How Long Does It Take To Charge Eufy Doorbell? [Explained]

If you buy a new battery-powered Video Doorbell from Eufy, you might be wondering about its charging time.

Charge time can vary from brand to brand and even model to model. If you know how long takes to charge your specific Eufy Doorbell model, you can charge them when surveillance is less important to you.

In case you have other battery security cameras, knowing the charge time will allow you to decide how to efficiently charge and use your security system for the longest surveillance time.

This article goes through the different Eufy Doorbell models and tells you how long each one takes to charge fully.

Let’s get started.

Charging Time on Different Eufy Doorbell Models

Eufy Video Doorbells need from 3 hours to about 6 hours to charge fully. This depends on the version you’re using, the power it is getting, the charging adapter you’re using, and the accessories your doorbell comes with.

Also, sometimes your Eufy doorbell may not charge even slow charging due to lots of facts. For this, charging time can vary. Below I’ve listed some of the popular Eufy Doorbell models with the time taken to charge each:

Video Doorbell Slim

Eufy Video Doorbell Slim has a 5000 mAh battery. If you’re using a 5 V / 1 A USB charger, it takes just about 6 hours to charge it fully.

Video Doorbell 2E

Eufy video doorbell 2E gives you a straight 120-day security before you need to charge it again. It takes approximately 6 hours to charge it fully. If you use a 5V / 1A USB charger.

Video Doorbell 2C

You can charge Video Doorbell 2C using a 5 V / 2 A and a 5V/1A USB charger. The 5 V / 2 A adapter needs about 3 hours to charge it fully while the 5 V / 1 A adapter needs about 6 hours.

Battery Doorbell 2K

Eufy battery doorbell 2K (T8210) offers a massive 6500 mAh battery. You can charge it using both a 5 V / 2 A and a 5V/1A USB charger.

A 5 V/1 A charger will roughly need 6 hours to fully charge the Video Doorbell 2K. The 5 V / 2 A one only needs about half the time, charging up your device in only 3 hours.

The HomeBase 2 you get with the Video Doorbell 2K has a 5 V/2 A USB charging port. So it’s recommended to use a 5 V / 2 A USB charger to charge the Doorbell since it takes less time.

1080P Battery Doorbell

Eufy Battery Doorbell (T8220 / T8222) contains a 5000 mAh battery. It only supports a 5 V / 1 A USB charger. It requires about 6 hours to become fully charged.

eufy video doorbell

Does the Eufy Doorbell Come Fully Charged?

No, Eufy doorbells don’t come fully charged in the package when you buy them. To keep the transportation process safe, the video doorbells are charged 60% to 80% before they are shipped out of the factory.

Before you use your video doorbell for the first time, make sure to charge it fully.

How do I Know When my Eufy Doorbell is Fully Charged?

When you plug in your Eufy Doorbell to the power outlet for charging, you will notice an orange- color on the ring. This means that the doorbell is being charged.

When it’s fully charged, you will see a blue light instead. However, it’s not a stable blue. The color will pulsate and change its shade(becomes light blue and then blue again). Then the light will completely go out.

How do I Know if my Eufy Doorbell Batteries are Running Low?

It’s important to know when your doorbell’s batteries will run out. This allows you to start charging them immediately before the video doorbell stops working.

Thanks to the EufySecurity app, you can be up to date about how much charge is left on your Eufy doorbell.

  • Open the app.
  • Choose your doorbell model.
  • Go to camera settings.
  • Notice the battery icon for your battery doorbell.

If the icon is red and empty inside, this means you need to charge the batteries. You can learn more about the different battery icons on Eufy’s website.

How to Detach Eufy Battery Doorbell Before Charging?

YouTube video

If you need to charge your video doorbell, you will need to detach it from the wall first. The good thing is, it’s a straightforward process.

  • Enter the provided pin into the tiny hole on the bottom(or top for some models) of the doorbell. If you’ve lost the pin, you can use a thin gems clip or a SIM card tray clip instead.
  • Gently press the pin inside the hole.
  • The doorbell will pop out. Be careful so it doesn’t fall on the ground.
  • Behind it, you will find a USB port for charging.

How to Charge Eufy Doorbell 2K Without Detaching it?

Did you know that there is a way to charge the Eufy 2K Doorbell without detaching it from the mountain bracket? You can hardwire your 2k Battery Doorbell for continuous charging.

There are two methods you can go about this.

Method #1: Use the Existing Wires of a Doorbell

If you already have wires of a previous doorbell, you can use them to your advantage.

2K Video Doorbell requires 8-24VAC, 10VA voltage. All you have to do is connect the existing wires to your doorbell’s terminals. You can connect them to any of the terminals in any way.

Now use a screwdriver to tighten the screws of the terminals. Make sure the wires stick to the terminals well and don’t come off. Finally, to run, you need to connect Eufy doorbell to your Wi-Fi network or use a wire.

When wiring the doorbell, keep in mind that:

  • You must not short-circuit the connection. To prevent this, make sure the wires don’t touch each other.
  • If the wires are not long enough, use extension wires and wire nuts to increase the length.
  • In case you cannot use wire nuts due to running out of space, apply electrical wiring tape.

Method #2: Use a doorbell power adapter

The second method is to buy a doorbell power adapter and continuously charge your video doorbell. Eufy Doorbell 2K isn’t compatible with all adapters. Some of the supported ones include 24 V / 500 mA, 18 V / 500 mA, and 16 V / 800 mA.

Why is My Eufy Doorbell Taking Too Long to Charge?

It can happen sometimes that your doorbell may take more than 6 hours to charge, which is the approximate charging time. This can happen more often when the doorbell starts becoming old. If this is the case, there is something wrong.

You need to take some measures to ensure that your doorbell is ok.

  • Use the right cable to charge the doorbell. Cheap low-quality cables can 2X or even 3X can take a long time to charge your doorbell battery.
  • Update the device to the latest firmware. Also, keep the mobile app up to date. Sometimes backdated app and firmware can cause slow charging and wrong reading.
  • Use the original accessories you received with the doorbell. They were manufactured to be best compatible.
  • Use the correct voltage adapter. Before charging your doorbell battery, measure the electric current and voltage of your power outlet.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, how long it will take to charge your Eufy Battery Doorbell from 0% to 100% depends on the version you’re using.

But there are some other small factors involved as well. Like which adapter you are using, the quality of the USB cable, the provided voltage of your electrical system, battery capacity, and the device itself.

If your doorbell is taking more time than the original one, follow the troubleshooting steps I’ve mentioned. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Eufy support team for any queries.

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