KMC Smart Plug Review

Using a KMC smart plug is a great way to automate your home and control which devices are turned on. For example, you can use it as a way to switch on a lamp or a TV before you arrive home.

With the KMC smart plug, I get more done in less time. I’ve been using it for about a month now. It’s so easy to use! It’s hard to imagine life without KMC smart plugs.

Additionally, KMC plug models are also compatible with Amazon Alexa, making my life even more manageable since I can control my KMC plugs from anywhere in the world.

However, it is a simple plug that allows users to turn their lights, fans, TVs, or any other device on or off using an app on their phone.

This KMC smart plug review will cover the top 4 models of KMC smart plugs currently available, so you can decide which one is right for you.

Let’s start with

1. KMC Smart Plug Mini 4-Pack

The KMC smart plug Mini provides wireless control and various features to make your dumb home more intelligent. 

You can control your Wi-Fi outlet remotely with Alexa or Google Home. You don’t need a hub either. All you need to do is download the KMC Smart app from the i-store or Google Play store on your smartphone and set this up by following the instructions given in the app.

Using the app, you can set the devices’ names like ‘AC-1, AC-2, Bulb-1, TV’ and turn them on and off by voice control with ‘Alexa’ and ‘Google Home.

There is a ‘Notification’ setting in the app. You can turn this on so that it can notify you in the ‘Message Center’ of your phone when you are offline. Such a handy feature to have.

One of the best things about the KMC mini-plug is that you can schedule it to control any electric appliance in your home using the KMC smart app. That means you can set the timing for any particular device to turn on and off.

The feature also will help you control your kids’ activities by scheduling when the TV or Computer should switch off. You can also make sure that your home’s lights turn on and off automatically at the proper time when you are not in the city.


  • Easy to set up
  • Remote control
  • Automation and Scheduling system
  • No hub required


  • Can’t connect through Echo Plus or Samsung Smart Things

2. KMC Smart Tap 2-Pack

This four-plug smart Wi-Fi outlet is the biggest competitor for all other smart plugs on the market. 

It works with almost all voice control apps found in the Apple App Store and Google Play stores, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Echo Dot, and Smart Life. It would be best if you had a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network and an Android device with Android 4.1 or iOS 9 at least. 

The smart remote control can operate all the electric appliances connected to this smart plug from anywhere at any time. In addition, it allows you to schedule and set a timer for the lights to turn on and off based on Sunrise and Sunset.

There are four outlets in the tool, of which one is an ‘always on’ outlet. Unfortunately, these plugs are too close to each other so you can’t plug two oversized phone chargers adjoining each other.

Notifications in the ‘Message Center’ of your cellphone will notify you if you are connected or not. Using the smart app, you can also monitor activities, monitor energy usage, and control them.

Moreover, I appreciate the addition of a thermal sensor inside the plug-in safety, which automatically shuts down overheated appliances.  


  • Easy Connectivity
  • Four sockets
  • Pre-set timers & Automation
  • No hub required
  • IFTTT service available
  • Energy Monitoring facility


  • It does not work with 5.0 GHz Networks.

KMC Smart Plug Duo

KMC Smart Plug Duo is a 2-socket, Wi-Fi smart plug that is affordable, durable, and easy to connect.

This particular model has two plugs in it with two power switches to control them separately. You can integrate it with ‘Alexa’ and ‘Google Home for voice control and schedule those two plugs separately.

Like other devices, it also requires a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network connection. Once you download and install the app on your smartphone, you are ready to control every electric device connected to the tool.

Despite being away from home, you don’t have to worry because it has a feature that enables you to control every connected device remotely. So, for example, if you’re not in the town, you can have it control your home’s lights to pretend that you are always there.

You can keep an eye on the energy usage and status of the connected devices through the notifications. You can also set a timer to schedule the appliances using the KMC Smart and Smart Life app.

Finally, its real-time monitoring feature can save you money by not wasting electricity.


  • Separate plugs with power buttons
  • Cheaper than other models
  • Easy connectivity methods
  • Individual plug scheduling and timer


  • Instructions are difficult to understand

KMC Smart Tap Mini 4-Outlet Wall-Mounted Multi-Plug Adapter

This might be the best option if you are looking for a smart multi-plug or Wi-Fi outlet.

This model of KMC smart plug comes with four sockets that you can operate separately. The user can control 3 of them individually or together, and the fourth one is an always-on outlet. So just plug any device into the outlet and make your life a bit easier.

This tool works on a 2.4 GHz wireless fidelity network connected to Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa through the KMC Smart Life app. So you can be sure that setting up the connectivity won’t be a problem. 

Moreover, you can easily share control of the devices with a few taps. All you have to do is download the product app and follow the instructions given in it.

Controlling all the appliances connected to the outlets is much easier with this smart tool. It has an automation and scheduling feature that allows you to power on and off the devices from any distance remotely.

So I appreciate this feature because it helps to shut down the computer or TV when it’s time for your kids to complete their homework or time to go to bed.

Since they provide a lifetime warranty, you can get any problems fixed by their customer service in the USA. 


  • Multi-Plug facility
  • No hub or subscription required
  • Simple connectivity and controls
  • Budget-friendly


  • Sometimes, it loses its connection automatically.

FAQs of KMC Smart Plug

Is KMC smart plug worth it?

The KMC smart plug is a device you can connect to your wall or electrical outlet to control anything. It works by connecting to the least expensive device, your phone. That’s why I think it’s worth it.

How do I program a KMC smart plug?

You can easily program your KMC smart plug. You just need to download the app, and you can start programming immediately. Just choose an outlet you want to program and tap on it.

You can now choose whether you want the outlet to be powered or not. You can also set up a schedule to automatically turn it on and off at specific times. Now, tap the save button, and this outlet is ready to be used.

Are KMC smart plugs bad for health?

KMC smart plugs are made of plastic so that they won’t harm your health. It is very safe to use.

Are KMC smart plugs compatible with apple products?

Yes, it is. KMC smart plugs are very friendly with Android devices and Apple products. Just download the app, and you are ready to use it.

In Conclusion

Overall, KMC smart plug is a great device. It is straightforward to install and use. I recommend that you get one of them because it will be helpful for your life. It is also much cheaper than other brands.

I like the KMC (30153) smart plug, a very simple one-outlet smart plugin that you can control with your phone. Also, easy to carry in your pocket.

However, all models of the KMC smart plug work great, so no matter which of them you choose, you can be sure it will fit your needs.

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