How High Should a Doorbell Be? A Guide to Proper Placement

Smart doorbells are making our homes smarter these days. It allows you to greet and communicate with the person at your door. You can also see what is happening outside your home in real time.

But you can enjoy these excellent facilities when you install your doorbell properly to a proper height. If you are going to set your doorbell for the first time and are confused like me about the height, this post is for you then.

I have done a whole lot of research on this. The doorbell should be mounted 48 inches (4 feet) above the ground level on your porch. Make sure you mount the doorbell flat against the wall to have a better view and to make the sensors work properly.

In this blog, I am going to tell you more about what I came to know about the height of a doorbell.

Optimal Height For A Doorbell

Height is the most important fact for mounting a doorbell. But like me, many of you might be thinking about what the optimal height for a doorbell to set is.

The optimal height for a doorbell is 48 inches or 1.21 meters. Setting up your doorbell to that optimal height allows the motion sensor to trace and identify the necessary and unnecessary motions.

Setting up your device at that height allows you to have a full view of the visitor’s face and whole body. Almost every doorbell camera has a 160-degree horizontal span view capacity and can record motion from a distance of 30 feet.

Standard Height For A Doorbell

The standard height for a doorbell is between 40 – 48 inches from the ground level. It’s not so different than the optimal height.

The height can change according to the model of your doorbell. The standard height allows people of every height to have access to it.

Think about the kids first. It’s good to set the doorbell between the standard heights to make it easier for them to reach the doorbell switch.

Height Considerations For Visitors With Reduced Mobility

If you have elderly people at your home who need a wheelchair to move, you might think twice before setting the height for your doorbell. You could also have some visitors with reduced mobility and traveling in wheelchairs.

35 – 40 inches is a good height for them to reach the doorbell. In my opinion, you can choose a height of 40 inches if you have a possibility of having such visitors. It is both suitable for them and also in the range of standard height.

Ways To Measure The Correct Height

Now, you know the optimal and standard heights but how to measure the height perfectly? Don’t worry; I have a solution for that as well.

Take a measuring tape and measure from the ground level on your porch. If you are setting the height at 48 inches, mark the point with a pencil. At that marked point, there will be the center of your doorbell camera.

Don’t measure till the top of the doorbell. The camera is usually 1 inch lower from the top. A little low or high will not impact the sensors but it will not optimal.

Facts To Consider When Mounting Your Doorbell

If you want to get the most out of your doorbell, you need to install it properly. Height, power source, And mounting angle are three main factors you must consider while mounting.

When you do all three of them perfectly together, you will be able to place the doorbell in a perfect place.

Let’s discuss the facts in detail.

Height Of The Doorbell

You can set your doorbell above the optimal height which is 48 inches but never place that too low. One of the main reasons why height is important is the sensors. The motion sensor works perfectly when you place that at a standard height.

If you install the doorbell at the wrong height, there is a huge chance that it may give you false alarms.

It can provide a more extensive vertical range than the motion sensor. This is only possible when you set this at a perfect height.

Power Source

Before you set your doorbell, make sure you have an available power source for the doorbell. It’s better if you set the power source later after setting the doorbell at a proper height.

If that option is not available, it’s better to go for a battery operated doorbell. It’s important to choose your doorbell wisely because it will decide its position and efficiency.

Mounting Angle Of The Doorbell

The mounting angle is pretty important for several reasons. A perfect angle will decide how clear your view is. It also decides the proper working of the motion sensor.

You will get some kits with the doorbell to mount at a proper angle. You can buy them from the market if it doesn’t come with your doorbell.

So, here are the three things that you must consider while mounting your doorbell. Don’t leave any of them unconsidered unless you want to set your doorbell in the wrong place.


A doorbell should be placed at a height from where it will be able to give you maximum support. Choosing the proper height needs some consideration over a few facts.

From my blog, I hope you got a complete idea about the optimal and standard height for setting your doorbell. So, don’t make a mistake by setting the bell at face height and setting it at the right point where it should be.

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