Ring Stick Up Cam Vs Spotlight Cam – Which Should You Buy?

If you’re looking for a reliable and constant security device to watch over your property day and night, the Ring Stick Up Cam and the Spotlight Cam are two options that promise just that.

But which one is the clear winner? Both cameras offer top-of-the-line features, including crystal-clear 1080p HD video, night vision for around-the-clock visibility, and instant motion detection alerts. With either option, you’ll know your home is secure.

But in this blog, I’ll share the key differences between the Ring Stick Up Cam and the Spotlight Cam. I’ll explore their unique designs, functionality, and integration options to determine which one reign’s supreme.

So stay tuned for a breakdown of these two formidable competitors.

Overview of Ring Stick Up Cam & Ring Spotlight Cam

You can use the Ring Stick Up Cam both indoors and outdoors. With its weather-resistant design, this camera is a perfect choice for keeping an eye on your home no matter the weather conditions.

Ring Stick Up Cam
Ring Stick Up Cam

Also, it’s packed with all the standard features you’d expect from a high-quality security camera. Best of all, you can easily monitor and communicate with anyone in your home from your favorite devices, including your desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Trust us, the Ring Stick Up Cam is a must-have for anyone serious about home security!

Ring Spotlight Cam
Ring Spotlight Cam

Ring Spotlight Cam is the perfect solution to keep your home secure and well-protected. This all-in-one security camera boasts a motion-activated spotlight and a smart camera, making it an excellent investment for homeowners.

Also, with instant motion-activated alerts, you’ll always be informed of any activity around your property. Rest assured, your home will always be in good hands with the Ring Spotlight Cam.

Ring Stick Up Cam & Spotlight: Core Feature Comparison

As the demand for home security cameras increases, security camera manufacturers have been introducing a wide range of advanced features to upgrade their cameras.

Among them, Ring stands out as a top-notch security camera manufacturer, offering multiple high-quality security cameras and different devices to secure your home.

You can categorize these devices into three different areas:

  • Indoor cameras (Ring Stick Up Cam, Ring Indoor Cam),
  • Outdoor cameras (Ring floodlight cam, Stick Up cam, Spotlight cam),
  • Doorbell cameras (Ring Pro, Ring 2, Ring 3, etc.)

In this in-depth Ring security camera comparison, both cameras have their own unique features and benefits, making them great options for different security needs.

With confidence, I’ll dive into an analysis of their core features to help you make an informed decision when it comes to securing your home.

The following table will introduce you to the major difference between these two cameras:

Parameters of ComparisonRing Stick Up CamSpotlight Cam
VariantsThree variants are available wired, battery operated, and solar panel poweredTwo variants are available wired and battery operated
Field of view140º130º
Type of CameraIndoor and outdoorOutdoor
SizeIt is slightly smaller than the spotlight camIt is somewhat bigger than the Stick Up cam
Night VisionSupports night vision with four infrared LEDsSupports night vision with six infrared LEDs
Battery LifeShorterLonger
LightingNoneLED lights
Wi-Fi ConnectivityCan connect with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFis.O connect with 2.4 GHz WiFis.
Operating Temperatures-5 to 120 ° F-20 to 120°F
Motion zonesNo custom motion zonesHas custom motion zones

Design Differences

The Ring Stick Up Cam boasts a sleek and cordless design, with a standout feature being its large battery. Its cylindrical shape and adjustable stand make for easy installation and camera tilt adjustments.

On the other hand, the Ring Spotlight Cam comes with a flexible stand that attaches to surfaces with screws, allowing for wall mounting or hanging.

With outdoor cameras at high risk of theft, the Spotlight Cam offers 300–375 lumens of light and an intelligently designed stand to decrease the risk level.

Whether you’re looking for a cordless design or a flexible stand, both Ring cameras offer unique features to fit your needs.

Variants Comparison

Ring Stick Up offers three power options: wired, battery-operated, and solar panel-powered. This gives users a range of choices to suit their needs.

In contrast, the Ring Spotlight comes in two options: wired and battery-operated.

Field of View Comparison

While the Ring Stick Up has a slightly narrower field of view than the Spotlight Cam, it still offers a diagonal view. However, the main difference between the two is the presence or absence of a spotlight.

The Spotlight Cam has a built-in LED spotlight that enhances night vision and produces clearer images. Meanwhile, the Ring Stick Up Cam lacks this feature but offers a more flexible setup that is good for placing on a side table or moving around the house if needed.

Battery Comparison

If you’re looking for a top-performing security camera, the Ring Stick Up has both wired and battery-operated options. The wired model comes with a long USB cable, while the battery-operated version offers the convenience of a quick-release button to swap batteries effortlessly.

