What Does A Blue Light On A Security Camera Mean?

Security cameras have an attached LED light indicator to show off the current status it’s in. Most times, you may notice your security camera’s LED is lightening blue. It may be flashing or in a steady state.

If your security camera is blinking blue light, it’s still getting ready to connect to the Wi-Fi. A steady blue light may indicate your camera has finished setting up and is ready to start recording.

But of course, this can differ from brand to brand and model to model. There are a lot of other reasons why your security camera’s LED light is litten blue as you will learn soon.

Possible Meanings of Blue Light On A Security Camera(Brand Comparisons)

If your security camera is showing blue light, it’s best to read the camera manual to know what it means.

Sometimes, a blue light(especially a blinking blue light) can mean there are some issues you need to get fixed. Other times, it’s only a part of the process of your camera to let you know in which phase it’s currently in.

Since it all comes down to different security camera companies, I’ve listed down some of the common brands and what the blue light means on specific companies’ security cameras.


  • Flashing Blue: Blink Video Doorbell features a flashing blue light when someone presses the button on it.
  • Steady Blue: Steady Blue means that your camera is currently recording. This is the case for Blink Indoor and Outdoor cameras, Blink Mini, Blink XT, and XT2 models.


Flashing Blue: If the Ring camera LED light is slowly blinking blue, it is in the Setup Mode. To know if the camera is in setup mode, check if it is broadcasting a temporary Wi-Fi Network. If so, the flashing blue light is indicating this Mode.

A slow pulsing blue light means the Two-way talk/speaker has been enabled. The blinking speed will be slower than the Setup Mode blinking pattern. Another scenario is when the LED blinks blue rapidly for five seconds, followed by a restart. This happens if you did a factory restore.

Steady Blue: Steady blue light can indicate that the security camera is –

  • Starting up(when you first power the camera)
  • Booting up(stays litten until bootup is complete)
  • Recording footage.

Other Blue Light Patterns

  1. If your camera light is blinking blue for a few seconds and stays static for two seconds, this means the camera is going through a firmware update.
  2. If light blinks blue and stays on for five seconds, this indicates that your camera setup was successful.
  3. The LED light flashes blue(and sometimes red), on and off, if your camera failed to connect to the Wi-Fi. 


Flashing Blue

Reolink cameras may start blinking blue light if

  • It got disconnected from the internet
  • Your Wi-Fi network is unstable

Steady Blue: A solid blue color indicates that the security camera has connected to the Wi-Fi successfully.


Slow Flashing Blue

If your Arlo security camera is flashing blue slowly, it can mean that the camera is

  • Trying to pair with the Arlo SmartHub
  • Trying to pair the base station
  • Powering on
  • Ready to read the QR code
  • Trying to connect to the internet

Fast Flashing Blue

If you notice a fast blinking pattern on your Arlo camera, it indicates that the camera is

  • Paired with the Arlo SmartHub
  • Synced with the Arlo base station
  • Connected to the cloud
  • Connected to a compatible charger
  • Trying to make a Wi-Fi connection
  • Connected to Arlo servers
  • Paired with a Wi-Fi network

Steady Blue

A solid blue light notifies that the camera is

  • Connected to the power source
  • Fully charged
  • Connected to a mobile network
  • Connected to Arlo servers


Flashing Blue:

Wyze cams can flash blue light due to

  • Trying to connect to the internet
  • Reading QR codes
  • Inserting SD card
  • Firmware updates
  • Disconnecting from servers

Steady Blue:

A steady blue light means the security camera is in good condition. There are no issues and it’s recording properly.


  • Flashing Blue: Eufy cams blink blue light when they are connected to the network and are ready for setup.
  • Steady Blue: You will see a solid blue light when the camera is charging or you have successfully set up the camera.


  • Flashing Blue: Somfy cameras flash blue light if you haven’t configured them yet. This allows you to know whether your installation was completed or not.
  • Steady Blue: Steady blue light indicates that the security camera is still booting and needs to be installed.


Flashing Blue:

If you see the LED blinking blue light on SimpliCam, it can mean one of two things.

  • The camera is getting viewed live right now
  • Video is being recorded

Steady Blue: A solid blue light means the security camera has been setup and connected successfully. The shutter opens for the camera to start recording and streaming.

YI Technology

  • Flashing Blue: YI Technology cameras flash blue light if they are losing connection to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Steady Blue: If the security camera is successfully connected to the Wi-Fi network, the LED shows a solid blue light.


Flashing Blue:

If your Moobox security camera is blinking blue light, it may be due to

  • Your camera is not being synced with the Moobox hub but is being charged. This can be the case if you configure your Moobox camera for the first time.
  • Your camera is at a far distance from the Moobox hub. Additionally, the Wi-Fi signals between them are weak.

Frontpoint Security

Flashing Blue: FrontPoint Security Cameras blink blue light when they enter the Wi-Fi protected setup(WPS) mode. The light blinks for about three seconds.


  • Flashing Blue: A flashing blue light indicates that the Sengled camera is trying to connect to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Steady Blue: Static Blue light means the security camera is already connected to the internet network.

How To Fix Security Camera Blinking Blue Light?

As you may know now, it’s not always a good thing if your security camera’s LED is giving off a blue light. If it’s blinking blue, you may need to troubleshoot to fix this. Apply these fixes below and see if the problem is resolved.

  • Check your internet connection. If the connection is unstable, wait for it to become stable.
  • Restart your router and security camera. Rebooting can get rid of many networking issues and small bugs.
  • Mount your security camera close to the internet source. Also, make sure there aren’t many obstacles between them.
  • Update corresponding firmware and software.
  • Charge your camera’s batteries. Sometimes low power can cause the lights to blink blue.


If you ever notice a blue light on your security camera, you shouldn’t become worried instantly. Whether it’s blinking or solid, I’ve covered all different cases for multiple security camera brands.

I’ve also shown you some troubleshooting steps. These should help you determine your next step on how you can fix your camera if it’s blinking blue light because of a problem it’s facing.

You should also read the manual you received with your camera to find out about the LED indicator light colors. The last measure you can take is to communicate with the support of the company to find out what a blue light means for that particular camera model.

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