Wifi on the Go: Will Ring Doorbell Work With Mobile Hotspot?

Ring doorbell is a smart home appliance. It needs an always active and strong internet connection to work properly.

In most of your homes, Ring is most probably connected to a Wi-Fi network. I have a Ring device at my home. A couple of weeks ago during the snow storm, my Wi-Fi connection broke and I was wondering if I could connect the device to my mobile hotspot.

I know many of you wondering the same thing. I immediately inquired about it and had done research on it as well.

Yes, Ring device is compatible with mobile hotspots. I have connected my Ring device to my mobile hotspot and it’s working nicely.

Today, on this blog I am going to share the information and my experience with connecting the Ring device with a mobile hotspot.

Let’s discuss this issue more.

Guide to Connect Ring To A Mobile Hotspot

Connecting your Ring device with a mobile hotspot is pretty easy. And creating the hotspot from your smartphone is easier and more popular as well. Here is a step by step instruction on how you can make the connection within minutes:

Step #1: Turn On Mobile Data

As the Hotspot will broadcast your mobile data, you need to switch on the mobile data connection from your smartphone. Though we all know it, for a quick reminder, swipe the screen from the top and beside the Wi-Fi signal you will see the mobile data icon. Turn it on.

turn mobile data

Step #2: Turn On Mobile Hotspot

If you have an android smartphone go to the setting option and then to “Network & Internet”. There you will see the “mobile hotspot and tethering”. Now pull the slide to turn it on.

You will see further settings such as password change by clicking on the “mobile hotspot” option. There is a shortcut option to turn on the hotspot. Pull down your screen from the top and there you can see the hotspot icon. Tap it to switch it on and hold it for more options.

Now, if you are an iOS user, you need to go to the settings, and then click on “Personal Hotspot”. There you will see “Allow Others To Join”. Pull the slider to turn it on. You can also change the password from there.

turn on mobile hotspot

Step #3: Configure Your Ring Device

Remember, your Ring device can connect to only one device at a time. So, you have to disconnect the previously connected network and connect with the new hotspot network.

To do it, go to your Ring App. go to the device health option. Next, go to the “Change Wi-Fi Network” or “Reconnect to Wi-Fi”. From there, select your new hotspot network and insert your password.

Your device is now connected to your mobile hotspot.

Benefits Of Using A Mobile Hotspot

A mobile hotspot is a device that is portable and can broadcast data signals. You can either Wi-Fi signal from an individual hotspot device or from your smartphone as well.  In that case, the device or your smartphone will broadcast the 4g/5g mobile data.

In general, people connect their Ring devices with Wi-Fi or wired internet connection. Connecting to a mobile hotspot is not what you might want to do regularly.

Let’s see the situations when you might need a mobile hotspot connection to your Ring device:

When You Have Unstable Or Interrupted Internet

Sometimes we go through a hectic situation when the internet connection is slow or keeps disconnecting at regular intervals. It will become really annoying then to have service from your Ring device.

A mobile hotspot can be a useful option then. You may also need a mobile hotspot for Ring when you don’t have a broadband connection either.

Power Failure Or Going Off-Power

Power failure can happen anytime. Your Wi-Fi router will stop working then. A connection from your mobile hotspot can keep your Ring device working even in that situation.

If you use a mobile hotspot, you can bring your Ring device while going to camp where there is no power.

While Travelling Abroad

You might want to stay secure while traveling to some places. You can use your Ring device at hotels or some other places where you are about to stay. That is possible when you will connect the device to a mobile hotspot.

Living In A Remote Place

If you live in a remote place where there is no ISP, a mobile hotspot will allow you to use a Ring device even in that place.


Mobility is the greatest facility that a mobile hotspot offers. Once you set up your Ring device with your mobile hotspot, you won’t have to change the setup with places and with ISP.

These are some of the benefits of connecting Ring to a mobile hotspot. I don’t need an extra device for the hotspot. I just turn the on the hotspot of my phone and connect it. This is really a convenient way when regular Wi-Fi is not available.

Things To Consider Before Connecting To A Mobile Hotspot

I have made a list of things that you should consider or remember before connecting your Ring device to a mobile hotspot. Here they are:

  • User Limitations: Some smartphones or mobile hotspot devices have user limitations. Mobile operators could also have some limitations as well. In some cases, the user is not allowed to connect more than 5 devices. But if you create the hotspot from your smartphone, you can connect 8-10 devices at a time. So, make sure you connect your Ring device first and then others.
  • Try Connecting Fewer Devices Along With Ring: If it’s not that necessary, try not to connect other devices with the hotspot along with Ring. Connecting too many devices will distribute the data speed. So, you may face slower internet speed.
  • Battery Power Draining: When you are using a mobile hotspot from your smartphone, be careful about charging it frequently. Turning on both data connection and hotspot tethering can drain your phone’s battery quickly.
  • Data Usage: Ring will consume more data than your regular usage. So, make sure you have a solid data plan to have uninterrupted service from Ring.
  • Contact Your Mobile Operator: Most of the operators have a data cap or restriction for using mobile hotspots. You can contact your provider about increasing the data cap and the time when you want to have it.
  • Ring Will Be Off When You Will Not At Home: If you are planning to use Ring from your mobile hotspot at your home, think twice. When you will go out with your phone, Ring will be switched off as it will be out of hotspot coverage.

Alternatives To Using A Mobile Hotspot For Ring

If you don’t find it convenient to use a mobile hotspot with Ring, here are some alternative options that you can go with:

  • Wired internet connection
  • Power line adapter / Ethernet adapter
  • Mesh Wi-Fi system
  • Wi-Fi extender
  • Satellite internet
  • Public Wi-Fi Hotspot


What type of mobile hotspots is compatible with Ring?

Both portable hotspot devices and mobile hotspots are compatible with Ring.

Do I need a Wi-Fi extender when connecting Ring to a mobile hotspot?

If the distance between your Ring device and your smartphone (from where you are creating the hotspot) is long, you can use an extender. But if you are using another hotspot device, try putting it closer to the Ring device so that you don’t need an extender.

How much data does Ring use on a mobile hotspot?

Well, it consumes more than your regular use for sure. Because Ring is streaming live videos and uploading the videos to the cloud at the same time (if you have a cloud package). To know the exact usage you can contact your mobile operator.

What can I do if my Ring device is not connecting to a mobile hotspot?

Try removing the previously connected network first and then connect with the hotspot. If it’s still not working, contact Ring Customer Service.

Are there any limitations to using Ring with a mobile hotspot?

The Ring will stop working if you take the smartphone out with you from home (the smartphone from which you have created the hotspot).


Mobile hotspots can be really very helpful if you are traveling and concerned about safety at the same time. Smartphones have made it easier to access and create.

With a few simple steps, you can connect your Ring device to a mobile hotspot and ensure your safety. This can be really handy when you are in a place where a regular Wi-Fi internet connection is not available.

I hope my experience and tips will make it easier for you to use your Ring with a mobile hotspot.

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