How To Remove Vivint Doorbell Camera From The Wall?

Removing a Doorbell camera from your wall may seem difficult at first sight. If you own a Vivint Doorbell, that only makes it even more daunting. Many Vivint users get confused about how to remove their Doorbell camera from the wall.

That is exactly what I am going to cover in this comprehensive guide. I will show you how you can also remove your Vivint device from the wall by yourself. How to remove additional parts from the device, and other things you should know.

Let’s get started!

Why Remove Vivint Doorbell Camera?

While Vivint isn’t a bad security company, it may not suit everyone. And there are other situations as well. Some of them include –

  • Due to moving to a new house where the owner had a Vivint doorbell. He or she left it hanging on the wall so now you need to remove it.
  • You are moving from Vivint to another home security company.
  • You want to use the doorbell somewhere else.
  • You’re shifting house and need to remove the doorbell.
  • Your doorbell is broken or faulty and needs a check.
  • You want to replace your current doorbell.

Things To Remember Before You Start Removing Vivint Doorbell From The Wall

Before you start hammering the doorbell out of the wall. You should know that it’s tightly screwed to the wall. On top of that, there’s glue applied. That’s why the doorbell is strictly attached to the wall.

There’s no use going the aggressive route and breaking parts of the doorbell or your wall. You can follow this easy guide and systematically get rid of the doorbell. No need for extra force!

Tools Required

  • T5 Torx screwdriver
  • Prying tool
  • Screwdriver or screw gun for removing drywall screw
  • Small-sized screwdriver bits
  • Tester
  • Gloves

Steps to Removing Vivint Doorbell Camera From the Wall

Now that everything else is out of the way, let’s see how you can successfully remove the doorbell step by step.

Step #1: Turn off Electrical Connections

Before you work on any electrical components, cut off any electricity supply. Turn off all the switches, disconnect wires, turn off the main power switch if possible, and take other means.

Before you remove the doorbell, use a tester to check any current flow. This is an extra step to keep yourself safe. If the tester lights up, this means there is still electricity. Recheck whether you disconnected every connection.

Step #2: Remove the Security Screw

There is a security screw located at the very bottom of the Vivint doorbell. Unscrew first.

You will need a T5 screwdriver for removing this screw. Vivint already provides it so search for it in your package.

Carefully undo the screw. It’s a small screw so don’t let it fall on the ground. You may lose it.

Step #3: Detach the Doorbell From the Backplate

This part is a little tricky. Make a V shape with your fingers. Have four fingers on one side and your thumb on the other. Now hold the doorbell from the bottom.

Your fingertips should touch the head of the doorbell. Apply slight pressure with your fingers. Now pull the doorbell from bottom to top. It should detach from the plate and come off.

detach doorbell from backplate

Step #4: Loosen the Wire screws

Inside, you will see two wires attached to the two terminals. To disconnect the wires from the terminal screws, you will need to loosen them first.

The screws are really small. That’s why I recommended you have small screwdriver bits. Match the bits with the screw size. Once you find the correct bits, use them on your screwdriver.

Carefully unscrew the screws but don’t overdo it. You don’t remove the screws fully. All you need is to pull the wires away from them.

Step #5: Push the Wires Away From the Screws

Now that the screws are loose, detach the wires from the terminals and push them away. Use your screwdriver or any other tool to do that. Never use your bare hands on electric wires.

Use a small bit to push the wires. Push them from the opposite direction they are attached from. For example, the right wire is attached clockwise so push it counter-clockwise.

push Wires from screws

Step #6: Remove the Top Screw

It’s a big screw that holds the backplate to the wall. Use the right bit to remove the screw. You can use a screwdriver or a screw gun for this. Unscrew it until it comes off the wall.

Step #7: Pull off the Backplate

After removing the screws, you can now take the backplate off the wall. I’ve said above, the backplate is glued to the wall.

First, use your thumb and index finger to pull the backplate. Place your fingers on the middle and pull a little. Now put them on the bottom half and pull again. This will bring a plate out a little.

Now use a pry tool to create a gap between the plate and the wall. If you don’t have a pry tool then a screwdriver will also do.

Once the bottom half comes off the wall, pull it hard to fully detach the backplate from the wall.

That’s it. You’ve completely removed Vivint’s Doorbell camera from the wall.

How to Turn off Vivint’s Panel System?

It’s a good idea to turn off the Vivint alarm system before you start removing it. This will prevent the system from causing false alarms.

  • Disarm the system from the app.
  • Unplug the power adapter from the outlet.
  • Remove the panel from the mount. Slightly push the hub and slide it upwards. You may hear a beeping sound.
  • Remove the battery from its back. This will power down the hub.

This is enough if you only want to turn off the panel system. If you want to completely remove it, you need to remove the backplate from the wall. This requires some screwing and wiring work.

How To Install a Replacement Vivint Doorbell Camera?

You are removing Vivint Doorbell because you want to replace it with a new one or another model. In this case, you can read the guide from Step 1 to Step 3.

Step #4: Remove the Back Cover

You will see that there is a sticker covering the back side of your doorbell with the message “Remove Before Install”. Hold the bottom side of the sticker where it’s written “Peel here”. Pull it upwards to peel off the sticker.

Step #5: Align the Bottom Side

Observe the screw holes on the Doorbell and the backplate. Align the holes carefully. The bottom screw will go through both holes.

Adjust the angle of the doorbell. See if it creates the same angle with the wall as the backplate does. Now, look from both sides to see if the corners of the doorbell are in line with the corners of the backplate.

If so, the bottom holes are probably aligned as well.

Step #6: Attach the Doorbell

After aligning the bottom, push the doorbell towards the backplate. You need to push the doorbell from bottom to top.

Once the doorbell fully touches the backplate, apply force on the top of the doorbell. This will make it fit into the backplate. You may hear a ‘Click’ sound when this happens.

Step #7: Tighten the Bottom Screw

Once the doorbell is attached, use the T5 screwdriver to tighten the security screw located at the bottom side.

Step #8: Remove the Front Cover

Now you need to peel off the sticker cover from the camera where the message shows “Remove After Install”.

Hold the sticker’s head on the “Peel here” text. Pull it downwards to remove it.

Step #9: Turn on the Doorbell

With the mechanical part over, the last thing you have to do to get your Vivint Doorbell running is to finish the electrical work.

Make all the wire connections. Connect the Doorbell to a power outlet. You may need an appropriate transformer for this.

Set up the Vivint app and connect your Doorbell.

You’re finished. You’ve successfully replaced your old Vivint Doorbell with the new one.

Benefits of the Vivint Doorbell Camera

There is no denying the fact that the security of your house and office premises is of utmost importance. The Vivint doorbell camera is a very useful tool to give you top-notch security. Once the camera is activated, you will get safety from it all day and all night.

If there is any unusual occurrence in front of the doorbell camera you will get a notification about it. This camera will allow you to track and record any unusual activity in front of your door.

To be more specific, you will get protection from theft and forceful robbery. Besides, there are sensors in the Vivint doorbell camera.

When anyone touches the camera, it will automatically initiate the alarm system. As a result, you will be notified instantly about unexpected theft or other kinds of unusual activities.

Final Thoughts

This guide shows you how you can remove the Vivint Doorbell camera from the wall. I have covered each step with details so that you can understand the process easily.

Also, If you want to install a replacement video doorbell, I have shared with you how to do that as well. If you follow and perform each step according to this guide, you will be able to remove your doorbell successfully without any help from the technical support group.

Are you facing any problems while removing your doorbell? Let us know in the comments below.

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