Schlage Connect Vs Sense: Which One Is Right For You?

Are you trying to decide between the Schlage Connect and Sense lock systems? Both offer great features, but which one is best for your needs? In this blog post, we’ll compare the two and explain the benefits of each to help you make an informed decision.

Schlage Connect utilizes ZigBee and Z-Wave communication protocols while the Schlage Sense works with Bluetooth. The Schlage Sense is HomeKit enabled and compatible with Siri, while the Schlage Connect is compatible with Alexa and Z-Wave integration. Both locks offer excellent security. So whichever model you choose, you can rest assured that it is a high-quality, reliable product.

Below is an in-depth comparison of both, I hope it will help you a lot to choose the best one.

Quick Comparison Between Schlage Connect & Sense

ConnectivityBluetoothBluetooth/ Wi-Fi
Smartphone AppYesYes
Smart HomeZ-Wave enabled devicesApple devices and HomeKit
Voice AssistantAmazon AlexaSiri (Apple)
AlarmYes, 90dBYes, 90dB
Low Battery IndicatorYesYes
Multiple User CodeYesYes
Weight3.72 pounds1.25 pounds
Dimensions5 x 3 x 1 inches5 x 1 x 3 inches

Installation Process

The first thing we all want to know is the installation process of a tool. If the installation process is not easy, or we need a professional to make it happen, then we try to avoid that particular product and switch to another one. 

Both Schlage Connect and Schlage Sense come from the same manufacturer. This is why they have almost the same installation process. There is a difference in the pairing process because one of them works with Z-Wave and ZigBee, and the other works with Homekit.

Check the videos below for the installation process of these two smart locks. If you still find it difficult, read the user manual or call a professional.

Schlage Connect Installation Process Video:

YouTube video

Schlage Sense Installation Process Video:

YouTube video

Design Comparison

Another thing to talk about is the design of these two smart locks. Because everyone looks for a better design and appearance of any tool, a smart lock should also look smart from the outside. 

Both of these smart locks have almost the same appearance. They have a stunning design that everyone who owns them likes. So, the design of these smart locks will certainly satisfy you. 

Schlage Connect Vs Sense: Similarities Features

Now we’ve reached one of the main parts of the comparison. I’m going to discuss the key features of Schlage Connect and Sense.

In this part, I’ll discuss the similarities and differences between Schlage Connect and Sense. 

schlage connect smart deadbolt
Schlage Connect smart deadbolt

You’ll find these similarities in these two smart locks:

Remote Access

You’ll be able to access the smart locks through your smartphone app. Using the smartphone app, you can monitor the security status of the smart lock, and control the locks from anywhere. 

Multiple User Codes

You can share the codes to unlock the smart locks with 30 different users. They can open the lock using their smartphone app. Another thing to mention is that you have an option to set some particular times for each user to access the lock. For example, you set the code for the grocery delivery man to be valid from 8 to 9 am daily. He will only be able to open the door between 8, and 9 am. 

Built-in Alarms

Suppose anyone enters the wrong security code several times or attempts to force open the lock. In that case, both of these smart locks beep an alarm that is loud enough to make you hear and send a notification to your smartphone.

SCHLAGE Connect Smart Deadbolt With Alarm

Manual Key Option

Both of the Schlage smart locks have a manual key option. If your smartphone is out of power or the connection is down, you can open these locks with a manual key like a traditional lock. 

Low Battery Alarm

Schlage Connect and Sense have a low battery alarm. So you never have to worry about the smart locks’ power running out. When they are powered down, they will beep an alarm, or you’ll get a notification on your smartphone screen.

Easy to Install

Because of coming from the same manufacturer, these two door locks have almost the same installation process, which is relatively easy. I’ve attached the video link above; check them out for the installation process.

Lifetime Warranty

You get a lifetime warranty on both of them that. Makes these two smart locks the most value-for-money tools on the market.

Core Differences

Though Schlage Sense and Connect come from the same company, they have some differences. Let’s look at them.

Communication Protocol

Schlage Sense is a Bluetooth-enabled smart lock when the Schlage Connect works with Z-wave and ZigBee communication protocols. Both smart locks work with multiple devices, but the Schlage Connect offers more appliances. I prefer Schlage Connect in terms of communication protocol because of having more options.

Compatibility with other devices

The Schlage Sense works well with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled devices and is also great for Apple devices and HomeKit. On the other hand, Schlage Connect is not compatible with Apple devices like apple tv, etc. but works nicely with Z-wave and ZigBee-enabled devices.

Voice Control

You can control the Schlage Sense through Siri because it functions well with any apple device. Contrariwise, the Schlage Connect is compatible with Amazon Alexa, but you have to connect Schlage Sense with Z-wave enable hubs to get them to work correctly. 

