How To Catch Someone Spying On You In Your Home

Just imagine someone is watching and listening to you but you cannot see who that is. Yes, it is a freaking and frightening feeling when you feel like someone is spying on you.

Finding out who is spying on you is not that easy in today’s era. Stalkers are using modern technologies and devices to spy on their targets.

Sounds like a thriller movie story? Maybe, but these are for real. The best way to catch who is spying on you is by identifying the signs of spying. You need to find a device or a way of spying to catch the person who is stalking you. All you need is good observation skills and a little extra awareness.

Sounds difficult? Don’t worry; in this blog, I will explain some simple techniques to catch the spy.

Why Would Someone Spy On You?

Your home should be your sanctuary. You should feel safe and secure in your home. But when someone is spying on you in your home, that is terrifying.

There could be several reasons for spying. If you have a business opponent trying to gather some secret and confidential information. In this case, someone can spy on you to achieve that.

Or maybe your ex-partner is trying to stalk you after your separation! Even a random criminal or a perverted person would want to blackmail you.

Whatever the reason is, you need to make sure your sixth sense is guessing it right or not about the spying.

Is It Legal To Spy On Someone?

Your home is your most private place. You and your family should feel safe while living there. If anyone is trying to invade or spy inside your house, he is completely stepping over your privacy.

Any kind of trespassing is against the law. Spying is also a kind of trespassing and it is a serious offense. You can always take legal action against any kind of spying on you in your house.

10 Signs of Someone Spying On You In Your Home

As I said earlier, it is not easy to catch a stalker these days. Modern technology and updated spy devices have made this even harder to find if you are being spied on or not.

If you want to make sure about it, you need to find the spying devices which can be cameras or microphones. If you know the signs of spying, you will be able to find the way of spying and could take necessary steps against it.

Here, I have gathered some of the common signs that will confirm someone is spying on you. Let’s see what they are:

1. Unknown wires

If anyone wants to spy on you, spy cameras and microphones are the best options to do. They can hear you and watch you as well.

If you see any extended wires coming from anywhere from your house that you do not have any idea about, look for the source and make sure where it is coming from.

This can be the wires of some hidden camera or microphone.

2. Displaced electrical fixtures

Displaced electrical fixture

Electrical outlets and switchboards are the places where we notice pretty less. A spy can hide cameras or microphones inside any of them as they are pretty small in size.

Once they are put inside, the electrical fixture will not fit the same as before. Something will be displaced for sure. At least there will be gaps. If you notice such things, check them immediately.

3. Discoloration on walls/ceiling

You know your walls and ceiling best. And you know every color contrast they have.

If you feel like someone is watching you, look at the walls or the ceiling. If you notice any discoloration and color differences in them that were not there before, check them for any hidden objects.

A spy or stalker hides devices in a hurry and couldn’t hide or repair these small odds in a short time.

4. Suspicious objects in home

Just imagine, where would you hide a spy device if you were the spy? Obviously in a place where no one will notice randomly. Yes, a table lamp, wall clock, radio, and other objects can be hiding places.

If you see any change in these items, that is a sure sign of surveillance. When the lamp or the watch is displaced or moved from its regular position and no one in your house has any clue about it, search them properly.

5. Debris/dust near wall

If the spy or stalker wants to hide a camera or microphone in your walls, he may need to drill a hole in the wall.

If you see any dust falling on the floor near the wall, check the wall for any holes or other disturbances.

A spy could have very little time to drill the wall, place the device, and then clean your floor. So, he may leave behind some debris or dust as a trace.

6. Unusual door lock

While opening your door with keys, if you feel any difference in your lock, it could mean something is wrong. Someone might have forced your door to open the lock.

Look for any scratches or spots over the lock. If you find any, someone must have entered your home.

7. Messed belongings with no missing items

If someone breaks into your home and has the intention of stealing, he will take something with him. But if you see everything is messed up but nothing is lost, it means someone entered and put something inside.

At the same time, he wanted to make it look like a simple robbery or trespassing case. If anything like that happens, inspect your home properly for any spy devices.

8. Untraceable items in home

If you see a new object in your home that was not there previously, inquire about it with other family members. If no one has any idea about that object, inspect it at once and if possible, through it away immediately.

No matter how small the object is, never neglect it. Spy cams can be installed even in a pen or in a button these days.

9. Unknown person with wireless receiver/surveillance van   

If you notice any unknown person roaming around your home with a wireless receiver in hand and it repeats frequently, there could be something wrong.

unknown person with wireless receiver

He may have installed any microphone or cams in your home and roamed close to your home to get the signal.

The same thing goes for a radio or surveillance van. If you see it several times standing outside without any activity, it is suspicious. Search your home properly.

10. Anonymous electronic gifts

Anonymous gifts are always suspicious. You should avoid this. Electronic devices are a must to avoid. It’s easy to hide some spy cams or microphones inside an electronic device.

11. Written conversation copy

Well, having this kind of thing indicates sabotage or blackmail. When the blackmailer gives you a written copy of your conversation, it means he was listening to you all the time and you had no idea about it.

Look for any microphones. There must be one or more in your home.

12. High data/battery usage

Spying can be done even with your phone. The spy may have somehow installed malware in your phone which is transmitting your voice to him.

If you notice suddenly your phone starting to consume more data than usual when you are using it the same, it could mean something is happening in your phone. Transmitting your voice or information may result in excess use of mobile data.

When the malware is running in the background, the battery of your phone will drain faster than usual. When you are having both these problems together, inspect your phone for any anonymous apps or APKs.

13. Unknown person with personal/business information

A random unknown person cannot have much information about your personal life or business. But if he does, it means he is hearing or seeing you secretly in your home.

14. Suspicious repair workers

Repair works are natural but when you did not call for any that can be suspicious! We trust people when they say they came for helping us with something around our homes.

But that can be an easy way for criminals to plant spy devices in your home. You should also look for some suspicious service truck which is standing idle near your home.

15. Unusual sounds/interferences in electronic devices

If you start having unusual disturbances in your phone, TV, or radio with disturbing sounds, it could mean someone is hearing you without your concern.

Tempering the antenna of your radio or the broadcast panel of your TV with surveillance equipment can lead to this. Bugging your phone with a transmitter can make it sound strange.

What Happens When Someone Spies On You?

The first thing that spying affects is your privacy. Your home is your private place. If someone is always watching you or listening to you, it is completely an invasion of your privacy.

Blackmailers can record your private moments to blackmail you later with that. They can even hear your business or bank transaction secrets and cause you financial damage with that information.

You and your family members will start to feel insecure if something like that happens. When someone spies on you, he knows your daily routine and knows your every step. It will help him to make his plan if he wants to harm you.

Contact The Police With Evidence

contact police

If your doubt becomes true and you can find real evidence of spying on you, stay calm and silent.

Do not talk about it and tell your family members to do so. After that, move away from the house and call the local police to inform them about it.

The police will take over from there. If you do not remain silent about finding anything, the spy will hear that also and before you could reach to police, he might do something crazy to you.


It never feels good to be watched by someone else in your private place like home. If you feel like someone is spying on you or have a hint about it, it is wise to detect him before it is too late.

I have tried to cover all possible ways of catching or detecting spying or spy devices. Just be a little conscious and observe everything closely.

I am sure these techniques I have described above will help you to maintain your privacy in your home.

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