Panamax MR4300 Review (PROS & CONS)

We all love to enjoy crystal clear video content and distortion-free music at home. But we can’t experience this kind of enjoyable audio-visual experience because of electric interferences.

These interferences are caused by the electromagnetic field generated by other devices like room heaters, juicer blenders, ceiling fans, and other heavy electric appliances in our home.

This is why our audio-video systems can’t perform at their peak. Also, protecting these expensive electric devices from power surges and spikes is very important as we spend a lot of money buying them. 

To avoid all these issues, I suggest you purchase the Panamax MR4300 power line conditioner and surge protector. And today, in this article, I’ll review this device and share my experience with you. So let’s start.

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Why Panamax MR4300?

Let me tell you that Panamax provides such power surge protection for electric devices that is really worth millions of dollars.

They have successfully offered products to their consumers for over 40 years and have built a fantastic community of users who love their services and products. 

Panamax MR4300 is one of the most preferred choices among professionals because of its features and never-failing protection ability. I’ll discuss them all. So please read on to know everything about it.

Panamax MR430

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Review of Panamax MR4300

I’ll review this power line conditioner in several parts so that you can know and understand its features as well as the user experience.

Specially designed outlets

In this power conditioner, there are nine outlets. Among the 9 specially designed outlets, 1 at the front and 8 on the backside.

These 8 outlets on the backside are switched outlets so that you can turn them on and off, and the front one is an always-on outlet that you can use to charge your phone or other appliances.

Panamax MR4300 outlets

Among them, 5 outlets are for filtered power, and the other 4 are for high current required devices. These two kinds of outlet banks are entirely isolated.

I usually connect my hi-fi systems to those 5 filtered outlets to get a noise-free performance experience. I never experienced any distortion, even if the juicer blender was on when I enjoyed music in my home theatre.

You can use the other 4 outlets for amplifiers and subwoofers that need more power supply or don’t need any filtered power. There is also a USB outlet that you can use to charge your phone or laptop directly.

AVM- Automatic Voltage Monitoring

This feature allows me to confirm that my expensive devices are safe constantly. 

The automatic voltage monitoring (AVM) technology monitors the incoming power voltage to stop power flow to the devices plugged into the power conditioner when the voltage is higher than it should be or when the voltage is lower.

I also like that when the power supply is safe again, it automatically allows my devices to be turned on. Eventually, the power is restored when it is safe for my hi-fi system.

Additionally, there is a display on the front side of this power strip that shows the voltage level so that you also can monitor how much electricity your devices are being provided.

Protect or Disconnect

It’s probably the best thing a power conditioner can do. Suppose a big spike in your electric circuit that the MR4300 can’t handle.

So, what happens next? Does your electric equipment get fried, or do they remain safe as always? The answer is that they stay safe and protected as they were. So, how does Panamax Mr4300 do it? 

When it faces a massive amount of power that it can’t handle, it permanently cuts off the power to your electric appliances to remain safe and protected from any hazards.

This is why it is called the “Protect or Disconnect” feature. Either it’ll protect your electric equipment or disconnect them permanently.

Lights to indicate unsafe voltage

These indicator lights let you know when they light up without second-guessing.

The unsafe voltage indicator indicates that the equipment is disconnected from power because the incoming voltage is unsafe.

If the Line Fault Indicator is illuminated, a certified electrician should check the wall outlet to ensure it’s wired properly and safely.

Ethernet and Phone jacks are also there

Panamax MR4300 usb cable port

There are phone Jack and Ethernet jacks on the back of this power line conditioner, so if you are plugging in a smart TV. You’ll hardwire it into your local area network or your router.

You might want to plug your ethernet from the wall into this on its way to the TV so that your ethernet cable is also protected from power surges. The same thing happens with your phone line. 

Coax Cable outlets

There are also two sets of coaxial cable ins and outs. These are the types of cables you would run from the wall for your cable company or from your satellite dish outside your house.

That coax cable runs into your house to connect to your satellite receiver box and the same type of cable would be used for an outdoor antenna.

The power can go through the wire to your audio-video system as well. But be sure that they are protected when you connect them to MR4300.

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Ground Lug for special devices

You will also notice on the back of the power line conditioner that there is a ground lug. So if you are connecting a piece of gear that needs a ground connection then you can just connect in to the ground lug of the MR4300. It will make sure that it provides a clean sound.

Linear Level 3 Filtration

You can expect your Audio Visual equipment to experience improved image and sound quality from the isolated dual banks of 4 linear filter outlets and 4 high-current outlets provided by the Panamax MR4300.

8 ft long cord

The power cord coming out of the back is neat and long. It’s 8 feet long, so hopefully, you can place this with your gear and have a long enough cord to get to an outlet on your wall.

The plug itself is a nice low-profile plug that won’t cover up both outlets, and it’s low profile enough to put a piece of furniture right up against it without sticking out too far.

Pros of Panamax MR4300.

  • 2 isolated banks of outlets.
  • Automatic Voltage Monitor (AVM) Technology.
  • USB Charging outlet.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Always provides filtered power.
  • Digital volt meter.

Cons of Panamax MR4300.

  • Front display is bright.

How Does Panamax’s Warranty Policy Work?

Panamax provides a connected equipment warranty. Which basically protects anything that’s plugged into the Panamax MR4300.

Not that kind of a big deal, right? If electricity damages your equipment, Panamax will replace it. But you have got to have everything plugged into the MR4300. So all of your components that have AC plugs need to plug into the Panamax MR4300.

Overall, every possible connection to every piece of your equipment must go through the 4300 if you can be able to use the connected equipment warranty.

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Final Opinion

Panamax MR4300 is definitely a valuable asset to have if you place a high value on sound and image quality in your home entertainment system.

MR4300 is a serious contender for whatever is on your shopping list due to its Lifetime Warranty and the raving reviews it garners. 

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    1. @Ken
      If you are looking for the best isolated bank to plug your TV into, the MR4300 Power Management is a great choice! This power management system will also protect your audio/video system from damaging power surges and interference. With all AC outlets including surge protection and power filtration, you can be sure that your TV will be safe and secure.

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