How to Change Master Code on a Nest Yale Lock (Updated 2023)

You probably want to know how to reset the master code of your Nest Yale lock because you forgot it. If not, maybe someone knows your hidden master passcode. Whatever the reasons, changing the Nest Yale master passcode is not as easy like other smart deadbolt locks‘ passcode.

If you have no reason, nevertheless, you should change the master passcode frequently. I highly recommend changing it every 2 or 3 months. You have to complete the entire process by resetting your Yale lock first.

However, if you lose the Nest Yale lock’s instruction manual book, the resetting process will be very tough for you. Don’t worry; here I’ll guide you step by step to reset the lock and change the master passcode to the new one.

If you are new to Google-powered Nest Yale locks and don’t know much about the master passcode of the lock, below is the section for you.

What is Master Passcode of Nest Yale Lock?

A master password is a code that you need every time you change the master function or setting in your Nest Yale Lock. If you want to change any settings on your Nest Yale Lock, you have to enter the master passcode each time.

The default passcode of your Nest Yale lock is 123456. But you can change the default code to a new custom code during the first installation. If you ever forget your custom new passcode, you have to reset the lock to its factory settings.

If you are connected to the Nest app, you can add, remove, or change the master passcode from the app. You can also use the Nest App to add user passcodes for anyone who needs access to your home.

So using the Nest app to control everything is super convenient and easy.

How to Change the Master Code on the Nest App?

If you have already connected your device with the Nest App, it will be very easy to control all aspects of your Nest Yale smart lock. The owner of the lock can do everything; they just have to remember the master passcode.

However, to change the master passcode, you have to download and install the Nest app on your phone. If you haven’t done that yet, follow the instructions that you will find in your lock manual book. You can also check out the Yale Home website for more information.

After installing the app, follow these easy steps to change your master code:

  • Open the Nest App and select your Nest Yale Lock from the list of connected devices.
  • Tap on the “Settings” icon, which you will find in the top-right corner of the lock’s screen.
  • Now tap Family and Guests to enter the passcode setting option.
  • From the Passcodes setting section, tap on “You” to change the master code.
  • Tap Passcode and enter your current account password.
  • Press Continue, enter your new passcode and tap Save to confirm the new passcode.

Tip: Try to set a code that is easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess.

How to Change the Master Code on a Nest Yale Lock without Nest App?

If you face any problems changing or removing the passcode from your Nest App for your Yale lock, you have to follow an alternative option which is manual (resting to the default setting)

Below is the step-by-step guide to resetting your Yale device and changing the master passcode to a new one.

Reset the Master Code of Nest Yale Smart Lock

Somehow, if you forget the master code of a Yale lock and you never remember, you have to reset the lock to get it back. Resting any device brings it back to the default functions and settings that it had before.

I hope the following step-by-step guide will help you to reset your Nest Yale lock easily.

Step #1: Take the key of your Nest Yale lock in your hand. If you somehow lost the key, you can buy a thumbtack (it’s one kind of pin with a flat board) that you can use to remove the battery cover.

Step #2: To open the battery cover, press the battery cover key or insert your thumbtack into the cover lock battery compartment hole and pull up. Then remove all batteries from the compartment and store these near you for quick access.

Step #3: With a standard screwdriver (you can use a Phillips head screwdriver), unscrew 2 bolts from the mounting plate of the lock.

Step #4: On the lock’s back left side, hold down the RESET button of the lock’s cable connector. At the same time, insert all batteries into the battery compartment. Hold the reset button until the red light turns on. If you see a red light, release the reset button.

hold Yale lock reset button
Hold the Yale lock reset button

Step #5: Press the power button of your Nest Yale lock, and you will soon hear the welcome sound, ‘Hi, I’m Yale and Nest.

Step #6: Now, screw the two bolts on the mounting plate (back part).

Step #7: Replace the old battery with new or you can use the existing batteries (if these are in good condition). Then insert the compartment cover and lock it.

Change the Master Code of Nest Yale Smart Lock

After passing the entire resetting process successfully, your Yale lock will guide you on how to change the master code step by step. If your lock’s audio does not guide you or if you have any issues, you have to follow a few steps that work.

Follow the below steps to change the master code:

  • Step #1: Touch the Yale logo to wake the lock.
  • Step #2: Enter the default passcode (123456) and press #1.
  • Step #3: Next, press [2] and [#], followed by [1] and [#] to change the code.
  • Step #4: Enter 5-8 numbers that will be your passcode, and finally press [#].

That’s it! your newly created master code has now been changed. You can test it by locking and unlocking your lock with your new code.

Note: With the new master passcode, you can connect your device to the Nest App for easier accessibility. Once you connect with the app, you never have to change everything manually, which you can do with the Nest app with less time and effort.


Do I need the Default Master Code after the Installation?

No, you do not need the default master code.

Can I Change My Master Code using the App?

Yes, you can change the master code using the Nest app.

How Can I reset my Yale door lock without Nest APP or Code?

If you forget or misplace the master code, simply remove the device batteries to reset without the master code.

How Do You Delete All Codes On A Nest Yale Lock?

Using Nest App, you can easily remove all passcodes from your device. Just go to the Passcodes menu and select the “Delete All” option. This will clear all codes and restore your lock to its default settings. Also, you can factory reset your device so that it goes back to the default settings, including the passcode.

How Many Codes Can You Have on a Nest Yale Lock?

With your Nest Home app, you can add up to 20 unique passcodes (one for the owner and 19 for others). You can also set up scheduled access and restrict certain codes to certain days or times of the day.

Can the Nest Yale Lock be Hacked?

Nest Yale Lock is a secure smart lock that uses advanced 2FA authentication options and end-to-end encryption. In some cases, the lock can be hacked and the door’s safety compromised. That’s why you should update the Nest app when an update is available and keep your firmware up-to-date.

The Bottom Line

I hope the guide has helped you successfully rest and change the master code on your Nest Yale Lock. I highly recommend trying to change your lock passcode code regularly for security purposes.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below.

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