How to Prevent WiFi Jamming: Tips For Securing Your Wireless Network

In recent times, criminals are getting smarter. They know they can be watched by security cameras and doorbell cameras. To avoid these, they often choose Wi-Fi jamming as the devices are connected to Wi-Fi networks.

I also wanted to ensure the most security of my house and my Wi-Fi network. So, I decided to learn about preventing Wi-Fi jamming.

There are several possible ways to prevent jamming. Using a wired internet connection, a signal blocker can be effective. You can also change the Wi-Fi frequency and use cryptographic primitives. These can prevent jamming also. There are other techniques as well.

I have done a lot of research on these protective techniques. In this blog, I am going to share these techniques along with others to help you protect your privacy.

Quick Tips for Preventing WiFi Jamming:
1. Use a strong and unique password for your WiFi network
2. Enable encryption for your WiFi network
3. Use a dual-band router that supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies
4. Change the default network name (SSID) for your router
5. Use a network monitoring tool to detect and block unauthorized devices
6. Keep your router’s firmware updated
7. Limit the number of devices connected to your network
8. Use a VPN to encrypt your internet connection
9. Disable remote management of your router
10. Consider using a wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS)

Understanding Jamming And Its Legal Implications

Wi-Fi network is pretty vulnerable as they are not physically connected and it is a shared medium. Among so many other security threats, jamming is one of the strongest ones.

The jamming attack is kind of a new idea and it is introduced by emitting radio frequency signals. You cannot protect against this attack with your regular security protocols.

Jammers attack you by interrupting the regular signals with larger signals at the same frequency. It creates noisy and busy traffic in your connection.

It can be done in 2 ways. The first one is by sending you a spam command to your Wi-Fi network and you won’t have further access to it. The second one is done with a Wi-Fi jamming device.

It’s hard to stop the first method as it can be done from distance. Criminals can use smaller devices and put them somewhere near your house to make them difficult to find.

Without an internet connection security cameras and doorbell cameras are useless. Criminals know jamming is the easiest way to disarm security cameras. That’s why they often opt for it.

However, using a Wi-Fi or signal jammer is illegal. And it is announced by FCC in the USA. It is illegal in other countries as well.

If you have a special purpose or condition, you need to contact law enforcement of your state about this and take help from them. If you illegally use a Wi-Fi jammer, FCC can impose a fine on you and you can be dragged to court as well.

Remember, only government-authorized agencies can use a Wi-Fi or signal jammer legally. You cannot even sell or do marketing of any type of jamming equipment.

How to Detecting A Wi-Fi Jammer?

Before moving to prevention, first, you need to know about detecting a Wi-Fi jammer. If you can detect how someone is jamming your signals, it will be easier for you to stop them. Let’s see some of the detecting methods:

Wi-Fi Scanning Tool

You can use any Wi-Fi scanner app or tool to find out any suspicious devices on your network. Jammers usually send signals similar to your frequency. So, you will see it as a nearby device.

Physical Inspection

If you see any problems or interruptions in your network, search your perimeter for any jamming devices. Though the device can be small and portable, it should be somewhere within your network range to create jamming.

If you see a person near your network with a device that has an antenna, he is probably holding the jammer in his hands.

Check WAP Logs

Most routers or wireless devices keep track of connected devices, interceptions, or disconnections. If you start facing disconnections frequently and see errors, check the WAP Log for any suspicious device or activity.

Use Spectrum Analyzer Tool

A spectrum analyzer tool can detect the exact location of a jammer. It will show you the analysis of a spectrum of your nearby devices. It’s the best way to know if you are having Wi-Fi jamming.

7 Ways To Prevent Wi-Fi Jamming

If you are having an issue like Wi-Fi jamming, you might be going to have some trouble shortly. Though I didn’t have any, I still took some steps to prevent jamming as I want to keep my connection private and secure.

Let’s not waste time and see some of the techniques to prevent Wi-Fi jamming:

wired connection

1. Make Wired Connections To Essential Equipment

Jammers can interfere when you go wireless. If you have an Ethernet connection, a jammer can never block your connection or signal.

Most of the time, it’s not possible to block the jammer completely. The best solution is to connect your essential devices like a security camera, and doorbell with an Ethernet cable. You will have a stable connection trust me.

You can use Wi-Fi to connect your less important devices as well.

2. Use A Wi-Fi Signal Blocker To Prevent Unauthorized Access

Well, this can be a pretty effective solution to prevent jamming. If you don’t any unknown person to connect to your Wi-Fi network, you can use a Wi-Fi signal blocker device.

These devices have different specifications and sizes. Some are small that you can hold in your hands. Some devices are large and have antennas. They can cover larger areas. You need to choose according to your necessity.

These devices can spread strong signals and removes all other Wi-Fi signals within their range. Anyone trying to join and jam your signal will find it difficult then.

A small hand-held blocking device is enough to secure the Wi-Fi connection of a medium size house.

3. Complain To Your Internet Service Provider

If you feel like you are having some issues with your Wi-Fi connection and you find someone is trying to jam your signals, it’s always good to contact your ISP. They know better what to do in these situations.

They might change the IP or install a signal blocker in your surroundings to prevent Wi-Fi jamming.

4. Open Network & Sharing Centre

Well, you can block a signal that is coming from a suspicious device which can be a jammer. The devices at your home can automatically connect to an open Wi-Fi network which can be sent from the jammer.

Here’s how you can block the signal from connecting with your device:

1. Click the network icon where you can see all available connections.

2. Click the “Open Network and Sharing Centre”. Then select “Change Adapter Settings.”

3. Select “Wireless Network Connection” and click “Disable This Network Device”

Now, the Wi-Fi signal that might be coming from the jammer is blocked.

5. Change Your Wi-Fi Frequency

Nowadays, most routers come with dual-band frequencies or with more frequencies. You can change the frequency of your router if you see someone trying to jam your Wi-Fi signal.

Jammers can jam your signal only when it will send a signal with a similar frequency that your router is emitting. Changing the frequency from your router will confuse the jammer and it won’t be able to catch your frequency.

6. Use Cryptographic Primitives With Physical-Layer Protection

If you are looking for very high-end security against Wi-Fi jamming and want to keep your connection classified, then Cryptographic Primitives with physical-layer protection can be useful.

It’s like firewall protection for your network. It’s a complicated method. In simple, it’s like a puzzle set with a cryptographic algorithm. The jammer or the hacker has to solve the puzzle if he wants to break in.

It will take time to solve. The time will depend on the difficulty of the puzzle algorithm and the ability of the hacker to solve it.

wifi router

7. Enhance Your Router Security

It’s always good to increase the security of your router. Change the password frequently and set a hard one.

Change the username and password of your router. Don’t keep the pre-set ID and password for your router.

You can also limit the connecting device. If you find any suspicious device connected to your router, just find the MAC address of the device and put it in the block list.


Wi-Fi jamming is something a good person will never think to do. There’s just a wrong intention behind this. That’s why it’s good to be alert. It’s about your security and privacy.

As we all know the saying, “Prevention is always better than cure”, you should make your connection safe and secure rather than wait for some attack and then find a solution.

I have shared with you my experiences and what I learned. I hope these will help you protect your Wi-Fi network from jammers and jamming.

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