SimpliSafe Base Station Not Connecting to WiFi? Quick Fix!

A reliable and stable Wi-Fi connection is essential for a SimpliSafe base station for proper functioning. However, the SimpliSafe base station not connecting to Wi-Fi can be frustrating and it can compromise the system’s effectiveness.

There could be several issues why your SimpliSafe base station may not connect to Wi-Fi. Those issues include a 5GHz network, hidden or changed SSID, weak Wi-Fi signal, and others.

Are you also facing the issue frequently? Keep reading to know more about the problem and its solution.

Reasons Why Your Simplisafe Base Station Is Not Connecting To WiFi

This SimpliSafe base station WiFi connectivity issue has been reported by several Simplisafe users. We have diagnosed the problem and finally decide on the reasons for this issue.

Here are the reasons why the base station may face the WiFi connectivity issue:

1. The Router Must Be Broadcasting A 5GHz Network

This is one of the common reasons why the connectivity problem could occur. When your router broadcasts on a 5GHz network, your SimpliSafe device may not connect with it.

All Simplisafe base stations work only on 2.4 GHz. This frequency can penetrate through the walls easily. Anything above that is not preferable for a SimpliSafe base station. 

2. Changed Or Hidden SSID

If you have changed the name of the SSID of your wireless network or the password of the Wi-Fi, the SimpliSafe base station will not connect to the network. 

A hidden SSID could be another reason why the base station is not connecting to your Wi-Fi network. 

3. Weak WiFi Signal Strength

Weak WiFi Signal Strength

You might be facing a connectivity issue with your SimpliSafe base station because of a weak WiFi signal strength. It is one of the most common reasons.

The weak signal strength may happen because of an older router or the distance between your router and base station is far. 

Note: Keep your Wi-Fi password and name within 31 characters. Exceeding this level may cause a connectivity problem in your SimpliSafe base station.

Solving The Simplisafe Base Station Not Connecting To Wi-Fi Issue

We have shown you the reasons for this connectivity problem, now it’s time for solving it. You can follow these steps to solve the problem:

1. Modify The SSID And Wi-Fi Password

If you recently changed your SSID or WiFi password, then you must modify it in the SimpliSafe system. To do this, you need to access the menu and insert the PIN.

Now, from the menu you have to choose the WiFi network and input the new SSID and network password there. Remember, don’t exceed the 31-character limit for both SSID and password.

If changing SSID was the reason for the connectivity problem, now your SimpliSafe base station will connect to your Wi-Fi network.

2. Connect To A 2.4GHz Network

If your router is set to a 5GHz network, just change it to 2.4GHz for your SimpliSafe base station. This device supports only a 2.4GHz network. 

To switch between the network bands, log in to your router from your computer or phone. Now, go to the wireless network settings and choose the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band.

After that, save the changed settings and connect your SimpliSafe base to the network. Don’t worry; it will be connected this time.

Unhide Your SSID

Sometimes we hide our routers’ SSID for security purposes and to stop others from reaching out to our Wi-Fi network. But as we said earlier, this may prevent your SimpliSafe base station from connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

So, if you have hidden this SSID earlier, unhide it and make it visible. To do this, you need to log in to your router and go to “Advanced settings” and then “Wi-Fi settings”. 

There, you can see the SSID option. Unmark the “Hide Wi-Fi” option and make it visible to everyone. If this was the reason why your SimpliSafe base station was not connecting to Wi-Fi, now it will connect.

Take The Base Station Closer To The Router

Base Station Closer To The Router

If everything we have shown you above fails, it could mean a weak Wi-Fi signal is the reason behind this connectivity issue. Just bring the router closer to your base station or you can shift to a stronger router to solve this problem,

But, taking the router closer to the station will probably solve the problem if a weak signal was the reason.

Eliminate Interference

Sometimes wireless interference from nearby networks, electronic devices, or physical barriers can affect the Wi-Fi connectivity of your SimpliSafe base station. 

You can search for such interference and take your router and base station away from them. We advise you to move your base station and router away from another electronic device that is using a different Wi-Fi network. 

Reboot The Simplisafe Base Station And Your Router

If nothing of the above tips work, you may need to reboot both your SimpliSafe base station and your router. 

To reboot your base station, unscrew the battery cover and remove the battery. Wait for around 30 seconds before you insert the battery again. Now, turn it on again.

There is a reset button somewhere on your router. Find the button and press it for about 30 seconds to reboot your router. Now, you can expect your SimpliSafe base station to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

So, that’s all you can do to solve the WiFi connectivity issue of your SimpliSafe base station. If everything goes wrong and none of the above tips work, you may have some severe issues and need to contact the SimpliSafe support team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does performing a factory reset on your router and SimpliSafe base station delete all settings and configurations?

Yes, if you perform a factory reset on both or one of these devices, it will erase all saved settings. You should keep this method for the last and apply it when nothing works.

Can I connect the base station to the router using an Ethernet cable?

Yes, it is possible to establish a wired connection between the base station and your router with an Ethernet cable. In this way, you can avoid the issues with a WiFi connection.

Is it possible to use the SimpliSafe base station without WiFi?

SimpliSafe needs a network connection for remote access and certain features. However, cellular backup connectivity can still run the system, but this will limit some important features.

Final Thought

So, the reasons why your SimpliSafe base station is not connecting to the Wi-Fi network are not so severe. You can identify and solve problems on your own pretty easily by following the above instructions. 

You can take help from a professional to set up the SimpliSafe base station to avoid this incident. However, if the problem gets complicated, you can always reach out to Simplisafe customer support for assistance.

If you are a Google Nest user, you can read the guide on whether Nest works with SimpliSafe or not.

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