How Far Can Ring Camera See at Night? A Closer Look

It is important to safeguard your home, especially the front of your home and yard. We install different cameras and motion detectors for this purpose. But one thing that specializes in this field is a Ring doorbell camera.

It’s a modern technology that enables you to monitor the front of your house. They are also very popular for motion detection, security purposes, and detecting intruders at the front door. But, how far can a Ring camera see at night?

The best thing about a Ring camera is that it works amazingly well at night. With the latest Ring cameras, you will get up to 25 feet of visibility at night. Sometimes up to 50 feet with a 180-degree field of view.

They have night vision, which uses IR and other optical sensors for motion detection in extremely low-light situations.

But night vision depends on a lot of other factors. Let’s dive deeper into it. Shall we?

How Far Can Ring Doorbell Camera Actually See At Night?

If you’re considering nighttime visibility, a Ring doorbell camera might be the one for you. These cameras have decent night vision, if not great.

Ring cameras use IR to make a picture of an object and motion detection. So you’ll get a decent night vision using them. But, the pictures in the daytime look pretty weird.

That’s why Ring has used an IR-cut physical filter over the sensor. This works as a barrier to stop IR from entering the sensors.

When your camera sensor determines that the environment is sufficiently dark, it removes the filter. Even in extreme low light conditions, IR can replicate a moving object sharply.

But as I mentioned earlier, its night vision is not the best one in the market if you consider other options like Digital SLRs or other high-end security cameras. But, for something that costs as much as $50, you can’t ask for more.

Below are some factors that can increase the nighttime visibility of ring cameras.

Depth Of Field Of Ring Cameras

The term is commonly used to describe the image quality and area coverage of digital cameras and security cameras.

Ring cameras have a depth of field of around 30 feet, which isn’t great compared to digital SLRs and security cameras.

But the newer versions of the Ring doorbell camera offer a better depth of field.

Lighting Conditions

Lighting conditions have a great impact on the picture quality of ring cameras. As I stated earlier, ring cameras work with IR.

Direct sunlight and reflections of light will make the images blurry. That’s why you should never place your camera under direct sunlight.

In low light, you have little control over it. The camera will work on its own to give a better view of the area.

Camera Resolution

Video quality has a lot to do with resolution. You’ve heard the terms 30 fps, 60 fps at 720p, and 1080p, right?

1080p resolution at 60 fps is available in the latest ring cameras. It’ll help you to get clear images even after zooming.

Field Of View

The field of view of a camera determines the width and height of the images. These are equally important as the distance covered by cameras.

field of view of ring camera
Image Source: Ring

It’s necessary to monitor the corners of your house and yard. Better cameras have a wider field of view. Here is the list of ring cameras with their fields of view:

CameraMotion DetectionField Of View
Ring Doorbell180 Degrees180 degrees Horizontal
Ring Doorbell 2180 Degrees160 degrees Horizontal, 90 degrees vertical
Ring doorbell Pro160 degrees160 degrees Horizontal, 90 degrees vertical
Ring Doorbell Elite160 degrees160 degrees Horizontal, 90 degrees vertical
Ring Door Cam130 degrees155 degrees Horizontal, 90 degrees vertical

Tips For Maximizing The Range Of Your Ring Camera’s Night Vision

With little adjustments, you can get a better result from your ring cameras. The quality of night vision of ring cameras depends on many things.

These are the adjustments you can make to maximize the range of your ring camera:

Proper Positioning Of The Camera

Many people mistakenly place the right camera too high. This is the wrong approach. Ring cameras can function properly if placed 4 feet or 48 inches above the ground.

A ring camera uses passive infrared motion detectors to detect moving objects. So, positioning the camera too high will cause misinterpretation of objects.

correct height of ring camera
Image Source: Ring

So the perfect placement is necessary to get a good result. Ring cameras can detect objects better in the horizontal aspect. So, keep that in your consideration.

Choose A Camera With A Better Resolution

The latest ring cameras have better resolution and higher depth of field. Higher resolution will help you to get better picture quality. Also, change the resolution in the app to the highest setting.

Color Night Vision

Color night vision is the latest addition to ring cameras. This super useful feature will make the viewer’s experience even better. The app allows you to get color night vision.

Go to settings, and then go to night vision. Turn on the color night vision, and you’re good to go.

Lighting Adjustments

These lighting adjustments will increase the nighttime visibility of ring cameras:

  • Don’t let light sources hit the camera directly.
  • Don’t use too much lighting in the yard.
  • Don’t keep the yard too dark.


Ring cameras can be an amazing addition to the security of your home. But, how far can the ring camera see at night? Ring cameras have 30-40 feet of visibility at night.

I’d definitely recommend you to buy the latest ring cameras for their night vision, excellent motion detection, and affordable price tag. Make necessary adjustments to increase the visibility of your camera.

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