What’s more, you can charge a battery-operated spotlight cam with a USB, and it even has space for a second battery pack. This feature significantly enhances the camera’s runtime, enabling one cell to charge while the other operates the camera.

So, whether you opt for the wired or battery-operated model, you can rest assured that the Ring Stick Up will deliver the security you need with the flexibility you want.

Performance Comparison

As an expert in home security, I can confidently say that one of the standout features of Ring Stick cameras is the ability to adjust their sensitivity, ensuring that they can detect any type of movement.

However, the Spotlight Cam is also a top-of-the-line option, featuring motion-activated sensors like other Ring devices and PIR sensors that can send even more alerts to your phone.

Remember, while the Spotlight cam may be able to detect better than other cameras, but certain smart features could potentially impact its functionality at times.

Overall, both Ring Stick and Spotlight cams offer a high level of security and customization options for different needs.

Image Quality Comparison

Looking to compare image quality? Look no further than the Stick Up Cam! With its impressive 1080p resolution, you can expect clear and crisp footage during the day.

Also, its built-in spotlight allows for full-color pictures at night, so you’ll never miss a thing. While the infrared night vision isn’t quite up to par, the standard option still offers reliable coverage.

You can easily connect it with the Ring mobile app, which lets you view live feeds anywhere, anytime. Trust us—with the Stick Up Cam, you’ll be capturing high-quality images in no time.

Spotlight Capabilities Comparison

Boasting an integrated spotlight, this device illuminates any motion it detects, providing ample visibility for nighttime surveillance.

In contrast, the Ring Stick Up Cam lacks the same spotlight capabilities but compensates with motion sensors that offer comparable security measures.

This feature eliminates concerns about unwanted illumination and is an ideal choice for those seeking a discreet monitoring solution.

Installation Process Comparison

When you install a security camera, the power source plays a significant role in determining the ease of installation. With the Ring Stick, the installation process is a breeze, particularly with the battery-powered option.

All you have to do is mount it in your preferred location, and you’re good to go.

Even if you opt for the wired model, the installation process remains straightforward. Simply mount and screw the camera to your desired location, and connect the wires. In total, installation typically takes only 5 to 10 minutes.

With the Ring Stick, you can rest easy knowing that the installation process is simple, quick, and hassle-free.

YouTube video

Pros and Cons Comparison

Ring Stick Up Cam

  • Live stream option
  • Easy to install
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Adjustable mounting solutions
  • Flexible mobile application
  • Slow event loading
  • Weak camera capabilities

Ring Spotlight Cam

  • Easy to install
  • Can view footage on the web.
  • Excellent recording and notification control
  • Loud siren
  • Works with Alexa and IFTTT
  • Needs a subscription to view recorded videos.
  • No pre-buffering
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Ring Spotlight Cam

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera

Two-way talk and siren alarm, work with Alexa

Which One is Right for You?

If you’re wondering which security camera to choose, let me help you make a confident decision.

Are you looking for a flexible, battery-powered option? The Ring Stick Up Cam is a great choice for you, thanks to its cordless feature that allows you to move the camera around easily.

Also, it’s affordable compared to other models on the market, making it a smart investment for indoor and outdoor use.

However, if you’re on a budget and want a motion-detection-style camera for outdoor use, the Spotlight Cam is a top contender. It also includes a security light, which is an added bonus.

Overall, whether you opt for the Ring Stick Up Cam or the Spotlight Cam, you can feel confident in your choice based on your specific needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does not my ring Stick up cam connect?

You need to check the power supply first. Then reconnect to WiFi and restart your camera. Restart the router. Then run through the setup steps again.

How long does the battery pack last in the ring spotlight cam?

It can last six to twelve months based on camera and spotlight activity. The battery length is 4380 hours.

Can I install the Ring Stick Up Cam or Spotlight Cam outdoors?

Yes, both cameras are designed for outdoor use and are weather-resistant. Both are good for use in temperatures ranging from -5°F to 120°F.  Also, both work well in rain, snow, and extreme heat.

Can I view live video from my Ring camera on my phone or computer?

Yes, you can connect both Cam to your home’s Wi-Fi network, allowing you to view live video on any device including a phone or tablet, or computer.

Can I connect multiple Ring cameras to the same account?

Yes, you can connect multiple Ring cameras to the same account.

Does the Ring camera have a subscription fee?

No, but if you want to store and access recorded footage remotely, you have to subscribe to one of Ring’s cloud storage plans.


Without a doubt, selecting the right security camera is critical to ensuring optimal safety. However, the perfect choice will depend on your specific needs and the location of the installation.

Fortunately, after comparing Ring Stick Up Cam vs. Spotlight Cam, you can confidently make an informed purchase decision.

Say goodbye to any confusion and hello to the best security camera for your unique situation.

[Updated by Palash Talukder]

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