Panamax M5400 PM Review [11 Outlets Power Conditioner]

The Panamax M5400 PM is a great power conditioner for those who are looking to improve the quality of their home theater setup. It’s also affordable and easy to use. I’ll go over the features in this Panamax M5400 PM review and why it’s a good choice for your home theater needs.

Power conditioners are essential if you have a home theater in your house. We often find it difficult when thinking of buying a theater power conditioner since we have a lot of options available.

With this power conditioner, you can improve your hi-fi system’s performance. You will be glad to know that it increases the lifespan of some of your components by ensuring they are always protected from power anomalies, surges, or inconsistent voltage in your lines. 

On top of that, you’ll also get the added benefit of ensuring the best performance because this has the built-in power filtering that Panamax offers. 

I’m going to get into all the details of how that works and how power conditioning is a net benefit for your system. If you want to check its similar home theater power conditioner by Panamax, you can check Panamax MR4300.

In the Box:

  • Panamax M5400-PM Power Conditioner (1x)
  • 10-inch AC Power Cord (1x)
  • Machine Screws (4x)
  • Plastic Washers (4x)
  • Rack Mount Brackets (2x)
  • 42-inch Coaxial Cable (1x)
  • 48-inch Ethernet Cable (1x)
  • 49-inch Telephone Cable (1x)
  • User Manual (English/French/Spanish) (1x)
Panamax M5400-PM

Panamax M5400 PM review: Protection and Features

First and foremost, the M5400 features Panamax’s level 4 power filtration. It’s the highest grade of filtration that Panamx offers because it’s one of their flagship products.

Also, it has a great degree of voltage regulation to ensure that all your connected components receive clean, exact, and well-controlled power. Precisely that 120V output they’re looking for. 

The combination of these two features can improve picture and sound quality across both TVs, Projectors, audio systems, and your high-end home theater. It also ensures that you’re always getting the best experience and going on in the midst of excellent protection for those devices as well. 

If you have a surge in the main power, the M5400 can completely throw the breaker and disconnect all of your connected devices from the over or under voltage that is occurring. It completely cuts them off and ensures the power surge doesn’t reach them. After the power comes to a safe level, it reconnects all the devices to safe and clean power.

The Panamax M5400 can throw the switch within milliseconds meaning that this product can go above and beyond to protect your most essential components and ensure you don’t lose your investments.

On top of that, this power conditioner also integrates into the whole system very well. It features a 12V triggering so that it can switch on and off different components based on the power status.

Say, for example, you want everything else in your audio chain to kick on when you hit the power button on your preamp. That can be on an unswitched outlet, so the preamp is always ready to have that power button pressed and kick on once it does.

You can run a 12V out from that into the Panamax and order it to switch on everything else. It gives you yet another option for having everything properly configured for convenient activation and use of all your products. 

Panamax M5400 PM Compatibility

Now let’s talk about the compatibility of the M5400. I’m going to mention all of the outlets and connections that are on this device. 

You’ll get 10 outlets on the rear side of the M5400. The outlets are paired into 5 banks. These banks are completely isolated from each other. So there is no bleed of power or noise from one device to the other.

Panamax m5400 pm outlets

The 4 outlets of the first and the second bank are always on outlets. These outlets are only turned off when facing any hazard. Outlets on the 3rd and 4th banks can be controlled or switched on and off using a 12V trigger. 

The 5th bank comes with a pair of high current outlets. You can use this pair of outlets to connect a power amp, an integrated amp, an AV receiver, a subwoofer, or anything that needs more power than other components. 

And the other 8 outlets you can use to connect any other devices that need more voltage power protection and better noise attenuation. 

You’ll get highly regulated clean power at the 80dB attenuation from these low current outlets

You also get one additional outlet on the front, which is a switched outlet and can be controlled with the 12V trigger or the front power button. 

There is a USB outlet on the front, which can output 500 mA of charging power, a bonus feature. A LAN port is also there next to the USB port. It’s designed for gaming systems. 

Finally, you get 3 channels (3 in and 3 out) of coax protection outlets. As in run one coax in, and then from that run, one coax back out to make that surges can’t come back down a coax line to your devices. There are 2 LAN ports of In and In and Out style.

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Panamax M5400 PM Design

The design of the Panamax M5400 is eye-catching. It’s a medium size power management device with two big LED circle displays on the front.

These two displays show the amount of voltage in and voltage out. Many of the users have complained about the brightness of these two indicators. Actually, I also found it an issue when enjoying a movie in the home theatre. The light distracts a lot.

In addition, Panamax has included a button next to the Voltmeter, which you can use to adjust the brightness to 4 different levels and dim it to low. You can also change the mode from Volt to Ampere using the same button. The blue LED backlight is pretty cool and very communicative about what it’s doing.

The main power button is on the front of this power conditioner. You can use this button to cut off the power of the banks behind. 

Finally, this power conditioner is rack mountable and does include a pair of mount brackets.

Panamax M5400 PM Performance

Panamax m5400 pm working mode

The performance of this power conditioner is really great. You’ll definitely notice a day and night difference in the performance of the devices you connect to it. It certainly changes the quality of your hi-fi system’s video, pictures, and audio. Because the M5400-PM filters out all the interferences from other electric devices around it, the audio and video quality becomes great.

It looks like you’ve purchased a new set of a home theatre or devices like that when you power them through this power conditioner.

It works as well as it advertises. Besides, you get a 3-year warranty and a $5 million limited connected equipment policy. 


  • Switched and High-Current Outlets with an additional USB port.
  • Noticeable improvement in the performance of the connected devices.
  • Eye-Catching design.
  • LED Voltmeter and Ameter. 


  • LED lights are too bright when in the lowest brightness. 
  • Customer support is non-responsive.

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Expert Opinion

For under a thousand dollars, if you want to get some of the best performance out of your setup while ensuring that it is protected and you’re getting every little bit of contrast in your audio and clarity in the video, the M5400-PM is probably the best product for you. 

If you feel like your setup is among the best, ensure it’s protected by the best. So waste no time ensuring that your investment is secure in your great system.

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