How Far Can A Wireless Security Camera Transmit?[Explained]

Wireless security cameras transmit within a specified range and are used for home surveillance. The range varies depending on the transmission type and whether obstacles, such as walls, are present in the way.

  • First-generation wireless security cameras were ineffective since they used analog signals that could only travel short distances and transmitted images of low resolution.
  • Digital cameras, which became popular in the mid-1990s, used digital signals to transmit higher-resolution images.

Analog wireless security cameras tend to have a shorter range than digital cameras because they use lower frequencies and are more susceptible to signal interference. These security cameras transmit images at a frequency of 900MHz and can transmit images over a distance of one mile.

Since digital wireless security cameras typically use the 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency range, limiting signal interference, they have a longer range. It is necessary to monitor the camera’s output using a digital video receiver, and these receivers usually have a much smaller range than the camera itself.

The maximum distance varies by model and can be as short as 30 feet for receivers with a built-in antenna and as long as 1,000 feet for receivers with an external antenna. The range also depends on obstacles such as walls that block or reflect signals.

Generally, wireless cameras transmitting range from 75 to 145 feet in closed environments and 150 to 350 feet in open space. To increase the range of wireless security cameras, you can use an antenna to get higher transmission, or additional repeaters can transmit signals.

How Can I Extend The Range Of A Wireless Camera?

You can extend the range of a wireless camera by using a repeater. The repeater is a device that receives WiFi signal from your access point or router and rebroadcasts it to extend the range of your wireless network.

You can also purchase a wireless range extender. Both devices perform the same function, but wireless range extenders are more affordable than repeaters. These devices are available at most electronics shops.

Both are easy to setup. Just put it in the location where you would like to extend the wireless range of your wireless network, connect it to your existing WiFi router via an Ethernet cable, and then turn it on. You can extend the range of a wireless camera using any of these methods without any problems.

How Far Should I keep the WiFi Camera From the Router?

wifi router

Keeping the WiFi camera at least two meters away from the router is recommended. This may result from the router emitting electromagnetic waves that interfere with the camera. If the router and the camera are placed too close to each other, you will experience interference.

As a result of electromagnetic waves, the WiFi camera may lose its connection to the network. Thus, keeping them 2 meters apart ensures that they do not interfere with one another.

However, if you need to keep your WiFi camera too far from your router for any reason, you can use a WiFi repeater. This will extend the range of your wireless network.

What Is The Range Of An Outdoor Security Camera?

The range of an outdoor security camera refers to the distance between the camera and the point where it can capture an image clearly. It is measured in meters. It depends on several factors, including the size of the lens, the image sensor, the quality of the glass in the lenses, and the type of lighting.

It is also dependent on environmental factors like weather conditions, light or moisture in the air, etc. In general, a security camera should have a range of at least 30 meters to capture clear images.


In general, a wireless security camera can transmit in open spaces between 150 to 350 feet range. But if you use them in a close environment, they can transmit between 75 to 175 feet range.  However, many factors determine the range of your camera.

These factors include the size of the lens, the size of the image sensor, the quality of the glass used in the lens, and more. Also, it would be best to keep your camera at least two meters from your router to prevent interference between them.

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