You can read Can I Use Schlage Connect Without Hub [Explained]

Remote Access

For remote access, two different options are available for Schlage Sense smart locks. One is through a Wi-Fi network, and the other is through HomeKit-enabled devices. The Schlage Sense has a Bluetooth option. So, you will need a wifi adapter in order to connect it to the router.

However, Schlage Connect uses Z-wave technology to generate remote access. This is why you’ll be able to connect your smart lock with multiple smart home hubs. In this case, you don’t need any Wi-Fi adapter.


Anything we purchase for use, we look for its performance. If the performance is at the peak level, we buy it immediately. 

Schlage Sense and Connect have so many positive reviews on Amazon, which make them reliable in terms of performance. These two are among the best-selling smart locks on Amazon and have a very high rating. 

Performances Comparison

Schlage Connect Performance

Schlage Connect is a reliable tool with no bugs and sharp results every time. 

If you want to unlock the Schlage Connect smart lock, tap the “Schlage” logo on the lock and enter the passcode. If you enter the correct passcode, you’ll notice a green light show up, which indicates permission to enter. You can lock it manually or set up a timer using the smartphone app to lock it automatically after a few seconds.

The battery life of this smart lock is also a thing to talk about. According to many users, the battery lasts more than a year and provides the best service throughout its lifetime. Also, it has a low battery indication. So, you don’t have to be worried about it. It won’t surprise you by dying out suddenly. 

It works very smoothly with Amazon Alexa, and almost zero customers complain about this matter. The Schlage Connect follows every command ideally and works very well.

Also, it works equally well with Z-wave devices. 

Schlage Sense Performance

Schlage Sense works almost the same way as Schlage Connect. The only difference is that it works with HomeKit-enabled devices. Instead of being integrated with Amazon Alexa, it’s compatible with Siri voice commands.

Schlage Sense smart deadbolt
Schlage Sense smart deadbolt

You can unlock the Schlage Sense similarly to the Schlage Connect. Alternatively,  your apple device can also help you open the smart lock. Just give Siri a voice command to unlock it, and that’s all. 

The locking process is also very much easy. There is an ‘Auto-Lock‘ feature, which you can easily enable with Siri or manually lock it using your fingers. A timer set option is also there to lock the Schlage Sense, which you can enable using the smartphone app.

Security Comparison

The last and most important thing I’ll talk about in this article is the security of the two smart locks.

Because they are security tools for our homes, they must provide top-notch security measures. Otherwise, they won’t be worth purchasing.

Schlage Connect Security

The Schlage Connect provides superior security to the door and our home from getting outsiders’ entry. It has the ANSI/BHMA grade 1 home security rating, which is the highest in this matter. Though it lacks some features, the Schlage Connect provides the best in terms of safety and security.

This smart lock has a fingerprint-resistant finish so that nobody can figure out the digits of the passcode, and it also has an anti-pick shield and bank-grade encryption, which offers the best door lock security around the globe.

As a bonus, you get a built-in alarm that beeps a 90dB siren when someone tries to gain entry forcefully or enters the wrong passcode several times.

Also, the smart lock can sense force entry if you push it harder and beep the siren every time. If it happens, lower the sensitivity; it will only beep the siren when someone forces the lock to open.

Schlage Sense Security

The Schlage Sense also has the ANSI/BMHA grade rating, making it worth purchasing. 

You’ll also notice an alarm in this lock which works the same way as the previous one. This smart lock also has an anti-pick shield and an excellent fingerprint-resistant finish so that burglars can’t figure out the passcode and get unwanted entry into your home. 

So, both of them come with almost the same security features and peak level security grade rating, making them worth buying. 

Schlage Sense installed on the door

Smart Home Compatibility Comparison

So, now you know everything about Schlage Connect & Sense. You have to decide which one suits you the most. The Sense model will be the most suitable option if you own Apple devices. 

On the other hand, if you want your smart home lock to be connected to several Z-wave devices and Amazon Alexa, then you should go for the Schlage Connect model. 

Because there are no major differences between these two models except the connectivity, they will provide you with the best security. So, choose accordingly.

Where to Buy Schlage Connect & Schlage Sense?

You can buy any of these smart Deadbolts from your newest local store. Also, you can purchase from Walmart or Amazon with a minimum price.

In a Nutshell

Schlage Connect and Sense are two of the best smart locks available around you. Their top-notch security measures, advanced and new features, and multiple connectivity options make the best of all.

Having bank-grade encryption and high-quality safety measures, both of them are recommended for you.

As the main difference between “Schlage Connect vs Sense” is the connectivity, you can select any of them according to the integrated device you currently have.

Lastly, if you don’t have issues with the integration, then go for the Schlage Connect model because it’s much cheaper and trustworthy.

[Updated by Palash Talukder]

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