Why is My Ring Doorbell Flashing White and How Can I Fix It?

The security of our homes has increased a lot in these years. Smart home appliances like the Ring doorbell are the reason behind this.

I have been using a Ring doorbell for almost one year. A few months ago I noticed a white light flashing from my doorbell. I was curious and wanted to know if I am having a severe issue or not.

After doing vast research, I found the answer. Low battery power, weak or no internet connection, firmware updates, and other technical issues can cause your Ring doorbell to flash white lights.

I also found the troubleshooting methods for this problem. I will share the reason and solution to this problem in this blog post. In case you are facing a similar issue, my experience will help you out.

Possible Causes For A Ring Doorbell Flashing White

You may have noticed a circle on your Ring doorbell. It’s a LED light panel. Sometimes, a flash of white light comes from that panel.

Everything that happens has a reason behind it. When your Ring device is flashing white light it must be trying to tell you something.

After facing such an incident, I tried to figure out the possible causes. Let’s take a look at them:

Low Battery

Low battery power could be one of the main reasons for flashing white light. Most Ring doorbells have rechargeable batteries as a source of power. You may need to charge it once or twice a month. When the battery level is turning low, the doorbell starts to flash white light to give you a signal about it.

I have faced this issue a couple of times.

No WIFI Or Internet Connection

Ring doorbell is connected to your home network with an internet connection. When the internet is down or the Ring device is receiving the signals properly, it starts flashing white light.

Most people face white light flashing issues because of this problem. When I first witnessed the flashing light, this was the reason. I came to know it later.

Firmware Update

A firmware update is necessary for your device to keep it integrated with the latest features and updates. When the firmware of your Ring device is outdated, the device starts to flash white lights to inform you about it.

When you start updating the firmware, the Ring device will flash lights again. It will keep flashing until the update process is finished.

Other Technical Issues

There could be several other technical issues. Don’t worry; you are not having a hardware issue when it’s flashing white.

A Ring device will flash white only when it has software or technical issues like password change or failed setup process.

These are the other reasons. In the later part of this blog, I am going to show you how you can solve these issues on your own.

Flashing White Light Patterns

I hope now you know about the flashing white light. I can guess what’s going on in your mind right now! You must be wondering how you will understand a particular reason for flashing white.

I needed clarification about it as well. Then I came to know about the 6 patterns of white light flashing. Those 6 patterns symbolize or express 6 different problems.

Let’s see what those are and what they express:

1. White Light Spinning & Flashing

Sometimes the LED around the button shows a white light that is flashing and spinning around the button. The meaning of this pattern is, your device is now connected to the WIFI internet correctly.

It also indicates that a setup process is ongoing. But this is only for the first time while setting up the doorbell.

At other times this may happen if you have an unstable WIFI connection. The device keeps trying to connect with a stable connection for several minutes while flashing and spinning white light. After several minutes it will stop on its own.

2. When The White Light Is Flashing At The Right

It means the device setup process is failed. This time the reason for this failure is a lost or weak WIFI connection.

3. When The White Light Is Flashing On The Left

It also means a failed device set up with a different reason. So, it’s not about the WIFI signal. Turn off the router and start it again after 10 minutes to solve the issue.

4. When The White Light Is Flashing On The Top

Well, it means the WIFI password may have been changed. Enter the correct password and try reconnecting the doorbell again. Change the password from your ring App.

5. When The White Light Flashing On & Off

It’s a complete firmware issue. When the update process of your devices’ firmware is ongoing, the LED will keep flashing white on and off. It may continue for about 5 minutes.

6. Spinning White Circle After A Burst Of Blue Light

This shows a factory reset process is running. When the process is completed, your device will stop flashing and become normal.

Now, I am sure you can recognize what is happening with your Ring doorbell by seeing the pattern of flashing white light.

Trouble Shooting A Ring Doorbell Flashing White

As we now know the cause of the flashing light, let’s talk about their solutions. Here are some simple troubleshooting methods that you can do yourself:

Check The Battery & Replace It If Necessary: You can check the battery if it is working properly or not. Try it on some other devices to be sure. If it is not working properly or draining power quickly after charging, replace it as soon as possible.

Try Restarting The Device: If it’s not the battery or the WIFI, then you might be having some other technical issues. Just switch off the device and start it after a while. You can also reset the Ring doorbell by pressing the reset button.

Check For Available Firmware Updates: Check your Ring App if there is any update for firmware available. If there is any, update it and install it.

Contact Ring Customer Support: If you cannot sort out the problem on your own, contact Ring Customer Support. They will assist you and guide you.

Tips for Preventing Future Issues with a Ring Doorbell

It’s always good to take prevention before something happens. If you follow some simple tips, you won’t have to face any issues in the future with light flashing.

I am following them and haven’t faced any issues since then. Here they are:

  • Use a good quality rechargeable battery and always keep the device charged. Don’t wait for the battery to go low in power.
  • Always keep yourself updated about the latest features. Check for the latest firmware updates on your Ring app. Update and install them to have new features and to run the device smoothly.
  • Clean your Ring doorbell regular basis. It is generally situated outside and has easy contact with dirt. Clean your doorbell frequently to make it last longer.
  • Always follow the user manual provided by the company. Read and follow the guidelines given there. The user manual also gives you exact maintenance techniques.
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Low battery, firmware update, and weak WIFI signal are three main reasons why your Ring doorbell could flash white light. There might be some other technical issues as well.

But you don’t have to worry as the solutions to these issues are pretty easy and you can solve them on your own. I have described them all in this blog from my personal experiences. I am sure you will be able to solve them yourself from now on just like me.

But if you cannot do them for some reason, don’t panic, the Ring customer support option is still available.

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