How To Reset Magnetic Door Lock?

Magnetic doors can provide top-level security to your home and business. But sometimes, these doors can malfunction and need to be reset.

The reason for malfunctioning magnetic doors is a result of wear and tear, electronic faults, or a bad alignment. To reset and address the issue, you can test the magnetic lock to find the reason and then follow the troubleshooting steps according to the problem you encountered.

Stay with us till the end to learn about troubleshooting and resetting the magnetic door lock.

Common Issues with Magnetic Door Locks

Like any other electronic device, magnetic door locks can experience various issues affecting performance. Here are some common problems and reasons why a magnetic door can stop working

  1. Power supply problems:– Electrical surges, power outages, or faulty power supply can cause the magnetic door lock to stop working.
  2. Misalignment of components:– You need to align the door properly with the magnet in the door frame to ensure locking it. You cannot establish proper contact when the armature plate is not aligned.

A loosened fastener of the automatic door closer is another reason for misalignment and the entire closing system of the door.

  • Electronics issues:– A few electrical components are involved in closing and opening the magnetic door. If there’s any malfunction in these electronic components, the door can stop working. 
  • Wear and tear:- Wear and tear of the components is the common reason why a magnetic door stops working.With time and constant door opening and closing, these problems start to appear.

You must address these issues promptly to ensure the proper functioning of your magnetic door lock and maintain the security of your premises. 

Troubleshooting Tips for Resetting a Magnetic Door Lock

If you are experiencing issues with your magnetic door lock, you can follow these troubleshooting steps to find the problem, which may help you when you try to reset the door: 

Checking the power supply and cables: Inspect the magnetic door’s power supply and ensure the magnetic lock receives power. You can also look closer at the wires and cables to confirm they are in good condition. Remember to check the backup battery as well

check the backup battery
  • Inspecting and aligning the door frame: You can check the door mechanism and look for anything that could cause misalignment. Misalignment can affect the lock’s performance and prevent it from functioning correctly.
  • Check the magnet: The magnet is the main thing of this door which keeps it closed. You can use a magnet tester or compass to ensure the magnet works properly.
  • Test the lock: Testing the lock for problems is another great way to troubleshoot. You can use a multimeter or a voltmeter to measure the voltage and current of the lock. Testing with a remote control or a push button can also show if the lock can release. 
measure the voltage

Resetting A Magnetic Door Lock

When you face problems with your magnetic door lock, resetting the door can bring it back to its original state and functionality. The method of resetting a magnetic door depends on its functionality.

However, you can follow these common steps for resetting:

  • You can remove the batteries and then replace them. When you do this, it’s considered a reset and clears any errors and glitches. This is a useful method if you have a battery-operated magnetic lock.
  • Pressing the reset button can also reset the magnetic door lock. The reset button is generally inside the cover plate. This is a great process if you have an electronic maglock.
  • You can use the emergency release key or switch to override the lock and open the magnetic door lock.
  • You can place a strong magnet near the lock to disrupt the magnetic field and reset the lock. But this method is only applicable when you have a low-security maglock only.
  • Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) can deactivate a magnetic door lock. It’s a battery-operated device that can generate EMP. An energetic EMP can persuade high currents to the lock and disable or reset it by disrupting the function.  

So, these are some of the general methods you can use to reset or deactivate your magnetic door lock. However, the effectiveness of these methods will depend on the model and functionality of the door lock.

When to Replace a Magnetic Door Lock

The demand for magnetic door locks worldwide is increasing daily with the increasing demand for security solutions. For example, the global market size of magnetic door locks has an expected growth of 7.6% till 2028.

But, like other devices, these locks have a limited lifespan. So, how do you know it’s the right time to change the lock? Here, we bring you some signs:

  1. When you have frequent lock failures or malfunctions that cannot be easily resolved.
  2. Excessive wear and tear on the lock’s components, such as rust, corrosion, or broken parts.
  3. Incompatibility with modern access control systems, or you need more support for upgraded security features.
  4. Outdated technology that may not meet current security standards.

You can monitor the performance of your magnetic door lock and recognize these signs to know when to change the lock and replace it before it becomes a security risk. 

How to Bypass a Magnetic Door Lock

Though we don’t recommend bypassing a magnetic door lock without proper authorization, there may be certain situations where it becomes necessary. Here are a few temporary methods that you can use to bypass a magnetic door lock:

1. Using a credit card: You can insert a flexible plastic card, such as a credit card, into the gap between the door and the frame. Then, apply pressure and wiggle the card to push the latch back and open the door. Remember, this method will only work for some magnetic locks.

2. Lock picking: With the help of some special tools like extension wrenches and lock picks, you can try this method, but it surely needs expertise and practice to do it perfectly. This method includes manipulating the pins inside the lock.  

3. Inducing an electromagnetic field: As we said earlier about this EMP, you can also use this to bypass the magnetic door.If an electromagnetic field controls the magnetic lock, it may be possible to disrupt the field by introducing a strong magnet or an electric current. Remember, individuals with electrical knowledge and expertise should only attempt this method.

Additional Safety Tips for Resetting A Magnetic Door Lock

Before you jump into resetting your faulty maglock, carefully look at these additional tips for a better result:

  • Before resetting, referring to the manufacturer’s instructions is always good. This will help you as different locks may have different procedures.
  • Remember to check the power supply issues, misalignments, and other factors that may cause the malfunction. If you find the issue and are able to solve it, you might not need to reset the maglock.
  • You can inspect your lock and do regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent any potential issues.

So, try to follow these tips; you may avoid the reset and keep the lock in good shape for a long time.


In conclusion, resetting a magnetic door lock can be tricky, and you must follow the correct steps to avoid damaging the lock or compromising its security. 

Following these tips, steps, and recommendations, you can effectively reset your magnetic door lock and restore its functionality and security. Remember, some steps are quite technical and need special tools and expert supervision to perform safely.

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