How To Lock A Door Without A Lock (14 Best Ways)

Safety is the biggest concern nowadays. As crime rates continue to rise, we all need to keep the entrance of our homes safe and secure. That’s why we use safety locks on our doors. But in case the lock on your door is broken or damaged and needs repairing, you need an alternative way to keep your door locked until the mechanic or expert comes in. In such conditions, you must search for how to lock a door without a lock.

This guide comes with the best ways to lock your door without any regular door lock. You can apply any of the following methods to temporarily keep yourself safe or use the best method as an alternative to a door lock. 

Seal up the Gap Between the Door and the Doorframe

Firstly, the most important thing is to ensure that there are no gaps in your doorway that would allow someone to push something through and unlock the door.

To do this, simply place foam around the frame of your entranceway or use an adhesive sealant on both sides of the doorframe. If you want more security than just foam, use an adjustable metal barrier such as a screen guard for sliding glass doors, and install it from the bottom portion of your doorway to the lower edge of your doorframe.

This way, the doorway is closed off as much as possible, and there are no gaps for someone to unlock a normal or sliding glass door – even if they were able to put something through a hole in your screen or sealant.

Below is a quick view of how to lock a door without a lock

  • Fork It Up
  • Barricade the Door
  • Door Wedge 
  • Tie the Handles
  • Door Jammer
  • Security bar
  • Chin with a knob
  • Belt to Lock a Door
  • Portable Door Lock
  • Strike Plate Lock
  • Remove the Door Handle
  • Anchor the Door Handle
  • Install a Door Alarm

How To Lock A Door Without A Lock? 14 Ways

There are many ways you can lock your door with no door lock expensive device. If you do not have any option to lock your home door or window, then you can use any of the above-mentioned ways. However, if you want the best door lock for your home security, then check out the top-rated door locks on the market or online store Amazon! You can read our guide on how to pick a good door lock.

Look at the methods given below and choose the best one according to your needs or suitability.

(1) Fork It Up:

If you don’t want to buy a lock and are worried about your safety. You can do this trick, In this way, the burglar can’t open the door. The fork is best for this because it has two tines and that makes it easy to put them through the hole in the lock.

You can screen your front doors with forks or any other object which has a larger surface area than a regular lock. This doorknob can be opened with a fork, as it has a hole on both sides. If you place the fork in a doorknob in such a manner that its tines are through the hole, then it will be difficult for them to open the door.


Tips to use a fork to lock the door:

  • Make sure your tines and hands are clean and dry. Choose a longer fork for the door that has a bigger hole in the doorknob.
  • Put the tines through the hole of the doorknob and press it against the door from both sides, then keep your hand firmly on it to prevent the fork from falling out of the hole.
  • Tape the tines with adhesive tape or electrician’s tape so that they do not come off.

So you have to use many forks for the front door, back door, and other doors of your home to make it completely secure.

(2) Use Barricade to lock a Door

It is also one of the best ways to lock your door without a lock. This was an old method, but it works very well and gives you better security!

A barricade is nothing but a heavy object you place in front of the door to prevent it from opening. And this thing should be difficult for you to move. In short, it should make the person much time to unlock and open your door.

This method only works if the door opens inside. In this case, you can put a chair/table or any heavy object in front of the door. These objects work as barriers and prevent the door from opening. As a result, the burglar can’t open the door.

Barricade to lock Door

Follow these tips:

  • Put the chair/table near your door.
  • Ensure that the chair, table, or object is heavy enough to prevent the door from opening.
  • If you use a chair, then put the chair’s upper part of the chair under the door handle so the handle can’t be turned to open the door.

(3) Use a Door Wedge to Lock a Door

If you want to prevent someone from getting into your room, then this trick is best for you. You can use a thick wooden wedge or any other bulky material to block your door. In this way, anyone can’t open the door easily.

You can use a wedge to prevent the door from opening by placing the wedge in the gap between the door and the floor. In this way, the wedge will keep the door in place tightly with the floor, and it is also good at preventing the lock from working smoothly until you remove the wedge.

Door Wedge
Image source: foxfury

Tips for using a door wedge:

  • Find a wedge.
  • Choose a material that will not break easily.
  • Place the wedge under the door and push it inside the gap.
  • If you have more wedges, then place them the same way and maintain a 1-foot gap between two wedges.
  • If you don’t get wedges, then use other materials. For example, you can use an old book and glue it to the side of your door!

(4) Tie the Handles to lock a door

This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to make your door difficult to open. All you need to do in this method is tie up the door handle with a rope. Make sure the rope is not an elastic type.

There are basically two ways to tie doors with rope. One is for single doors, and the other one is for double doors.

Tie the Handles to lock a door
Image source: Taylor Martin/CNET

Method for single doors:

  • Tie one end of the rope with the door handle with a double knot.
  • Then tie the other end with a pillar or banister.

Method for double doors:

The method for double doors may seem difficult, but it is actually the easiest. You just need to tie the two handles of both doors together tightly with the rope, and that’s all.

(5) Use a Door Jammer to Lock a Door:

This trick is one of the best ways to prevent a door from opening completely. This is a very efficient and useful method that will help you save time and make your home free from unwanted entrances! It is also easy to use in comparison to other devices or door lock methods.

If you are looking for a perfect door jammer, then here is the best one for you! This door stop lock can help you prevent your door from opening and will hold it tightly.

Door Jammer

Tips for using a door jammer:

  • Place the door jammer under the door.
  • Adjust the screw of the door jammer until it is tight enough and not sliding back easily.

(6) Use a Door Security Bar

This way is a little different from the above door lock ways or devices because it looks like a bus bar. But it serves the same purpose of preventing someone/burglars from opening your door easily. 

