durable enough but has a large design. If you love large-sized panel power strips, this one can do the trick.


  • Superb compatibility
  • Consistency
  • Highest-degree Protection


  • Ridiculously Over-sized

Benefits Of Using A Quality Power Conditioner

Power conditioners are an essential part of any audio or home theater installation. They provide clean, pure, and consistent power to your audio and video components. It allows them to perform at their best.

Here are some of the benefits of using a quality power conditioner in your home:

Improved Sound Quality

Power conditioners reduce electrical noise interference from other electronic devices connected to the same circuit. It also improves the sound quality of your audio equipment by providing a clean and consistent power source for each component.

Increased Component Lifespan

Power conditioners also protect your audio components from voltage surges and spikes that can damage delicate circuitry over time. By protecting your components from these electrical anomalies, you can extend their lifespan significantly.

Easy Installation

Quality power conditioners come with easy-to-follow instructions. It makes setup simple for any user level from DIY enthusiasts to professional installers alike!

Cost Savings

While investing in a quality power conditioner may seem expensive upfront. It will ultimately save you money eventually due to its protection against voltage surges and spikes. So that you can save costly repairs or replacement of damaged equipment.

Improved Performance

By providing a pure sine wave output, a quality power conditioner can improve the performance of your equipment. So that you will get a cleaner, better-sounding overall system.

Improved Safety

Most quality power conditioners feature circuit breakers that protect your equipment against dangerous power surges, spikes, and brownouts. By providing this protection, you can reduce the likelihood of your equipment sustaining damage from power spikes.

Power Conditioners


Furman’s PL Plus DMC is the best power conditioner from every angle. The model has pleased every user, from perfectly sized to optimal capacities.

However, If you’re not worrying too much about the budget, look nowhere, buy Furman P-1800 AR. Keeping all these things aside, let’s not forget to choose wisely depending on what actually your electronic devices require from a conditioner.

Only a power strip can’t guard against power malfunctions. Thus, don’t buy anything to save money that doesn’t even provide minimum surge protection. Instead of saving money, buy a quality power line conditioner for your electronics.

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