How to Reset Gosund Smart Plug? [Step By Step]

Gosund smart plug is a convenient way to turn your appliances on and off. It plugs into the wall, so you can just set it up wherever you need it. And if you have other smart devices in your house, like lights or speakers, you can connect these to the plug using Bluetooth technology.

The app for this smart plug lets you control everything from your phone. But how do you reset your Gosund smart plug if it suddenly doesn’t connect? Keep reading for more information about that process below.

What is Gosund Smart Plug?

gosund plug

It has a wall outlet that can be controlled remotely via Bluetooth and wifi. You have to download the Gosund Smart Life app on your Android or iOS device.

You can even control it with like Alexa app, smart home, or Google Echo Dot. It costs around $30 (USD) and can be bought from Amazon.

It can turn the lights on and off, help you control the appliances in your home, and it can be set to automatically switch on/off at certain times of the day. The possibilities are endless.

Gosund Smart Plug Setup Procedure

Before purchasing this smart plug, make sure to check whether the device is compatible with your native network provider or not. Sometimes, service providers such as T-Mobile may not support these devices.

Visit your network provider’s website and search Gosund to find out if it is supported or not.

If your network provider does not support this smart device, try another service provider. You can even purchase other brands of smart plugs.

So search on Amazon for the best smart plug for home or office use, and you will easily find a compatible one.

Gosund app

Setup your newly bought Gosund smart plug

  • Switch on the power outlet and connect your new smart plug.
  •  Download the Gosund app on your smartphone from the Play Store or App store.
  • Launch the app and connect it to your wifi.
  • Create an account using your email address.
  • Select “Setup New Device” option in the menu bar and wait until your smart plug shows as an available device.
  • Click the ‘Connect‘ button and connect to the newly activated Gosund mini smart plug.

You can learn more about this smart plug from the official website of Gosund. Please read the user guide before using it.

How to Reset Gosund Smart Plug?

There are two ways you can reset it. The first is from the app, and the second is using the reset button on the side of the device.

You can use either method but remember, resetting from the app will remove all connections.

Reset via the app:

  • Launch the Gosund app on your phone and click the Added Devices option.
  • Select the name for your smart plug and click the ‘Delete‘ button.
  • Launch the Gosund app and click on the Gear symbol to access your settings if you want to bulk delete. Then select the ‘Delete All Devices‘ option.
  • Now restart the smart plug and relaunch the Gosund app.
  • Open the ‘Add Device’ list and start setting up the Gosund smart plug as you did before, but this time you don’t have to create a new Gosund account.

After the setup process is complete, you can control your plug using and check the device’s details from your app. You are done!

Method #1: Reset Gosund Smart Plug Manually

You can reset it manually using the power button. This will initiate a factory reset i.e. all previous network data will be deleted.  Below are the steps:

  • Connect your smart plug to an AC power source. It will not work unless you use a working electrical outlet.

Plug your smart plug into a running electric outlet.

You can read: Can You Plug A Smart Plug Into A Power Strip?

  • Press the Power button, and it will flash red once or twice. 
Press button of gosund plug

Then press and hold the power button. The light will start blinking red, indicating the reset process has begun. The process usually takes up to 10 seconds.

  • Wait until the power button rapidly blinks blue before letting go. It indicates your Gosound smart plug has been successfully reset.
Button Flashing Blue
  • Your plug’s factory reset is complete.
  • Now power the smart plug back on and connect it to your network again.

The Bottom Line

Gosund smart plug is a great device for automating home or office appliances. You can use the device for many purposes, such as monitoring water leaks or temperature changes, and even operating devices with timers.

It’s even compatible with a smart socket, so you don’t have to worry about plugging issues when purchasing it.

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