How to Reset Panamax Surge Protector?

Have you ever wondered why the hardware of your PC or PlayStation keeps burning out?  Why you have to call the local electrician every week to fix the thermostat, TV, or any other home appliance?

Guess you need a surge protector, and Panamax seems to have a solution for all your “fried hardware” problems because your appliances are facing a power surge.

Yes, you read that right! Either you have some serious faulty wiring issues, or any of your appliances is causing an overload on the outlet and the wires, or you live somewhere prone to natural calamities.

But to safeguard all your electric devices, you simply need to get a good rated surge protector, Panamax is a good one. This way, you can save extra dollar bills you had to spend on the electrician.

Different Types of Panamax Surge Protectors

Every house or situation requires a different type of protectors for their electronics and circuit connections. As a result, you get a wide range of options when it comes to Panamax surge protectors to suit your needs.

Let’s have a look at what it has to offer us.

Rack Mount and Component Series

This is the super protector series. It’s the ideal type for any household or small office. These protectors have numerous outlets allowing you to connect all your devices simultaneously. And just like the name, you can mount these sleek and stylish devices on a rack and use them. This series again has two different types available for our convenience.

  • PRO Series: This allows you remote energy management. With this, now you can easily see and manage the voltage level and current passing through your devices using Blue Bolt Technology. You can check the M4315-PRO model.
  • PM Series: This series is for appliances that require high power, like a central Air conditioner or home theater. It will easily protect the main power source from overloading. Check the M5300-PM for its amazing features.

Compact Power

The name suggests it all. This range of Panamax surge protector is quite smaller in size with few outlets. You can even carry some of them when traveling to protect your phone, tablet, or Laptop. Just see how small this M2A20 is.

Battery Backups

These surge protectors act as power backups when there is a power outage. You can easily shut your Desktop down without worrying about data loss. The batteries recharge themselves when power is back on. The MB850 model will look cool on any desk!

Floor Model

These are usually used for industrial or office areas to manage and protect a large flow of electricity. They are heavy-duty surge protectors and can handle an entire floor of appliances and machinery. If you need a surge protector for your office, check out the M8-AV-PRO.

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How to reset a Panamax Surge Protector?

You can easily reset a Panamax surge protector. Some have a reset button for the whole surge protector like that in the model M5300-PM.

Models like the M4000-PRO have a separate reset button for each outlet. The Battery Backups series comes with a circuit breaker button that acts as a reset button.

Moreover, the latest Panamax Surge Protector M4320-Pro has an auto reset feature.

How to Install a Panamax Surge Protector?

Installation of a Panamax surge protector is quite easy. Rack mount and component series, Compact power and battery operated, for these three, simply plug in the power cord to the main outlet.

The floor models must be installed on the floor or wall and into the main lines. You need a professional to do this for you. Some of the Panamax compact power surge protectors can also be installed on the wall.

Benefits of using a Panamax Surge Protector

Many surge protectors are available in the market, but none can prevent a brownout like a Panama surge protector.

Experts suggest replacing the average surge protectors every two years, but there are records of Panamax Surge protectors working fine for over 8 years in high lightning areas. It’s simply because Panamax can withstand a very high voltage surge without any internal hardware damage.

In addition, you can buy an extension wire cord from Panamax for better utility purposes.

Disadvantages of using a Panamax Surge Protector

The warranty service seems to be a problem as the Panamax Help Center seems to be very slow in responding. However, this isn’t a major issue because Panamax surge protectors usually go on years before you need to contact the seller.

If you live in Florida, you know how bad a power outage can be. The voltage surge causes major damage at times. So if you are planning on moving there or already live there but don’t have a surge protector, you should get one from Panamax.

Where to buy Panamax surge Protectors from?

You can buy your required model of Panamax surge protectors from any local super shop near you or get it online. However, wherever you buy it, make sure you buy the original Panamax surge protector because many fraud sellers are willing to sell you a fake one.

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