The good thing about this type of device is that it can be placed in different places on your door or wall. Those who do not want to spend much time and effort on their home burglary prevention method will find this device perfect for them.

Door Security Bar
Image: hip2save

It is easy to use because it will help you prevent any latch or lock from working smoothly on your door!

I suggest choosing a top-rated door security bar from amazon. If you cannot take a decision on which is the best, you can purchase Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar.

(7) Use a Chin With A Knob:

This door lock method is one of the best things that you can use to prevent burglary in your home because it does not require much time or effort its installation.

 Chin With A Knob

To install a chin knob follow this:

  • Use a chin with a knob by drilling holes into the top or bottom of your door.
  • Then, add knobs on both sides of your door.
  • Use screws or nails to make sure that the knobs are stable enough to avoid making holes in your door.

(8) Use a Belt to Lock a Door:

A belt is very useful not only to prevent burglary but also to work as an alternative door lock. It is more useful and is able to serve many purposes other than preventing your door from opening. 

Belt to Lock Door

Tips to use a belt:

You will need a belt long enough for your use. You can buy one that is long or bring one of your own.

Make a loop on one end of the belt and place it around your door handle. Then, tie the other end so that it can be difficult for anyone to open your door.

Allow the knot inside in order not to show from the outside. You can also use this trick after you lock your door at night! This works easier even if your door is already locked with a key.

(9) Use a Portable Door Lock:

The portable door lock has a very simple but useful design that most people can use. This door lock device will not allow any door to open as usual because it is designed to be used at every entrance of your home.

Portable Door Lock

You can use portable door locks for extra safety even if there is already a lock in the door. There are actually many types of portable locks. Choose one which suits your door the most.

(10) Use a Strike Plate Lock:

A strike plate lock is very useful to prevent someone from accessing your door or window because it prevents people from prying or picking your lock open. The best thing about this device is that it is a permanent fix, so you can always use it as an alternative to other safety measures. Also, it is a very small device that is easy to install.

Strike Plate Lock

You will need a strike plate lock that will suit your door. You can choose one that is available for sale at an affordable price in hardware stores or online.

The installation process is very easy as long as you follow the instructions included with your purchase so that you can get the right product.

(11) Remove the Door Handle

We all need to use handles on the door to open and close it. Different types of handles are used for doors; some are lockable, turning round shape handle with keys, or simple handlebars.

Remove the Door Handle

Whether the door is locked or unlocked, we need to grab the handle and turn it outside to open the door. But say the lock is damaged, and you’re waiting for the mechanic to come, and you want yourself secured until the mechanic comes, then you can remove the door handle. Stay inside and remove the (lockable) handlebar of the outer part.

Intruders won’t be able to open the door or turn the mechanism to enter your house even if the turning mechanism is working.

Follow these steps to remove the handle

  • Take a screwdriver.
  • Unscrew the screws.
  • Grab the outside handle and bring the inside material out using tools.
  • Close the door and keep the pieces in a box or throw them inside the dustbin if they are broken.

(12)Anchor the Door Handle

Another simple method to keep your door locked without using a regular door lock is to anchor the door handle with a rope and a firm object.

Anchor the Door Handle

If your door opens outside, then this method will work great. If the door handle is tied up with an unmovable solid object, then no one will be able to open it from the outside. It is impossible to move the door due to the tension in the rope tied to the handle and the interior object.

You can follow the steps below to make it easy:

  • Use rope or metal wires with a metal calm and hook.
  • Install the hook to the wall by drilling it, which attaches the metal calm with the hook.
  • Then tie the rope to the door handle.
  • Or you can tie one end of a regular strong rope with the door handle and the other with a nearby strong object or the window grill.

(13) Install a Door Alarm

The last option for you is installing Door Alarms at your doors. Though it’s not a door lock system, it will help you from any intruders or burglars from entering your house.

Install a door alarm

Buy good quality door alarms from Amazon or other online stores, or you can get them in the market. Install them in your doors and keep yourself safe and secure.

There are many kinds of door alarms available on the market. Some are just alarms so that when someone enters, it beeps to alert you. Also, there are advanced door alarms with two-way cameras and audible features so you can talk with the person standing next to your main door.

These door alarms can be operated through your smart devices from anywhere in the world. Therefore, pick one, install it on your doors, and increase your home’s safety.

(14) Lock a Door With a Sock

If you don’t have any other options in your hand, then you can use a sock to lock the door temporarily. But it is recommended just in case of emergency because it’s not safe enough to keep yourself locked. Here is an in-depth guide on how to lock a door with a sock.

How Do We Discourage Would-be Thieves?

As we see crimes to be growing day by day, we should take some steps to discourage burglars from trying to enter our homes or making trouble for us. I can give you some tips here.

  1. Install high-quality security cameras and inform about them with a sign on your home’s main gate or front wall.
  2. Keep a dog. Most of the time, burglars are discouraged from trying to break into a home that has a barking dog inside.
  3. Always keep your windows locked and use curtains.
  4. Motion lights and motion sensors are great options to have. Whenever someone passes by in front of the motion light or sensor, it sends you security alerts.
  5. Appoint a security guard at the main gate of your home.

You can apply these options to your home to keep intruders away from your home and be safe.

In Conclusion

It is not good practice to lock a door without a strong door locker. But if you have no option, then you can use any of these simple and easy-to-use solutions to help you provide a little extra security. Remember, there is no substitute for vigilance and preparedness!

So I highly recommend using a door lock or padlock always for your main door or gate. As I know that prevention is better than cure, so if these tips can save money and effort in solving issues related to unwanted access to your door, why not use them? Just be careful when using them!

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