How To Sneak Past Ring Doorbell?

Looks like you are planning something fishy tonight! I am just kidding! Even when I was asking my friend about sneaking past the Ring doorbell, he looked at me in a strange way.

Due to the excellent motion detection capability of the ring doorbell, I thought there is no way I could sneak past it and arrange the surprise party. It was for my wife on her birthday.

But at last, after researching for a few days I found several ways. Deactivating your ring device, disconnecting it from power or internet connection, and changing the motion detection settings from the App can be some possible ways to sneak past your ring doorbell.

In this blog, I am going to share all the information I gathered earlier with you. It will both help you sneak past your device and prevent others to do so.

Why You Might Need To Know About Sneak Past A Ring Doorbell?

For me, the reason was to arrange a surprise party for my wife. I invited our friends over to our home and wanted to take them inside without informing my wife.

You might have a similar reason or a reason close to this. Sometimes you might be returning late to your home and don’t want to let your parents know about it or don’t want to disturb them in the middle of the night. If you know the tricks, you can avoid your Ring doorbell then.

Maybe you ordered some pizza at late night and don’t want to let anyone know about it. Or you might want to go out without informing your parents.

But I know the most important reason why you want to know this. Yes, to prevent someone from doing it.

Whatever the reason is, I am sure you will need to sneak past your doorbell someday. Let’s proceed to the ways of it now.

8 Ways To Sneak Past Ring Doorbell

Now, I am going to show you all the possible ways to bypass a Ring doorbell. But always remember, you should try them at your home only. Because trespassing is a criminal offense and federal law can take legal action against you.

Let’s see the ways now:

1. Disconnect The Doorbell From The Power Source

This could be one of the easiest ways to sneak past the doorbell. A power cut is a simple issue. No one will doubt it anyway. Without power, the doorbell will stop working.

If you want to make it clean and easy, turn off the power from the breaker. Then go to the doorbell and disconnect the wires of it and keep it placed like before. Be careful you don’t damage it and keep no sign of tampering.

After a while when you are done, just join the wires again.

2. Unplug The Modem Or Router To Take The Ring Doorbell Offline

A Ring doorbell works with the internet. When you disconnect the doorbell from the online access, it stops recording. You can disconnect the online access by disconnecting your router.

All you need to do is, just unplug the router from the power socket. Wi-Fi connection with Ring will be terminated. Ring won’t be able to broadcast any signal or record any videos now.

When your purpose is served, connect the router again and Ring will start working again. There will be no tress of activity from when you disconnected the router.

Ring won’t send any notification to the device it is connected with.

3. Stand And Deliver

Well, you need to do some acting to complete this. Suppose your parents are not at home and they warned you about not partying at home in their absence. But you cannot avoid the party and want to take your friends inside the home without your parents knowing it.

Just stand in front of the camera to block the view and let your friends get inside. Act as if you were cleaning something from the doorbell or from the door.

4. Use Black Electrical Tape

This is another way of blocking the view of your doorbell camera. When you cannot leave your house or cannot take something in, just stand behind the camera with electrical tape. Wrap it over the lens. There will be no visual for the doorbell camera.

Make sure you use black or other colors of electrical tape. A transparent scotch tape won’t block the view. You can also put some black clothes over the camera but tape will give you the best result.

5. Use A Wireless Signal Jammer

A Ring doorbell uploads all the videos that it records to the cloud storage. And the upload process is completely wireless.

You can interrupt this uploading procedure with the help of a signal jammer. But you will need a good amount of money to buy this.

Using a Wi-Fi signal jammer is strictly prohibited by federal law. I am sure you are going to keep this out of your equation.

Intruders or burglars can use a jammer to disconnect your doorbell from the internet. At that time it will stop recording and anyone can break in.

6. Turn Off Motion Alerts

If you have access to the Ring App, you can easily turn off the motion notification or any kind of doorbell alert from there. After doing this, if you cross the doorbell several times, it won’t send any alerts to the connected device.

Here’s how you can turn off motion alerts:

Step #1: Open the Ring App and click the settings icon. From there, choose device settings.

Step #2: In the Device Settings option you will see “App Notification Tones”. From there choose the “Ring Notification” or “Motion Notification”.

Step #3: Now, disable the notification by clicking on it.

7. Turn Off the Motion Zone

A Ring doorbell will only detect the motion in some specific and selected zones when you will select the motion zones.

Any motion beyond that area will not be notified by the motion sensor. You can select the zone and its depth from the Ring App.

You can find this option on Ring Apps’ Motion Settings page. You will see Edit Zones there. There you will see a photo of your doorbell coverage area. Now, select the areas you are not gonna go to and confirm it.

Now, while walking, avoid the area which you selected earlier. The motion detector won’t notify the connected device about your movement in the free zone.

8. Set The Ring Doorbell To Disarm Mode

A disarmed mode helps you to disable the Ring doorbell instantly and quickly. If you have access to the connected smartphone, you can disarm the doorbell whenever you want.

When you want to disarm the security system, just open the Ring app on your smartphone. Now, follow these steps:

  • Step #1: Click The icon which is at the top right corner of the screen. Choose settings from there.
  • Step #2: Select the enable modes from there. You will see 3 modes there. They are; Home, Away, and Disarmed. Select Disarm.

Now, your device is in disarmed mode. Turn it off when you are done to activate sensor notifications.

Well, those were all possible ways to sneak past your Ring doorbell. Remember, I said “Your Ring Doorbell”. Don’t try it on others.

Preventing Others From Sneak Past Your Ring Doorbell

As I said earlier, many of you wanted to know the possibilities and ways of sneaking past Ring doorbells to increase security. I have already guided you about this. Now it’s time to show you what you can do if someone else tries this on you:

Put Your Wi-Fi Router In A Secure Place

Yes, you heard it right. Keep the router in a safe place so that anyone, even your children cannot turn it off and sneak past the doorbell.

You can keep the router in a closet where you can lock it inside. Keep the keys with you.

Use Ring Doorbell Elite

Ring Doorbell Elite is the most updated version of RIng. It uses an Ethernet connection to operate itself. You can also use external storage on it to store videos instead of cloud storage.

This Ring doorbell is a battery-operated one. So, no worries about disconnecting the power and internet.

Set Motion Alerts To Prevent Physical Barrier

You can activate motion alert notifications to stop physical barriers. If someone tries to block the view with his body or something else, there will be a notification sent to your smartphone.

You can activate it from the Ring App.

Install Motion Activated Lights

You can install Motion activated lights in your home or in the lawn. If someone manages to sneak past, he cannot hide from the motion-activated lights. A light will immediately switch on to alert you about trespassing.

Don’t Let Anyone Have Your Account Information

Do you have a babysitter or pet caretaker in your house? Don’t share your Ring account information with them. If you don’t have any choice, change the password immediately after you return home.

If they have the information on their phone, they can easily have access to all features of your Ring doorbell. They can disable the doorbell anytime while having access. So, be careful about this fact.


Blocking the view of the Ring camera, disconnecting the power or internet, or disabling it from the app are the main ways to sneak past a Ring doorbell. I have described all of them in this blog from my personal experiences,

No matter whether you are trying to maintain your privacy or trying to safeguard your home even more, you must know all of them. I think it is mandatory to know these when you have a Ring doorbell.

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